Just Do It!


Before catching the plane yesterday I met up with my Team!



The Team made it to San Francisco and we didn’t waste anytime hitting up the Nike Expo.


The town is covered in Nike banners and marketing for the event.


We were so excited to get our bib numbers and official Nike swag bags!

100_3620 100_3622


The expo wasn’t as crazy as I’ve heard some other expo’s are but we did find the Smoothie Revolution booth and got a good laugh!


100_3627 100_3628

This guy was riding a spin bike which powered the blender and mixed the smoothie ingredients.

The flavor was Orange-cicle Dream! A dream it was – I totally need to re-create this at home and healthify it even more by adding spinach!

Next up was the Dedication Wall.


I haven’t talked much about this on my blog but I am running this race in honor of a beautiful woman named Shaun. She has had many ups and downs over the last year and half with Leaukemia.

I wanted to be able to honor her amazing spirit by running this race for her. She is currently undergoing experimental treatments and it’s been a rough road.

100_3629 100_3631


I just know that all the money Team in Training raises for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has made a huge impact in people’s lives. And it makes me so proud to know that I was a part of making that difference.

After the Expo we were hungry! We hit up a little place called Annebelle’s Bar & Bistro for dinner.

We started with these miniature sourdough rolls.


I split an appetizer Asparagus salad.

It was topped with mushrooms, pistachios, shaved parmesan and a dressing with a hint of lemon.


The main dish was a bed of fresh fettuccine noodles, topped with scallops, red bell peppers, garlic & basil.

The sauce was more of an olive oil sauce and it was surprisingly light yet filling. (This was also a half portion).


We pondered dessert at Annebelles but nothing jumped off the page. So we put our cab hailing skills to work and found our way over to other side of town at Ghirardelli Square!


Upon walking in you are immediately handed a square of their delectable chocolate. The fall must try flavor was Pumpkin Spice Caramel.

Doesn’t that just sound amazing? Oh yes it was!


As if that wasn’t enough goodness we opted to split an espresso chip ice cream sundae!

100_3651 100_3650

I think tomorrow I will be a little more conservative about what I eat. But seriously…there was no escaping Ghiradelli without some tempting treat!

After that we called decided to head back to the hotel and call it a night.

Oh yeah, and check out my newest hoodie! Woop woop!100_3654




















Well we have another FULL day of site-seeing, a Team in Training Inspiration dinner and I get to see Destination 26.2 Mom, Dad & Brother & J. Alabama! I am so blessed that my family has traveled so far to be a part of something so big and important to me.

Off to see the city!

(Crazy… but it costs $15.00/day for internet! I want you to know how much I love my readers to pay this crazy amount!!) 🙂


13 thoughts on “Just Do It!

  1. I am so happy and so excited for you! I teared up just readng about the dedication wall. You are amazing! I’m so happy that your family and J Alabama are there to share in this with you. 🙂

  2. I for one thank you VERY much for paying the $15. I’m loving these posts!!! It’s taken me much of the morning to read them as I bounce back and forth at work, but it’s great.

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