Out of Town Race Tips


Preparing for an out of town race can be stressful. Not only do you have the anxiety of running the race, but you have to add in the out-of-town component on top of it.

I don’t want to forget anything important. So I have compiled a few helpful tips for preparing for an out-of-town race.


Step 1: Decorate Your Race Shirt (well in advance)

You can go to a fabric store and have a blast picking out puff paints, iron-on letters, and bedazzled jewels! Oh how I wish I owned a bedazzler!! 🙂


We spent a total of $5.00 on paints and jewels to “jazz” up our racing shirts.


But you need to plan ahead to give the shirt time to dry.



And don’t be afraid to get creative!



I am honoring some special people by adding their names to the back of my shirt.


Step 2: Make a List (& check it twice, three times…ect)


Make a list of everything that you could possibly need for the run & for the trip. Since I will be running throughout the week, I need to make sure I don’t forget something important like my shoes – as I can’t pack them up until right before I fly out.

Step 3: Visual packing station

Along with my check list, I am starting to put things into my suitcase as I remember them.


So when I run tomorrow, I will put my shoes back into my suitcase as a continued reminder that this is where they go until I leave.

This is going to help keep me organized throughout the week as I am packing for the trip.

Step 4: Carry-On Baggage

Pack lightly so you can carry your bag onto the plane -thus eliminating the possibility of a missing bag.

The peace of mind you will have knowing your bag will be in your hands when you get off the plane is priceless.

I’ve also heard the trick to wear your shoes & garmin onto the flight so you have no way of forgetting them!

Step 5: The things you didn’t think of…

I have heard of HORROR stories of the hotel ice makers running out of ice after these big marathons due to the large occupancy of racers in their facility.

It was suggested to me to bring/buy a cooler and pre-fill with ice to be waiting for me after the race. (I knew my family & Maria’s would be driving up to the race to spectate so arranged a cooler to be brought up for this very purpose)

I’m not sure of what else applies here, but don’t be afraid to ask a friend who may have done a particular race before. Knowledge is everything!

Step 6: Hydrate, Relax & Enjoy The Ride!

Don’t forget to keep drinking that H2O. It’s easy to forget when you are flying and traveling around.

Try not to stress out too much about anything and enjoy the experience.

I’m super excited about my trip to San Francisco, but am starting to get overwhelmed with all the little things (Team Dinners logistics, transportation…ect).

I keep telling myself that it will ALL BE OKAY!

I need to relax and take in the whole experience for what it is.

Now, I hope these tips were helpful. As a marathon & out of town race virgin, I can only speak of what I have been told.

Did I forget something? What are your tips for traveling to an out of town race?


10 thoughts on “Out of Town Race Tips

  1. You’re way more organized than me! I just got my laundry done…now I need to find my suitcase =) Looking forward to flying with you girls!

  2. oh Linzi, I cannot believe the time is here!!! we have come such a long way.
    cant wait to do a race with u! we will have so much fun. over the last few months, i feel like i know you and you are one of my friends! 🙂

    good post on what to bring. I would be freaking out!

  3. I’ve never had a race that include an overnight stay but I do put everything ready the night before. I think you have given great tips, I couldn’t think of anything else.

    I love your shirt!

  4. My first (and only thus far) triathlon was out of town and it was SO stressful. The key for me was to-do lists and visualize getting ready/running the race. It sounds like you’re ready! I’m so excited for you!

  5. The shirt looks great. I think it would be fun to do something like that. Hmmm, might have to give that a go for my next race.

    Lots of great tips there. For ice, couldn’t you buy some at a grocery/corner store??

    Also, if you have something particular you like to eat prior to a race, I’d pack that as well.

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