J. Alabama Boot camp


I didn’t even realize at it the time but I have apparently signed up for J. Alabama Boot camp.

Yeah, Boot camp.


You know –  the kind where you get your you-know-what handed to you at the gym and you can barely stand up the next day without a single body part hurting.

J. Alabama kindly offered to lift weights with me while my foot is on the mend. He said it would be a great time to start a weight training regimen.

Of course I said YEAH. Because who wouldn’t want their own personal trainer right?

Well if you know J. Alabama, you know he doesn’t take gym time lightly. Maybe it’s his military conditioning, or maybe he just really likes the gym.

Either way, I’m not really sure what I was thinking “lifting weights at the gym” would be like. I thought it would be fun. I thought it would be easy. And I thought hey J. Alabama’s my boyfriend so he will go easy on me.

Um, no to ALL of the above.

It was not easy. It was not fun. (well probably because it was so darn hard). And he sure as heck did not treat me any differently than he would if it were his buddy lifting weights next to him.

So that being said, J. Alabama Boot Camp (as I so lovingly dubbed it) commenced last night.


Here’s a little preview of what went down.

He started me off doing barbell squats. (with 30 pounds)

Yep, we did about 4 sets of 12 repetitions.


Now doesn’t that sound fun? I thought oh this is like Bodypump? Except in BP you have smaller weight and do a lot more repetitions.


Then it was time for Romanian deadlifts. (with 50 pounds)

Again, we did 4 sets of 12 repetitions.


These were definitely hard. I felt like my form was wrong most of the time, but J. Alabama stood near by to make sure it was good.


Then onto Standing calf raises on the Smith Machine. (with 50 pounds)

4 sets of 15 repetitions

I was actually standing on a bench when I did these to give my calf’s more of a stretch. This one was good for my “tissue issue” too!


Ahh… it hurt so good! Okay, not really.

Next on the agenda for J. Alabama Boot camp was abs abs and more abs.

Because just doing one kind of situps is just not as fun as doing 3 different kinds!

We started with  incline sit-ups.

And don’t think he let me do crunches or anything less than a full sit-up where I touched my face to my knees. Please remember this was also done on an incline, which it makes even harder!

Then it was the side sit-ups. Where you are rocking from side to side working those obliques.

Then he had me do one more different kind, and I had to throw in the towel. My abs were on fire, my legs were like jello, and all I could think about was that I was now going to attempt to run for the first time since my marathon.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Yeah, that was my addition to the workout. He would have been happy to head home and make dinner. But I told you, my legs were itching for the run. And I really wanted to test out my foot and gage the pain.

So the “shredmill” and I had a 23 minute and 16 second date.

Though my legs felt like jello, I needed to run it off. I needed to sweat it out. I needed to feel that revolving plastic road against the bottoms of my feet.

I started off slow at about a 5.0 and gradually increased the speed when it felt right.

I felt amazing. I felt high on life!

I rocked out 2 miles in 23:16 and was pretty happy with that. I was trying so hard to keep from going too fast.

The verdict is this… my foot felt fine running. Heck I could have ran forever it felt like. But even after icing it last night and taking ibuprofen, I still had aches in the night. I could feel the pain without even standing on it.

So I would have to admit that maybe I’m not ready to run yet. 😦

Oh well…As much as I just complained about J. Alabama Boot camp, I am not opposed to having a six-pack and Jillian arms!


So expect to hear more weight lifting shenanigans soon. J. Alabama said he rather liked my company at the gym. Even if I was complaining. A lot.

Do you ever work out with your significant other? If so, do you find they push you harder than you would push yourself?



10 thoughts on “J. Alabama Boot camp

  1. Sounds like a great workout. I love my BodyPump classes but do enjoy gym time with MY personal trainer (aka hubby!). He can rock out some kettlebell stuff like no other. haha And usually the next day (or two) I secretly hate him for it. SO, to answer your question.. yep, hubby and I run and workout together all most every day.

  2. Hubs is a great running companion. He has paced me in races and for speed work before and I perform way better!

    How awesome to have your own built-in-boyfriend/personal trainer! Sounds like a killer workout.

  3. I hate working out or running with Dustin. He runs 7-8 minute miles and I am way behind that. At the gym he pushed too much and maybe I don’t really want to be that in shape… or I am just a big baby, but either way we do better working out separately. However, we do lots of fun active things together like walking Huxley, hiking, golfing, etc.

  4. I would love to have my own J. Alabama to help me with weights in the gym. I’m sure I would go more often then, now weight training is the first training I drop when I’m short of time even though I know the importance of it.

    My hub doesn’t train. He’s got a very hard physical job and is glad he can sit down at night. Besides that he’s had an accident a few years ago and broke his foot by that which still is bothering him now from time to time. Otherwise he would have tried running with me he said, but he just can’t, he can’t run anymore with that foot.

    So I’m on my own in this. But he’s always supportive and is often my biggest supporter at races.

  5. Awww you two are so cute! I love that he gave you a wicked workout. My hubby pushes me hard too. Though he’s not so experienced in the gym so no boot camp from him. I “usually” love how he challenges me.

    Sorry your foot is quite better yet. 😦 I know how much you want to be there. It will come. Sounds like you’re going to be challenged in the meantime anyways. Have fun!

  6. Sadly my fiance and I can’t workout together. I’ve tried time and time again but it’s like setting myself up for failure. He’ll say he wants to go running and when we get there he’ll walk or cut it short. I paid for boxing classes and now he won’t go with me and it’s far as heck so I end up not going on my own. Last night I said screw this and went running and did abs and arms all by myself! I have to say, it was great and I think I’ll do it again!

  7. lol, J. Alabama sounds a lot like Bri when it comes to fitness. It is def a military thing 😉 I love working out with Brian- he always pushes me to be stronger!

  8. Seems like we might need a guys perspective! lol Its always a blast workin’ out with your sweetheart. Although lately I think I might have to tone back the workouts, shes starting to get faster than me!!!

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