NWM: The Good, Bad & Ugly

I arrived back to work yesterday after my fun times in SF and walked into my office to find this.

Now the t-shirts may seem a bit strange but one of my job functions is to plan our annual Fun Run & Walk. So they decorated my office with past years Fun Run t-shirts as a way to congratulate me on my accomplishments! It was hysterical!

And I’m also loving the “OFFICIAL” Post-Marathon Wine. 🙂

Well now it’s back to reality folks. It’s post marathon day 4 and here is a bit of what I have done to bask in my post-marathon glory.

* I had a 1.5 hour massage on Tuesday (Boise friends call up Karalot Massage if you want an amazing massage!)

* I attended a relaxation yoga class last night (Oh man were my hip flexors screaming! Not as relaxing as usual, but still felt good to stretch it out)

* Today I head to the Physical Therapist for my right foot (I mentioned I have been having on and off pain – luckily it had subsided through the marathon, but is swollen and feeling bruised now)

I have decided before I officially sign up for any other races I need to get the foot checked out. I’m hoping it’s no big thang, because I am actually really itching to get back out on the pavement. I just haven’t felt comfortable running since Sunday do the awkward foot pain. I promise to keep you posted on any news.


Now onto the good, bad & ugly of the Nike Women’s Marathon!

I have been reading through several other bloggers race recaps and am finding a common theme among them – many issues with the Nike.

I’ll start with the good because until I really thought too much about it I was sitting in happy marathon Land. Now I’m not so sure if I would sign up for this particular race again.

The Good: 🙂

♥ Great Volunteers! They were SO helpful and stuck it out in the cold & rain until the very end. I could not thank them enough. At one point, one of the volunteers actually thanked me for running! 🙂

♥ Water Stops: There seemed to be a good amount of water stops in all the right places. They always had water & Gatorade ready for the runners.

Team In Training: If you were part of TNT this race would have given you more support than you could ever need. You had coaches on every corner, fans yelling GO TEAM, and other team mates cheering you on the whole way. I felt the love! And being part of TNT as whole was an amazing experience! (If you were not TNT, I could see feeling a little left out)

Hello Firefighters! They were out in the cold and rain & couldn’t look happier to give me my 2007 Tiffany’s Medal. I appreciated their smiles as we crossed the finish!

♥ Ghirardelli Chocolate Mile: Who doesn’t like amazing chocolate close to the end of a long race? YES PLEASE!

The Racing Atmosphere: There were Nike Power Song Stations blasting fun & upbeat music every couple miles, we even saw a live band on the course. Fun people dressed in costumes! (The enthusiasm died a bit after the halfers parted)

The Bad & Ugly: 😦

* Ran out of race medals: But thank you for one from 2007, I guess it’s better than not getting one at all. (I heard this is not the first year they have run out of medals!). Nike emailed me yesterday to inform me Tiffany’s medal would be mailed to me in 10-12 weeks!

* The time clock was ALL messed up. When you look at my finishing video you will see it was a jumble of nonsense numbers. Hence why I said I finished in under 6 hours – Nike sent me an email that stated my finishing time was 5 hours 54 minutes but no one can confirm if that is gun time or chip time. As I’m hearing all different theories and my garmin died so I have nothing to back up with.

* Shortage of space blankets 😦  Now this isn’t the hugest deal in the world, but honestly we were drenched with rain and were shivering so bad. I think the blanket could have helped fellow runners who may not have had an awesome boyfriend waiting for them with a nice warm coat. Just sayin’!

* Half-marathon Minded: I have heard a few comments that the race was designed with the halfer in mind. I can see that. The first half of the race was amazing – running through the best parts of SF. Then it was a long desolate highway and never ending lake for the second 13.1.

* Nike Expo: Due to Nike being the main sponsor there was a complete monopoly on all other vendors & exhibitors. There was a POMx, Kashi and Safeway smoothie booth. I think that about wraps it up!

*Nike Town (false advertising): They advertised free engraving on all Tiffany’s necklaces between the hours of 9 am -1 pm the day after the race. We arrived around 11:30 with Courtney to get her’s engraved and they refused, saying they had already reached the max for the day. But the sign says until 1pm- sorry we are done! Umm…? Really?

* Finish Line Fiasco: Not but 20 minutes after I had finished my race I went back to snap a photo of the finish line and I realized it was already taken down. I looked down the raceway to see face after struggling face of women who were still running to the finish. I looked around and all the other booths were fully intact. 😦 At least give these ladies a finish line NIKE! Because I know they didn’t get a space blanket or necklace! Jeeeze!

