A Run & Halloween Fun


Happy November Everyone!

A little recap of my weekend if you will…


Fran hosted a virtual “Pink Dress Run” over the weekend. The idea was to run either Saturday or Sunday, to run however far you wanted, and to wear pink.

Well, after another glorious J. Alabama boot camp session last night at the gym, I headed on over to the ‘shredmill’ and joined the Pink Dress Runners in the virtual race.


I’m still taking it easy, and was only able to get in 2 miles before the gym closed. My pace felt amazing and I felt really good during the run. I would have tried to bust out another mile if the gym wasn’t closing on me. 😦

And as for my foot pain, it always seems to be fine while I’m running – which is why I have to ease back into it. I am trying to find a “happy” distance which I can run and my foot doesn’t hurt after.

I think 2 miles last night was a good start. 2 miles in 22 minutes is good for me.


Now onto the Halloween Fun!

This year was a super struggle for me to get into the Halloween mood. I seriously came up with my costume 2 hours before our Halloween party.

I ended up as a Wood Nymph Fairy!


My favorite part was You-Tubing how to do ‘fairy eyes’.


The other thing about my costume is that I didn’t have to pay a single cent for it. I dug through my house until I found a bunch of random stuff to make a cute costume. Well I borrowed the skirt but that’s it.


Some of my other favorites from the evening…






The skunks!

100_4065 Where’s Waldo?

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween Weekend. Be back tomorrow with the October wrap-up and November goals! Woo hoo!

What has been your favorite Halloween Costume that you have worn or seen? (Maybe this will give me ideas for next year!)


13 thoughts on “A Run & Halloween Fun

  1. I love your costume! My favorite costume I saw this year was three people dressed up as characters from the video game mario kart, they dressed up like the character and then had boxes like cars and a balloon in the back
    this probably makes no sense if you’ve never played the game.. but trust me it was cool ahha : )

  2. That’s the hard part.. when it feels okay running but hurts after. Hope you can find the happy medium to keep you on your feet!

    Awesome Halloween costume! You are gorgeous!!

  3. Very cute costume! I cannot believe that you came up with that at the last minute! The pink dress run sounds like it was a fun idea! Hope you cna figure out the foot thing.

  4. Thanks for joining the pink dress run! You look great!

    I love all the costumes! We don’t celebrate Halloween so no ideas from me, I’m just enjoying all the pictures in blogland of Halloween.
    I love what you did with your eyes.

  5. lol those costumes are hilarious. You look awesome- I love the makeup!

    Hmm, my favorite costume from this year was a little one year old girl that I know- she was a black and orange butterfly and looked SO adorable. hahah that doesn’t help you but she was cute!

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  7. I came over from Biz’ blog to check.

    Finally, some wild Halloween costume pictures! 🙂

    You and Biz both put me into shame, I hope I eventually get as fit as you both are.

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