The Dirty Dash!

It was hilarious. It was fun. It was crazy. It was dirty. It was hard.

But mostly, it was AWESOME!

100_3108Monica, The Linz, Brooke, Hannah & Teresa

We werenโ€™t really sure what we were getting ourselves into, but we had our game faces on and were ready to rock it!


I was so mesmerized before the race started staring at everyone’s hilarious costumes!


This being the first-ever Dirty Dash, we truly had no expectations. We knew there would be a mud pit, and several obstacles to tackle along the way. But other than that, we were just in it for fun.

dashrunnerOnce the race started, everyone just jogged out of the starting gate. No one was in the race for time so I didn’t feel overwhelmed at the start like I usually do. I just ran with my teammates and enjoyed the experience.

About a half mile into the race we were hit with our first obstacle. It was actually several haybails that were about as tall as I am (5 feet) and our challenge was to hop over them.

We managed over them and trudged along a trail until we were hit with our second obstacle… the Tunnels. We had to crawl on our hands and knees through tunnels. Piece of cake!

We continued on a trail that led us to our next obstacle, the Tire Run. I felt like I was back in boot camp as we had probably 50 tires that we had to run through.

Once through the tire run we were thirsty and reached the first water station. They had run out of cups prematurely and were asking us to share or re-use cups. I was thirsty and was not about to pass up water at this point. So I shared a cup.

Thus began the uphill climb.

Our race was on the backside of a Ski hill and our trail was starting to get steeper and steeper.

Finally, all the hill training for my marathon was working in my favor. It was hard to keep going up that hill, but it was a great hill drill so I was happy to do it.

At the top of the never-ending hill we reached our 4th obstacle, The Wall Climb.

the wall

There were several walls that we needed to climb over. This was probably the hardest obstacle for me. But with help from my teammates I made it over every wall. ๐Ÿ™‚

We were bummed to find out the second water station had completely run out of water. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But we knew the next obstacle which was dubbed “the secret obstacle” was coming up and our thirsts would soon be quenched there.

Nothing a little PBR couldn’t fix!

Yes, our next obstacle was to chug a beer. I wasn’t sure if the combo of beer + running was a good idea, but at this point I was down for anything. So the team and I chugged our PBR’s like champions and enjoyed our downhill run for a while.

That is until we saw the MASSIVE slip and slide.


This thing was no joke and I was actually happy to have previously chugged the beer as it was liquid courage.

We each gave ourselves a running head start then threw ourselves face first down the slide. It was quite a rush and probably the funnest part of the race!

At this point we were all soaked and knew we had about half mile until the infamous Mud Pit.

It was on!

The Dirty Divas amped up their game and sprinted toward the mud pit. From there it was a free for all into the oozy brown pool of slosh.










We survived the inaugural DIRTY DASH!

It was almost surreal what we had just experienced.

Then we hit the showers.



I loved that they provided all the racers an area to hose off. It was nice to get some of that mud off me.

After the race Brooke, J. Alabama (my awesome race photographer) & I stopped for lunch on the way home. I was craving a pulled pork sandwich. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh yeah, and another beer.

100_3238Please note that I still had TONS of mud still caked into my hair.

Luckily the restaurant was FULL of other dirty dashers. If you look behind me you can see some other racers still in costume!

The Dirty Dash was a success! It was tons of fun, and a full body workout too.

I think the Dirty Divas did a great job and I had so much fun with my team.

Actually, race day was the first time I met two of my team members and we had a blast! I’m hoping to train with them for a certain (Robie Creek ) half-marathon next year. Apparently it’s dubbed one of the hardest halfs in the northwest.

I guess if I can run a marathon and a complete uphill mud run, I am ready to tackle anything!

Happy running friends, the marathon is less than a month away!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


25 thoughts on “The Dirty Dash!

  1. Wow! It looks like you ladies had a blast. I was also having fun learning about Basque culture, dance, music and food. Of course, there was no mud, so it wasn’t as cool as your weekend.

  2. OMG that looks like the funnest race EVER! What a hoot! If I had the funds I would so travel to do something like that, even just once.

    I love how you were craving a pulled pork sandwich after – hahahhaaha.

    Sounds like you had a great time. Just what you need during all this serious marathon training.

  3. linzi, fabulous pix! that looks like such a fun race. I wanna fly down next year and run it with u!!
    looks like u rocked it- awesome!!!

    and yes.. a month today, we will be limping and crying from pain of our marathon, but with a big smile on our face. less than a month away. i still have a half marathon to run and 1 long run of 22 miles. how many long runs do u still have?

  4. That looks like it was soooo much fun! I gotta find one in this area to do! I’m sure it was really nice to do something different than rigorous marathon training.

  5. Awesome description of the race…can’t wait to see you guys next year. We’ll get some more water for you…and just so you know…that was 300 tires…needless to say…we are as sore as you are ;).


  6. Oh my gosh! What fun! I LOVE the costumes. Ha ha ha. The beer! The wall (that would have been hard for me too)! The mud! These events look so fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And how cool that you met some new team members and are already thinking of your next half!

  7. I came across your blog through another runners blog. I am going to run my first marathon next year and wanted to say thank you for inspiring me. By the way i have to do a dirty dash now. Looks awesome!

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