Thanks for hearing me out on the good, bad and ugly of the race, the reason I didn’t do so until today was that a lot this stuff is petty and really had nothing to do with the fact that I actually ran a good race. I didn’t want the bad parts of the race to overshadow the rockin’ race I had run. So please understand that my reason for sharing is to give you a full picture of this particular race from my point of view.

I doubt I will ever run in the Nike Women’s Marathon ever again. I had a great race and a great time, but Nike let me down big time. If the race medal thing didn’t completely set me off, it was the pre-mature finish line destruction. I was in tears when I saw those women crossing the non-existent finish line. And for me, that finish line held more importance to me than anything else – it was a sign that I had made it. I had finished a marathon.

The burning Question: Will I do another marathon? If you asked me on Sunday I would have said no. If you asked me yesterday I would have said yyyyesss – foot pain and all! 🙂 Funny how just re-reading your own race recap can rev you up!

So if you are still reading this post and want to take a gander at my “official” race photos. Check out this link.

I’m thinking of purchasing one of me running with my hands in the air. (That was taken at mile 24!) None of the photos are extremely amazing, but all have a smiley happy girl. So I think I need to at least purchase one.

Be back tomorrow for a very special post! 🙂


14 thoughts on “NWM: The Good, Bad & Ugly

  1. I don’t think that your reasons are petty at all 😦 If it would have been just one thing, then maybe it would have been easier to accept but that’s way too many to swallow.. in my opinion anyways.

    I especially cannot get over that finish line thing. Some people can’t finish in under 6 hours, what’s the harm in leaving it up another bit longer to give everyone the satisfaction of crossing an actual line? I would be so mad! Ok maybe not mad but hella disappointed.

    I hope you can get your foor pain figured out and back to running soon!

  2. AWWW your co-workers are so sweet!!! What a nice treat to come back to. I’m lucky if anyone at work even asks about my race… they are probably just sick of hearing about them by now. 😉

    Sounds like there really were a lot of negatives (bummer) but I’m glad you’re not letting them sour your overall experience.

  3. I cannot believe that they took down the finish line. Those people finishing must have been devastated. You should send a complaint to Nike. If they didn’t have a time for the marathoners to be finished then that finish sign should be up till the last person finishes! Hope your foot gets better!

  4. I was very disappointed in the race too. Although a lot of the negative didn’t personally happen to me, it happened to my friends and teammates and thats just not right. 😦 I had still had a great weekend overall and I’m so glad I got to meet so many wonderful runners like YOU! 🙂

  5. What a great gift from your co-workers, must have been a wonderful surprise when you got back to work.

    I love the photo’s of you, you smile on every one of them, love it!

    I would have been annoyed by the NOT things too especially that they removed the finish line before every one was finished. I understand from Courtney’s comment that there was a cut off time for finishing but then wait at least till that time before you remove it.

    It surprises me that Nike had some things so badly organized, you should expect better from such a big company.

  6. great post hon!!!

    i am in the midst of writing a post called ‘the good, the bad and the ugly.’ so i am not copying u….lol

    love the wine and the tshirts! that is awesome!!!

    ur marathon still sounds really good, dispite a few of the bad things!

    so u will do another marathon….that is great! my feelings are not so positive! hehe

    have a great weekend. rest up!

  7. I hear you on all those things. The race clock was the most unnerving – it showed only the minutes, not the hour that the race is in. When I came through it said 43:… I thought I was just delirious.

    The volunteers were awesome. But they were in some high school program that made them participate.

    I’m definately with you on not running this again. I had a great time and so did my friends, but there are better races out there that will give you medals at the end and not run out of NASA blankets and allow diversity at the expo. Great post, I think you hit on all the points! But I still had a great time and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything! 🙂

  8. Definitely some of those bads are very bad. I don’t understand how such a large race can run out of things like medals and blankets. They know how many people will be there. I do know that alot of races are very strict about the cut off time and will dismantle the finish line. But seriously, why do they have to dismantle that first. There are other things to be taken down. When I did my half marathon earlier this year the cut-off time was 3 hours. They took down the finish chute at exactly 3 hours. There was maybe 3 runners left to finish (which they knew as it was a small race and they had cyclist out there reporting who was still out there and about how long they would be). The last runner came in at about 3:10, into nothing. There wasn’t a stitch of the chute left. I thought that was pretty poor. Yes, it’s a cut-off time, but for a small race when you KNOW the final runner is at max 15 minutes away – why can’t they wait?

    Glad to hear you’re doing another marathon. I love following you!

  9. I hope your foot pain goes away!

    Thanks for sharing your true thoughts on the race. And thanks for not letting it affect your race! That might not make sense, but I know some people who ran Chicago and griped about it the whole time… they just made such a negative experience for themselves. We have to make do with what we can then share our experience with others… like you did 🙂

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