Beyond Destination 26.2


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A HUGE thank you to Amy at GreenSky Graphics for all her work on my new banner! 🙂

You’ve probably noticed a few changes around here lately. Mainly the title & look of my blog.  I knew something was going to have to change once I reached my Destination 26.2.

I’ve obviously reached my first finish line of running 26.2 miles, but have not by any means reached my final destination in my fitness goals.  

So I created Beyond Destination 26.2.  I want Beyond Destination 26.2 to be the same happy place that Destination 26.2 was but with a different end goal in mind.

I am hoping Beyond Destination 26.2 can help me to achieve some other fitness goals I’ve had for a long time as well as be a place that I can continue to improve upon my running.

Destination 26.2 was me taking the seemingly impossible and making it possible. I’m striving to make all my other fitness goals My new “Destination 26.2”.

Training for & running marathon was hard work. But I did it. And I think it really clicked something inside of me that I really can do anything I put my mind to.

So beyond the running and marathon training,  I am hoping to find a better healthy balance in my life through eating right, experiencing new forms of workouts, cooking healthier meals, riding “Sea Breeze” more, and just living life!

There will be another marathon in my future, but until then I’m going to work on being a healthier me!

So thank you for supporting my on my quest to running to my first marathon and I hope you will stick around Beyond Destination 26.2!



19 thoughts on “Beyond Destination 26.2

  1. very nice, twin!! wooohooo to the new look.
    to infinity and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im excited to follow ur new journey!

    im in the midst of redesigning my site too!

  2. Can’t wait to see what lies beyond Destination 26.2! I am sure it will be fabulous and hopefully full of smoothies. I am a total Tree City adict also!

  3. Love it Linz! And no doubt about that I’m still here stalking you. I love you and your blog and I look forward to following you beyond destination 26.2.

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