Running in the 20’s

Well today marked a day that opened my eyes to the reality of running miles in 20’s. It gave me a glimpse of  what is in store for me in the weeks to come. A little preview if you will. 🙂

I decided to pop my first salt packet at  6:30 am to start off the run.

These are guys are good for helping with muscle cramping & to replenish salt as you tend to sweat A LOT when run these long distances.


They are a little hard to suck down but I could really tell they helped me during my run.

Picture below is of me at mile 10 taking my second one.


Our run today was broken down into 3 loops.

Loop 1 = 10 miles

Loop 2 = 6 miles

Loop 3 = 4 miles

Now sounds easy enough right? Well all three loops had a hill involved. And I swear the 4 miler had the steepest incline!


The first 10 miles were ran with such ease. We both felt great and were happy about how we felt at the half-way point.


It wasn’t until around mile 16 that I started to struggle. Seems as though this was where I hit my “wall” in the 18 miler too.

100_3466 100_3467

I was trying to put on a happy face, as Maria was being the best cheerleader there was.

When it got hard on the uphill parts we agreed to walk for one minute then run for minute.

It was the best way to keep on going but give myself a second to catch my breath.


The last 2 miles should have been easier than they were. But sadly they were the hardest part.

By the end of the run I had immense pain in the arches of both my feet. It hurt so bad to even step. I assume this was due to fact that I just ran 20 miles, but it could be related to my new shoes.

But happily I squealed with joy when Garmina hit 20 miles. That was my most joyful moment of the run.

It just felt good to be done. I realize that this run was harder than I had imagined, but I still made it through!

I had to wonder though about those last 6 miles… you know the ones that I won’t meet for the first time until San Fran.

Yeah, I hope they are nice and easy on me! 🙂100_3470

As you probably know, I found a more enjoyable method of “ice bathing” and have become quite fond of our river time post long run.


I’m pretty sure I would not have made it back to my car without nature’s ice bath.


Thank goodness, because I had one thing on my mind and that was getting A Tree City Smoothie as soon as possible.



Every time I come to this place I fall more in love with it. It’s locally owned and has a great healthy menu even with vegetarian options.

And I found out they make their very own Almond Milk. Uh… that rocks right?

So I indulged in an Ape Escape Smoothie (banana, mango, passion guava juice,  yogurt) and added spinach and a shot of protein powder.


Oh it ’twas GLORIOUS!

And then Maria & I rocked the 20! … we are officially out of fingers now!


Today’s run was hard, but it made me mentally & physically stronger in the end.

I am glad that I did it – though I’m a bit apprehensive about adding that extra 6.2 miles, I now know I can do it.

So bring on the taper baby!

Two weeks of medium to easy runs, and nothing over 10 miles. I think I can handle that!

We are really almost there folks! We are almost there.

DESTINATION 26.2 here we come! (As you know I’m bringing you all with me, in spirit of course!)


12 thoughts on “Running in the 20’s

  1. 20 miles – awesome accomplishment!!! You’ll have lots of support from your fellow runners as well as the spectators to pull you in for the last 6! Enjoy the taper!

  2. CONGRATS on the 20 and your final loooooooooong run!! You can count on race day adrenaline and the magnetic PULL of the finish line to get you through those last 6.2!

  3. oh Linzi, i am soooo proud of u. that is awesome. ur run sounds soooooo good. congrats and congrats. enjoy the next 2 weeks of taper!! u deserve it.
    i cant believe it is 2 weeks until the big race. u will rock it!!! yay

  4. Linzi I’m so proud: you did it girl! 20 miles, I can’t even imagine running that. Well done and that smoothie: you deserved it so much!

    Enjoy tapering.

  5. Aww “Officially out of fingers” – LOVE IT!

    Good job on your 20! Figuring out what works for you (walking 1 running 1) is the way to do it. I wonder about those last 6.2 too. I am confident the spirit of the race will pull us through!

  6. You are awesome!

    I have never heard of taking salt packets but it makes SO much sense! I learn so much from this blog 😀

    And I love your version of an ice bath!

    You are so going to rock that marathon!

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