Linzi’s Crafty Corner


I wouldn’t consider myself a  crafty person by any means, but every now and then I just get this urge to make something.

When I saw that I could buy a Nike Women’s Marathon Finisher’s Plaque for $79.99 I knew a do-it-yourself project was in the works.

Well, it was more like a must as I didn’t feel like shelling out that kind of money for something that probably wasn’t going to be that cool anyways. Before I even ran the marathon I knew that I wanted to do something special with my race number and I came up with the perfect thing!

The project was very simple and only cost me around $30.00 in total.

The materials I used:

Poster frame from Wal-mart


Official Marathon Bib


Official Nike Women’s Marathon Poster – $10.00 (which Nike donated back to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)

These posters listed the names of every single person who raced in the marathon, so I hearted my name so it would be easy to find.


Your favorite marathon racing picture: (okay, so I broke down and purchased this photo as there were no other of us actually crossing the finish line together. This was taken at mile 25 and I looked pretty darn happy)


Then basically you put it all together in a frame and TA DA…. it’s done!



I’m actually thinking I might add a few more of my favorite pics and make a collage.

What do you think? Do you like the simplicity of it, or would it be cool to add more photos?



What other cool things have you created with your race numbers or finishers medals?  As you can see in the picture above I have an ongoing wall of race numbers, but it’s nothing special. I would love to something with those too.

Thanks for viewing this special edition of “Linzi’s Crafty Corner”. 

Be back tomorrow with a report on my first post-marathon run. People, we are going to ease my little foot back into it. It’s been a week & a half and I’m dying here. So tonight’s test will let me know if I can even run the 2-3 miles I was ok’d to do by the PT.  Think happy thoughts! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Linzi’s Crafty Corner

  1. Linzi, I love this! I like the simplicity of your collage, but you could also add a few more pictures. Maybe like 4 or 5 smaller pictures arranged in a line, straight and crooked, overlapping on the sides and corners above the runner on the poster. Maybe a few cropped snapshots of your day, your swag, your ___. You name it. But if you leave as is, It’s great too.

    I haven’t done anything creative with my race numbers, but I’ll be curious to read other comments for inspiration.

  2. It looks great Linz! I would add a few more pics but it also looks awesome as is!

    I am thinking about getting a shadow box to put my bib, race photo, medal and 13.1 sticker (from you 😀 ) in for my half 😀

  3. I definitely think you should add more pictures… or take your other race numbers and do those for a race numbers collage…. or go crazy and cut up the other race numbers and add both pics and the numbers. No matter what, I think it needs more!

  4. Of fun! I too would rather create my own than buy something like that. But, I do think you need to add more to it. You’ve got so many photos of your training along the way, and group events. You could really fill that thing up. Is there a finishers certificate you can print online, or even a print-out of your finish time.

  5. I love it! Great idea – but I think you should add more pictures and maybe a finish time (maybe a pic of you holding a sign with your time on it while wearing your finisher’s shirt!).

    I’m curious to see what you decide to do for your collection of race bibs. I’ve got quite the stack started and they are all just laying there – so sad. But I haven’t gotten a creative bone in my body.

  6. I think you should add more pictures Linz. Great idea. Good luck on your first run tonight. I hope your feet are feeling better. 🙂

  7. i love it! I think.. you should add pictures from the beginning and make your pic of you running the end… or maybe icing your foot the end lol maybe some of your fav recipes, reciepts from those awesome shoes… twizzle sticks from that favorite smoothie.. but then again you know your aunti… buzy buzy buzy 😛

  8. Nice! I think you could go either way, add more pictures or don’t. I do like the simplicity of it though.

    I’ve never known what to do with race numbers/medals. This is a cute idea.

  9. Love it!! 🙂 You know I never ended up buying the poster and now I’m kicking myself for it. Oh well…….maybe its online?? hmmmm anyways, very cute I hope you didn’t cover my name with a picture

  10. Wow! I think it is really cool. It was hard to tell there was names on it from the photo, but now that I know there are, I don’t think you need to add anything, unless you want to add more pics from the race.

    I have all ob my bibs and stuff hanging on my closet wall. My friend puts hers in scrapbooks and I think that is really cool!

  11. I love it! I would add one more photo left at the top, it’s a bit empty there but I wouldn’t put too much on it because then you can’t see the pink anymore.

    Here we get medals at most races and I have them hanging next to each other on a wall (just like you at my computer upstairs 🙂 ) I always throw away my race bibs because I have a medal for most of the races.

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