Battle Wounds


As you all know I survived the 20 miler on Saturday!

The recovery for these long runs have been pretty amazing. I wake up the next day with almost no pain at all.

The aches and pain are so minimal that I almost doubt what craziness I put my body through just the day prior.

It wasn’t until late last night that I had glanced in the mirror and noticed this…

My first official marathon chafe!

Okay, I probably shouldn’t be excited about it but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to lose a toenail so this is all I have to make me feel like a “hardcore” marathoner.

It doesn’t hurt one bit either which is even better. Like I said, I wouldn’t have even noticed it except I caught glimpse of it in the mirror and had to do a double take.

The lesson of this story is, that I will need to glide up my body in places I wouldn’t normally for the big day.

So until then, I will just cherish the chafe as a battle wound if you will, of the longest run of my life to date.

To that I say WOOOOO HOOOO!

Who knew a chafe would actually bring a smile to face?

I’m just embracing it for all that it is, a reminder of my journey to date.

Happy running friends!!


14 thoughts on “Battle Wounds

  1. ur doign great linzi!!! i put deodorant under my bras straps and sometimes on my thighs (where they rub togheter) and that works well. except for the 1 time that i had chaffing. but usually it works well!

  2. You’re too cute Linzi! You have to be hardcore to get enjoyment out of a chafe mark – hahaha. I learned about that on my first half marathon where I got a teensy little chafe mark in the middle of my chest just under the sportsbra strap. I now slather that are in glide before a long run. It wasn’t painful, though did sting a little in the shower. I’d rather prevent where possible.

    Congrats on another long run! You are so prepared and are going to have a blast with this marathon.

  3. Great job on the 20 miler, but I must say I’m a little jealous that this is your first chafing experience! I still have marks from a run I did 3 days ago! 😦 Never fails after almost every run – even with the glide.

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