Spinning Rivalry

Today is a day around the state of Idaho that people’s true colors shine. Mine just so happen to be blue and orange.

If you didn’t know the Boise State Bronco’s will play their rivalry game tonight against the University of Idaho Vandals.

It’s always an exciting game, though it’s been a beat down for the Vandals for many many years in a row. I can confidently say that BSU will come home with another W in their pocket. If for some reason they don’t then seriously ALL hell will break loose. There is no reason the number 4 college football team in the nation should lose this game.

In preparation for watching the big game tonight I knew I wanted to get my spin on.


Oh yeah, it’s been way way too long.

I wasn’t sure if my body would know what to do.

But as the story goes, my legs fell right into place and moved just as they were supposed to.

The best part of our spin class today was that the Spin instructor was decked out in Boise State Bronco gear. She had also gone around before the class had started to scope out the Bronco fans and Vandals fans.

Today’s spin class was amping us up for the big game tonight.

Each song she played was hand-picked and dedicated to either the Bronco Fans or Vandals Fans.

Broncos had songs like “Orange Crush” by REM and “We will Rock You” by Queen.

Vandals had songs like “Fight For Your Right To Party” by The Beastie Boys and “Under Pressure” by Queen & David Bowie.

Every song she played made me laugh out loud as she had picked them perfectly.

She also did a great job of supporting both sides as not cause a complete riot in spin class. I kept waiting for the “We are the Champions” song by Queen, I guess that just goes without saying.

We climbed hills, we did the Twist and Shout song by jumping up and down out of the saddle and even did speed exercises.

I left there a mess. A big sweaty mess.


Now a side note: The shirt I am wearing in the picture is in fact from the Nike Women’s Marathon. It was so cute and I had to have it. I RUN TO BE!

I am such a happier girl after going to spin class. I know this will help me to get through the winter months and should be a huge distraction to the fact that I will not be running as much or at all. But what I am most excited about is that when I first started spinning I noticed a HUGE difference in my breathing and how it helped me when I was running.

So I am happy to be able to keep my endurance up for when I start training again. Because friends I have my eyes set on a race that is considered one of the hardest half-marathon’s in the northwest. The Race to Robie Creek is an 8 mile up hill, 4 mile down hill beast. And I am NOT scared of those hills anymore.

Spinning is going to get me through until I can really train for that beast.

Now I must shower up and prepare for the Big game!

Are you a fan of college football? If so, give a shout out to your College team! I won’t judge, even if you are a vandals fan. πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Spinning Rivalry

  1. What a great set of songs to play for the football stars! You did look a mess Linzi! Good workout!! Have fun tonight, you deserve it after all that spinning!

  2. sounds like a cool spinning class! good job.
    i just skipped my spinning class bc my knee hurts and opted out for yoga.
    when am i ever gonna heal?????

    i am not a football, maybe if i lived in the states. the bf tho….now he is a football fanatic. he loves the nfl and watches the college teams as well! crazy!

    have a fun weekend!

  3. I love that shirt! So cute on you!

    When is that half?

    I don’t know anything about football! I am so ignorant! But I love that people bond over it πŸ™‚

  4. That was a fun class with the music she choose! I’ve tried spinning once and didn’t like it although I know it’s a great workout!

    No football fan here but I guess you’re not surprised by that πŸ™‚

    That half marathon sounds tough but won’t be a problem for you!

  5. Football … is that the sport with the bat and the ball or the ice and the sticks? Or do you mean REAL football (which you’d probably think of as soccer)?

    HAHAHA, kidding, as you can see I’m not a football fan. I don’t understand it.

    Looks like you had a great spin class. You’re certainly keeping in great shape while not running.

  6. That’s one thing about the gym I belong to now – the spin classes cost extra $$ and are at weird times.

    Our next door neighbor is a huge NIU fan (Northern Illinois) so we have become fans too!

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