Or I could have simply named this post Fun with Abs! Either way you are getting a fun-loving post on ab exercises.

Why you ask?

Christina asked me about the ab routines I have been doing with J. Alabama to give her ideas of new ab workouts to do.

She asked and I deliver! 🙂

So here is a (f)ABulous post guaranteed to make your abs burn and my email box to be filled with curse words after your attempt these sweet workouts.

(I apologize in advance for the horrible photography, I was taking these while working out at the gym on my phone)


Ab burnin’ exercise number 1: Declined abdominal bench

Recommended workout:

  • 3 sets of 15 sit-ups per set (or until you reach full muscle failure, could be more or could be less than 15)

Watch as J. Alabama demonstrates on the declined ab bench.


*Quickly pull your body up attempting to touch your chest to knees.

If this exercise is too hard on the decline you can pull the ab board off the rack and do it flat on the floor.

I am crunch girl through and through and doing these real sit-ups were a huge challenge for me. I had to take the rack off and do them flat on the floor.


Ab burnin’ exercise number 2: Side Crunches

Recommended workout:

  • 1 warm-up set of 15 per side (no weight)
  • 3 sets of 10 with weight in hand per side


This one can be done with or without a weight in hand. I like to do a warm-up set without weight then add a ten pound weight for added resistance.


The key here is to reach the arm with the weight down towards the floor, then pull your body back up using your obliques.


You will feel this is in your oblique’s!


You need to balance this one out by getting a good workout on both sides.

Ab burnin’ exercise number 3: Ball crunches

Recommended workout:

  • 3 sets of 15 crunches

The key here is to keep your butt well balanced on the ball and pull your whole body up into a complete sit-up and then back down.




The less the ball rolls around and your body moves, the better the AB burn!

Now we typically do three different  ab workouts after our weight lifting session. I find it extremely hard to get through all the sets, but I do what I can and I listen to my body.

**J. Alabama wanted to add in the disclaimer that we are not certified fitness trainers and what works for our bodies may not work for everyone’s. So please keep in mind that each person’s workout will vary based on their ability and core strength. He also noted that core strength is extremely important when doing most any exercise. So doing ab workouts will help build that core strength.

How do you feel about ab workouts? Do you have a favorite one? What is it?

I hate ab workouts with a passion, but have really noticed how they make my body feel afterwards. I’m starting to look forward to them, and I guess they get a little easier each time. 🙂

11 thoughts on “ABulous

  1. I hate ab workouts with a passion, too! Occasionally I will go to a Core Challenge class at my gym but it is only offered one day a week and in order to get to it on time I have to leave work early. It’s a great workout though. I like using kettlebells too and do kb twists/rack twists and a couple of other exercises with them for core. Planks!!! As much as I hate them they are great too.
    Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. I just had sweaty flashbacks to my trainer days with those side crunches. They were a bitch but you knew they were workin! I miss my gym membership on days like this.

  3. I do yoga (3-4x/week) and thehardcoreclub.blogspot.com (2x/week) and sometimes I will throw in some extra planks or another ab workout a week. I have seen and felt a dramatic difference since starting these activities. Previously I was doing no core work at all.

    Those side things look hard! We don’t have one of those benches in our crappy apartment gym.

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