Marathon Week!

After all the excitement of 10-10-10 marathoners & half marathoners yesterday I can’t help but say that I am even more excited about my marathon this Sunday.

Congrats to Katie, Kim,  Hannah, Dawn, My TNT City of Trees teammates & all the other inspiring runners who ran yesterday!

I started my Marathon Week off by getting in a lovely early morning run. The TNT Training plan called for an “easy 40 minutes”.


I was lucky that I get to celebrate Columbus Day by running and getting ready for my marathon, meaning I get today off! 🙂

My run was easy & great. I busted out 40 minutes and hit 3.75 miles. I’m trying really hard to not over do it this week. But I am so PUMPED for this weekend, It’s going to be hard for me to tell myself to take it easy.

When I arrived home from my run I found a lovely package waiting for me.


Yeahhhhh!!! That’s right, I followed Meghann’s lead and ordered a shirt from last week and it arrived today!



This website rocks! I ordered the shirt last Thursday and it arrived this morning. It was easy to design whatever you wanted, so many font options, colors & even images you could pick from.

Unfortunately I could not write I’m running the NIKE Women’s Marathon on my shirt, as the word NIKE is copyrighted. But I put the date on there in remembrance of it!

I will be wearing this shirt on Saturday as we scope out San Francisco!

So many things to do before I fly out on Friday!

Happy running & resting (to those of you who raced yesterday!).


12 thoughts on “Marathon Week!

    • YAY!! I will definitely look for ya. I will be wearing a purple team in training shirt along with thousands of others! Will u be able to come to blogger breakfast on Monday?

  1. What a cool tshirt! I must remember to buy something like that for my first half marathon next year.

    Enjoy the week before your big destination will be reached. I’m so excited and will be thinking of you Sunday and can’t wait to hear how you’ve done.

  2. I’ve really been putting off blogging for about 6 months now with school and moving, but I’m glad I gave in and checked out your page today! I am so proud of you!!!! I can’t believe you’re about to do your marathon next week. I wish you all the best. Have an amazing time in San Fran!!

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