RUN yoga RUN


Between last night and this morning, I felt like I had signed up for a Running/Yoga Duathalon!


I was weary yesterday on whether I should run or not as I typically take two days off after a long run.

But when the mood strikes, you go with it!

I wanted to take it easy so I opted to go garminless and ended up doing 4 miles in around 43 minutes

Which tells me that I ran faster than I meant to. Sometimes running sans garmin I actually go faster because I have no idea how fast I am really going.



But what I was really in the mood for was a good yoga sesh! 

It had been far too long since I hit up a yoga class and now that we are coming down to the wire on marathon training I need to be in tip-top shape. That means relaxed and stretched out.

I did a quick changeroo and quickly went from runner to yogi in a matter of minutes. Then jumped into my car to hit up a beginners yoga class.

I was happy to see my mom at yoga class last night. She literally hopped off a plane and jumped in the car to meet me down there. Which is funny to me because she had just come home from a week-long yoga festival in California.

Honestly I wish had been better about keeping up with my yoga during this whole training. It felt so good to stretch out my hip flexors. I am going to bring it back people! Bringing back the yoga action in my life!



And then it’s as if I didn’t have enough fun last night, I met up with my morning running buddy and fellow Dirty Dasher for a quickie run at 5:45 am this morning.

It was dark for our WHOLE run, please note the headlamp! 🙂

Brooke and I have not been able to meet for our morning runs the past few weeks, so were excited to get out there today in preparation for our Mud Run coming up on Saturday!!


Question: What does one wear for a mud run? (obviously clothes that I don’t care too much about) But seriously, looking at some of these pictures I am starting to wonder what we are getting ourselves into! Don’t be fooled though, I am super AMPED to get down and dirty. Just a weeee bit nervous.


Whew! I am getting tired just by recapping all of the runYOGArun shenanigans.

To celebrate all the good that is happening around here at Destination 26.2, you should swing back by tomorrow morning for a great giveaway! 😉


13 thoughts on “RUN yoga RUN

  1. Wow, great job! Sometimes I’m not sure if I should take a planned rest day when I feel like doing something…I usually just go with it, but then my planned workout the next day suffers a bit. I know that rest days make my workouts stronger, but I can’t help the feeling like I’m missing out, if that makes sense! I think I over-analyze! If I have the energy, I should just go with it! Doesn’t a yoga class feel so good after a hard run or other type of intense workout??!! Love it!

  2. You are a machine, girl!!! Go go go!
    The mud runs look fun but I am not sure I’d be up for that. LOL I’d like to say one day I might, but then the girly girl in me says, “But my shoes!?!?” teehee
    Good luck! You are so inspiring! And thanks for the extra info about the fuel belt.

  3. Nice runs, girl! Glad you got yourself back to yoga. That is something I am looking to make a habit of this winter!

    Mud Runs are THE BEST! Definitely old clothes and shoes… do not expect to bring them home (at least from my experience). Have fun!

    See ya tomorrow. 😉

  4. Nice job girl! We’re following quite the same pattern lately, haha. Yoga has definately helped me become a better runner – I just wish I had more time for it.

    Good luck on the mud run! I’m a little jealous – I want to do one too!

  5. If I’m feeling exceptionally energetic on a planned rest day I’ll run or workout. On the flip side there are days when I really do not have the energy for a workout and I take a rest day. It balances out.

    I’ve done one mud run, though not sure if it’s as muddy as yours (I couldn’t see the pics), but my shoes got trashed! I’d definitely wear old shoes and clothes. Though the clothes will probably wash up better. I have a mud run I’m hoping to do in November which will be perfect timing as my current running shoes should be near the end of their life cycle by then.

  6. Hooray for yoga! Pigeon pose is so awesome for stretching out the hip.

    Re: the mud run: I wore my least favorite running shorts and a tank. I quickly changed into the race shirt (brown and ugly) once I got a look at the mud pit. I wore my older shoes with the intention of never wearing them again. HOnestly, once you hose everything off at the race, get home and hose the stuff off again and throw everything in the washing machine. My sneakers and clothing came out looking the same as they did before the race!

  7. Very active days. Well done Linzi! I’ve started with Pilates again three weeks ago (we don’t have yoga in our town) and I love it. I think yoga and/or Pilates are a perfect addition to a running program.

    No idea what you should wear, never have done a mud run.

  8. What kind of yoga class did you take? I have been trying to do yoga 1-2 times a week, but the DVD I am using right now is pretty easy so I am not sure if it is helping 🙂

    I would love to do an early morning run with a friend like that. FUN!

  9. A mud run sounds so fun! I have no idea what you wear though.. clothes you don’t care about?

    Yoga is the best thing for me when I’m running/training a lot. It’s hard because when I’m training that is when I have the least amount of time for yoga, but squeezing it in my schedule really pays off! I feel so much more relaxed, balanced, and most importantly stretched!

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