Time to Rest


I can really feel the FALL weather coming on. And I like it!


I love the fall for the mere fact that I can wear sweatshirts, run through piles of fallen leaves while admiring the beautiful changing colors, college football season and that I can run outside in almost perfect weather. It’s not too hot or too cold… it’s jussssst right!

What I don’t love is the window to run in the light after work is getting smaller & smaller these days.

I’m not opposed to running in the dark but I won’t do so without a running buddy. And well sometimes that’s not always easy to find.

Since I’m still tapering for the ole marathon on Sunday, the training schedule run can actually be done during my lunch break.

So I welcomed back with open arms the Lunch Time Work Out (LTWO) as Aneta has dubbed it!

 Ah yes… it felt so good to be able to sweat it up over my lunch hour.


Yesterday’s run was another 40 minute run.

The key to lunch time running is to pack your workout clothes the night before, pack a lunch and don’t let anything interfere with your lunch time date!


You gotta fully commit!

By doing so, I have completely eliminated the issue of running into the dark. My run for the day is done. Yipppppeeeee!

Now after said run, I was feeling lots of shin pain in my left leg and pain on the inner arch of my right foot. I’ve been dealing with this arch pain on and off since I ran the 18 miler, but haven’t been able to pin point it. It comes and goes.

My TNT Friend Jenn suggested I stop running completely until the marathon. Give my feet and legs some time to rest and recover before the big day.

I think she is right. I would only be foregoing one short run (30 minutes).

So folks… that’s it. I’m not running until I’m making my way to that finish line on Sunday.

It feels weird to say that. It also feels weird to think I won’t run for 4 more days. I can’t believe how much running has become my second nature!

Oh well, resting is the best thing right now.

So resting is what I will be doing!

Just think… only 4 sleeps (as Marlene would say) and a wake-up until M-Day!


15 thoughts on “Time to Rest

  1. 4 days!!!

    LTWO are good, if u dont mind sitting a bit sweaty for the afternoon. but its fine! hahah.

    yes stay rested. nothing more u can do now. just rest and drink water.

  2. I love lunch workouts, but I’m always freezing when I get back (sweat + cold office). The lady in the office next to mine has control of the thermostat…sometimes I want to punch her in the face;) But I am finding it hard to fit in a few yoga classes and running during my week as I like to have some evenings free for cooking and other miscellaneous things (for some reason my body doesn’t work at 6 am…so that’s out!). It may be a good idea to try to add a couple lunch runs per week.

    Good luck this weekend, I’m so excited for you!

  3. Yayyyy I LOVE lunch time runs! It helps that there are only two other people in my office, so my sweat & stink don’t interfere too much w everybody’s work 🙂

    I’m getting antsy for Sunday. Can’t wait for the expo, though. That’s when I usually get my first real boost of excitement. Hopefully it’s not too jam-packed (undoubtedly it will be)

  4. Probably a good idea to rest up the next 4 days. You won’t lose fitness and your legs will be fresh and well rested.

    I’ve been finding some well lit subdivisions to run through lately. I don’t take a lunch break so can’t fit it in there.

  5. You’re so ready for the marathon, doing a run now won’t make a difference. Give yourself the rest you deserve.

    I love fall and winter but don’t like it when it gets dark early. I stopped running early in the morning this week, it’s too dark for my taste so it’s back to running after work. I work till 4 and I can get a decent run in before it gets really dark. My long runs are on Saturday or Sunday so that’s not a problem.

  6. Way to get in the LTWO! Nice! I love fall for the same reasons as you. It does suck when the days get shorter.

    I think you are being smart to rest until M Day. Eeee so close!!!! 😀 Your body is ready!!!

  7. I do most of my workouts at lunch too – then it doesn’t interfere with my family time – and I get up early in the morning before everyone else to have my “me” time and I sometimes do an am yoga on exercise on demand – love how it stretches me in the morning!

    I agree that it makes sense to rest until Sunday – I can’t believe its here already! 😀

  8. I just found your blog-GOOD LUCK this weekend! I’m such a fan of lunchtime runs. My secret is to make a lunchtime running date so I have to get away from my desk-otherwise I don’t go!

  9. I hope your shin and heel are feeling better after resting!

    I hate that the running window is shorter now too. But running during lunch break can be fun! 🙂

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