September Recap + Fruity Friday Fail


Hello October (aka Marathon Month!)


I’ve been looking forward to this October since last October when I consciously made the decision that October 2010 would be my “Marathon Month.”

I would like to welcome in the month by recapping the highlights of September.

Total Miles Ran in September: 74.75 miles 

Races Ran: 1 really dirty 10k

Running equipment/attire purchased: New Running Shoes & Hydration Belt

Total Funds raised for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: $3582.50 (I made my goal!)



Now onto Fruity Friday!

Aneta suggested we try this exotic fruit called QUINCE.  It’s pronounced (Keen-Say) as in the spanish word for “15”.   

This fruit was actually another smuggled fruit from a far.

My parent’s were visiting Florida and found this in a supermarket and knew it needed some bloggy love.

The first thing you need to know about a Quince is that you don’t eat it raw.

Apparently it’s too tarty for the taste buds.

It’s supposed to be cooked before eaten and is typically made into a jam.

But I just wanted to cook it and eat it, to get an idea of what this pear look-alike fruit actually tasted like.

So here is the “How To Instructions to Eat A Quince” as noted on

Step 1: Rinse fruit and cut off the outer skin

Step 2: Cut in half length-wise and scoop out seeds and core with a spoon

Step 3:  Heat 3 Cups of water 1/2 cup of sugar in pot until boiling, then turn to medium heat

 Step 4: Gently put Quince pieces into boiling water

You leave the quince on medium heat and occasionally stir until the fruit turns pink.

Now this is where my fruit failed. 😦

The recipe said it could take up to an hour for the fruit to turn pink.

I waited….

And waited…

And waited for it to miraculously turn pink and it never did.

After over an hour of cooking it stilled looked like the fruit above, just covered in a thick sugary goo sauce.


It’s supposed to look like this:



I’m not sure what I did wrong. I had cooked off all the water and the Quince was starting to burn. 😦

I took a bite of the non-pink gooey “cooked” quince and it reminded me of a baked apple, sort of.

But it wasn’t anything special.

So I actually hesitated on posting this fruit review as I have nothing to really review. Due to the fact that my fruit was smuggled from Florida, I could not try this experiment again.

I hope Aneta has more luck than I.

You will have to head on over there and see her take on the Quince.

Have you ever tried a quince? Did you like it?


Happy Friday, see you tomorrow with a recap of my 20 miler!



9 thoughts on “September Recap + Fruity Friday Fail

  1. thats hilarious. i am scared to do mine now. hahahha. i hope it turns out ok. thank god i read this instead of just biting into mine raw. hahhah

    good luck on ur 20 miler. i am glad i am not the only one suffering with a long run this weekend!

  2. Well, that’s too bad it didn’t turn pink, but hey, it was apple-ish apparently, so now we know! Thanks for giving us the ‘inside’ to the insides of a quince. Maybe it’s called 15 because it takes 15 times to make it turn pink!

  3. I can’t believe the big day is just around the corner!

    I love Quince Marmalade. My mother in law always brings me some when she comes from Portugal.
    It’s very popular in there, Quince in Portuguese is Marmelo (wonder if that’s where they get the word Marmalade?)
    We usually roasted it in the oven just like you would an Apple.

  4. Hmm, I’ve never heard of that fruit. Though I’m of the party that says if it tastes like chicken (or apple in this case), then eat chicken (or apple – heehee). I always laugh when someone tells me to try a strange meat and they say “it tastes just like chicken” … why wouldn’t you just eat chicken which is cheaper and familiar. I’m not a very adventurous eater. 😉

    Enjoy your run this weekend. That marathon sure is getting close!

  5. First I didn’t know what a quince was but reading further I recognized it. We use pears called “Giesser wildeman” for this. These pears can’t be eaten raw and have to be cooked in water with sugar and some cinnamon.
    Maybe you should try to add that and I suggest you don’t cook it till all the water is gone. From the pears we use you get a great juice after it’s done. We eat this for example at dinner.

    I love your calendar, it’s coming so close now. I’m so excited for you.

  6. Hi Linzi! I love Quince. I was introduced to it when I lived in Switzerland. It is quite a tempermental fruit, but the jam you can make from it is… AMAZING. Sux we can’t get here in Boise.

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