Destination 26.2 or Bust!

Marathon day is here! Marathon day is here! 🙂


Well friends, we made it to Marathon day! I seriously can’t believe this day is here!

Well as you read this I will be out running my heart out! I have ALL of you to thank for your encouraging words and advice along the way.

This journey has been truly unbelievable!

Now here are a few of my favorites pics from the Team in Training Inspiration Dinner last night.








Byron. This picture makes me cry just looking at it!

The dinner was inspiring and helped to get us excited for the journey ahead. The 26.2 mile journey!

A dear friend Kat brought Maria & a little good luck package to wish us well on our run. She is a fellow TNT’er!

Check it out what she made for us!


Disposable ARM warmers! I ♥ this!

I ♥ those so much I had to give them a good demo before the night was over.


Due to possible rain and cold I have opted to wear a long sleeve shirt under my running singlet. But these arm warmers rock and will be saved for another glorious occasion!

Then it was time for getting the goods ready for game day. Oh yeah!



It’s finally here. Next time you see me I will be a MARATHONER!

Destination 26.2 here we come!


8 thoughts on “Destination 26.2 or Bust!

  1. By now you are either running or finished, I’m not really sure but what I am sure of is that you’ve reached your destination and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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