Pawpaw Friday

Welcome to another Fruity Friday Adventure!

When I first saw saw this fruit I was instantly intrigued – it’s a Pawpaw fruit.


Now a Pawpaw or as I’ve seen it referred to as “the poor man’s banana” is a funny little fruit. And honestly from the pictures above not too appealing to the eye.


But you know me, it sounded exotic so therefore I needed to give it a whirl on the old the ole taste buds train.


According to Wikipedia this fruit is actually native to North America. Not so exotic after all. Hmphh!

Another fun fact: It is said to almost ripen to the point of fermentation soon after picking this fruit.

Now how does one eat it you ask?

Start by cutting it in half.


Then take a spoon and scoop out the insides.


Be careful of the small seeds. I took a big bite and was surprised that there were several of those little seeds hiding in the fruit.


The Pawpaw had a similar texture to eating a mango. Kind of squishy and slimy. The flavor was also similar to the mango, but a little bit more blah…It was hard to distinguish an exact flavor.

Would I eat a paw paw again? Well you’d think a fruit with a double name would be doubly as awesome but I would have to say NEGATIVO on that. I would be okay without ever eating this fruit again.

I’m not into blah-like fruits. And was it cute? No. No it wasn’t. So it get’s a double no from me.

Have you ever eaten a Pawpaw? What is your impression of it?


In fitness related news…

I hit up  another sweet sesh of J. Alabama’s Body Boot camp last night. LOL, the name keeps getting longer as the workouts get harder and harder (just like my abs!)

Seriously though, he is being so patient with me and supportive as I am learning the ins and outs of weight training.

And he never leaves the gym without me doing an intense ab workout. That was ALWAYS the first thing for me to “run out of time for”. Weird that I was complaining about my squishy body the other day.

So there you have it.

In one week’s time I have participated in the following fitness activities:

  • 2 J. Alabama Boot camp sessions (weight training)
  • 2 miles ran
  • 1 personal training session (circuit training)
  • 1 Fight fit class (Cardio contact kickboxing class)

I have one more fight fit class on the books tonight and will be attempting a REAL run with friends tomorrow morning!

No wonder I felt EXTREMELY exhausted all week.

I guess the November 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Challenge really sparked something in me.

What sparks your motivation in fitness? A race, a particular goal or event, a clothing item???


9 thoughts on “Pawpaw Friday

  1. im glad that i could not find this fruit! hhaha
    as much as i love mangos, this fruit seems weird! hahhah

    good work on all the strength training workouts! yay

    happy weekending!

  2. Shame about the Paw-Paw being such a disappointment! I’ve never seen or heard of it before but now if I ever come across one I’ll just stay away!

    I find that having a goal usually sparks my motivation. I’m seriously lacking it these days too which isn’t good. Boredom also doesn’t help, I’ve only been running and biking lately and it’s been indoors on top of it all so that probably explains my serious lack of motivation!

  3. Hmm so negativo on the Peepaw lol. Great job on the workout! I need to seriously get in gear on the ab workouts, I tend to just do crunches a few different ways but I never know how many sets to do.

  4. Interesting fruit! I am happy that you tried it first! I love that you arent afraid to try new things!- you should try your tastebuds with “buddhas hand” fruit. You try it first : )

  5. That fruit makes me think of the Jungle Book! I’ve never had one but I DID just try a pomegranate.

    I love that your boyfriend is teaching you to weight train in your own private boot camp! I used to dislike weight training too, now I don’t like going without it! My husband is great to work out with too, but since he’s in the army so there’s no whining allowed! 😦

  6. This is the first time I ever heard of a pawpaw. My first thought was also that it looked like a mango at the inside. I love mango’s.

    Motivation in fitness? Actually at the moment nothing, I still haven’t started fitness again. Maybe in a few months I can answer it but not right now. Although I’m a bit jealous of J. Alabama. Wish I had a boyfriend like that who would kick my butt with love.

  7. I’ve never been successful with buying weird fruit – my daughter and I once got a fresh coconut – it took us an hour just to crack it open!

    Hooray on the fitness front – you are doing great!

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