My new punching bag


October was a hard month to say goodbye to, as it was quite an exciting month for me. But I am welcoming November with open arms and ready for the challenges it holds for me.

First off let’s recap October:

Kickboxing classes attended = 1

Yoga classes attended = 4

♦  J. Alabama boot camp sessions attended = 4

♦  Marathons ran = 1 🙂

My total running mileage for October was 74 miles

Honestly, my one and only goal for October was to run a marathon. So everything on top of that was like extra credit! I’m sitting happy with October’s goals.


November Goals (a bit different than October – I’m healing my foot & I will be traveling for 2 weeks out of the month)

Here is what I’m looking at doing. And in honor of Aneta & Amy I’m doing it 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 style!

Each number represents the number of workouts that I strive to accomplish by the end of November.. so here goes….

10: 10 miles run per week (only if the foots says YEAHH!!)

9: Ab work outs

8: Manly push-ups a day

7: J. Alabama Bootcamp weight training sessions

6: 30 day Shred work-outs

5: Fight Fit Kickboxing classes

4: Weekend Cruiser bike rides

3: 5:30 am spin classes

2:Yoga classes

1: 5k Race – Gobble Wobble 5k (Denver, CO)

I think this November number challenge will be hard, but I like to set goals that make me work at them. So I welcome the challenge as way to switch up my work out routine.

If you would like to join the 10-1 November Challenge message Aneta or Amy to be added to the challenge.


I started off November with a bang by attending my first Fight Fit Class! What What?!

Check it… these




The lovely people at Treasure Valley Fitness & Thrown Down of Idaho invited me to test out their facilities.

I’ve been searching high and low for a kickboxing class that involves more than punching the air. And well friends, I’m happy to report that the search is over.

Last night I took part in the 60 minute high intensity, cardio & core lovin’, bag punching, sweating up a storm, bootcamp style and owww my abs really hurt, Fight Fit Class.

The class was split into two parts.

Part One: Partner Sparring

Yes, you read that right. I was given gloves and all free reign to kick and punch my partner’s padding. I think I felt the burn even more when I was the one being sparred at. Either way this was exhilarating.

Part two: Bag Time

We did a lovely combo of punch & kicks, mixed in with a crazy ab routine all on the punching bag.

Okay, so I felt a little like this toward the end of the workout.

I wasn’t crying tears of sadness, more like tears of joy in the fact that I did not lose my lunch while doing said workout.

No joke, I at one point realized I had pushed my workout into high gear and there was no stopping The Linz!

I was nervous to bust out of my comfort zone at my regular gym. But kickboxing has been a workout that has tempted me for as long as I can remember. So knowing that this gym offers the exact type of kickboxing that I am looking for is making me even more giddy!

So far so good! I left the Fight Fit class on an exercise high. And I’m so ready to try it out again! Because who wouldn’t want to take their days aggression out on a real punching bag as opposed to the air. Am I right?

Well I think I may have met my match… a 70 pound leather balloon-ish thing.

What’s your favorite non-running stress reliever workout?

13 thoughts on “My new punching bag

  1. You are my favorite hard core girl!! I swear you are the ultimate trooper!! Way to go!!!!!!!

    I’m a wuss I guess because my fave non running workout is BodyPump which is no way nearly as intense as all that boxing.

  2. 1. October was one awesome month for you!

    2. Love the 10, 9, 8, etc. style goals for November!

    3. I would LOVE an actual boxing class! I hate punching the air and always feel like I am not doing it right. So fun and sounds like a KILLAH workout.

  3. Oh, Z, Tears of joy? What a HIGH!! I thought all weekend at a yoga retreat was enough to make me walk slowly, but kicking it with those bags! Way to go!!

  4. Linz, I checked out the Throw Down site and I am thinking of looking into it for Dustin and I this summer. I think it’s more realistic for me to wait until school is out. What do you think? Was it scary sparing with someone?

  5. Definitely Pilates which I’m about to go to in a few minutes.

    I love that 10 to 1 challenge, seen it on Agneta’s blog too. Maybe I’ve got time to think about it during Pilates but the first time I read I couldn’t come up with much.

    Don’t forget to visit my blog tomorrow, I’ve got a surprise for you on it.

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