Yesterday, part II


I tend to get a little too excited about things and sometimes have to remind myself to take it easy.

I realized yesterday upon my arrival  to work that I had already scheduled 2 other workouts for my day (neither of them including weight training or bodypump). Now I’m usually of the mind-set to  just  keep on going as planned.

What’s an extra work out right? 🙂

That would have actually made for 3 workouts for the day (1 body pump class, 1 fight fit class & 1 Power Pilates Yoga Class), as you remember I spontaneously hit up an early morning body pump class.

But then I remembered I was supposed to be taking it easy and there is no better way to burn out fast and possibly injury myself even more then by overdoing it.

So…I made the executive decision to skip The Fight Fit class and just go straight to the Power Pilates Yoga class instead.

Due to my schedule this month I will not be able to make it to another PPY class at the Treasure Valley Fitness gym I’m trying out. So I knew last night was my only chance.

Power Pi Yoga is described as a combination yoga method that combines range-of-motion movements, pilates & traditional yoga. The class is complete and all-encompassing, using each muscle to it’s capacity for flexibility and strength.

It was actually very similar to other yoga classes I have taken until we started in on these crazy intense pilates sit-ups.


I have never in my life done a sit-up like that was so intense and so painful. Painful as in my abs were burning. As in…probably a really killer ab workout.

I have something special in store for you all tomorrow – and will try to include a picture or something of these crazy scissor Pilates sit-up things.

I have actually never taken a Pilates class and was a little worried I would not be able to hang. During some of the exercises I did realize I am very unflexiable and had some trouble. But it was a great stretch for me and had a good experience.

My only criticism is that there was no Savasana at the end of our session. 😦

Savasana is usually done at the last few minutes of class – a sort of meditation. I also think of it as the reward for all the hard work you have done during the class.

But I would take this class this again as I liked the pilates inspired moves mixed with the traditional yoga.

I heard there is a regular pilates class that I may have to try now – but if there are those pilates sit-ups involved I may just die. (Maybe I am being overly dramatic, or maybe my abs were just screaming from the earlier bodypump workout that also included an ab routine).

Have you taken a Pilates class? Did you feel similar benefits from yoga? Which did you like better?

So I am working on my intensity issues. As I mentioned earlier in the post, I almost went to ALL 3 workouts. Simply because I really like the fight fit class and want to experience as much of this gym as I can before my pass runs out.

But sometimes the excitement gets too intense and I really do have to tell myself to CHILL OUT. This happened when I was marathon training too. I was following my plan to the T and quickly realized it was pretty impossible for me to run 5 days a week + two days of cross training.

I have learned it’s okay to miss a workout or even tweak your schedule. It’s a  must to listen to your body. And MORE does not necessarily mean better.

Due to that rational I opted to sleep in this morning as opposed to going to early morning spin class. My body needed the rest and I was happy to give in.

7 thoughts on “Yesterday, part II

  1. I have never taken a pilates class – I wish they offered a yoga/pilates combo at my gym. Sounds like an incredible ab workout! I would have missed the savasana too!!!

  2. No savasana??! Booo to that!! That’s my favorite move hahaa.

    And pilates sit-up?? Do tell! I’ve never heard of that so I’m intrigued by it. Any workout I can do at home to strengthen my abs is always a plus.

  3. good idea on skipping spin. u cant push yourself too too hard! dont burn out!

    i suck at pilates! hahhaha. i cant get the breathing and i am not flexible at all and i cant do the crazy things where you put your legs behind your head. not for me! hheheh
    but i do find that it is amazing for abs. incorporating pilates into a yoga practice would be very cool!

  4. I loved Pilates when I did it a few years ago. I wish I could afford it again. My muscles got so strong and the flexibility was great. It’s not quite the same doing it on your own though, I prefer the class setting. I don’t really “get” Yoga and haven’t truly experienced it so can’t make a comparison.

  5. I have tried both yoga and Pilates and I prefer Pilates. To me it’s less “boring” than yoga. I love Pilates as an addition to my running because it gives me more flexibility. We do have a relaxing session at the end of the Pilates class which I love. I’m totally relaxed after it.

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