I did it all for the Snookie

As you know I have been hitting the gym hard the past couple of weeks.

It’s been a fun way to switch up my workouts and build up some muscle that was lost during marathon training.


I can’t even believe that we are already half way through the month. I have been going strong in most areas of my November Challenge and can’t wait to see I how much progress I have made by the end of the month.

I was inspired to work out just a little bit harder the last few weeks when I found out my friend Ashley was having a Jersey Shore themed birthday party. I finally learned the meaning of GTL (gym, tan & laundry). So I was just working on my GYM time.. you know, to get into the part a little bit more. 🙂

100_4141Me and the birthday Snookie all glammed out!

100_4147I even got J. Alabama to dress the part of one of the boys.

100_4154Nothing like sweet party games.


I had never even watched an episode of this show before the party, but quickly learned that it was pretty popular. It’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me. But definitely one of the shows that you could watch mindlessly. Her party was a riot though!



So as the lyrics of the Limp Bizkit song go “I did it all for the (s)nookie” – Because who wouldn’t want to dress like Jersey shore girls and celebrate on  a Saturday night?

Happy Birthday Ashley! We all had a blast!

Are you a fan of Jersey Shore? What’s your favorite mindless tv show to watch? I think mine is Desperate Housewives.


I am currently sitting at the airport waiting for my plane to take me to Iowa for the week. I have never been there, but am sure excited to scope it out. I even brought along a little reading material for the plane ride.


Hmmm… probably should have read this before the marathon? I actually bought this book when I first started running, but was afraid to jinx myself. Hopefully there will be some good tips in there for me to share.

Happy Monday! Next time you see this Idaho girl she’ll be in Iowa!


12 thoughts on “I did it all for the Snookie

  1. Look at you, workin’ it at the gym! Way to go!!!

    OMG that JS party is hilarious! I admit, I watch the show. It’s total trash but definitely good mindless viewing. My fave guilty pleasure mindless TV would have to be Big Brother! Too bad it’s only on in the summer… or maybe that’s a good thing!

    Enjoy the trip + reading.

  2. omg I love that party theme! Too awesome!

    I’ve seen bits and pieces of Jersey Shore, it’s not must watch tv for me but it’s entertaining enough.

    I’d say my favorite mindless tv show is probably Psych or The Big Bang Theory. Actually, I watch so much tv, it could probably all be considered mindless!

  3. Jersey Shore Party?? thats awesome. I have a love/hate relationship with that show! hahhaha, i watch it, but sometimes i hate it, and sometimes it is soooo ridiculous, i love it.

    good choice of reading material! have a fun trip!

  4. You all look so great 😆

    I know the show but only from the gossip sites, it isn’t on tv here in Holland.

    I have a lot of shows that I can watch mindlessly, I think at this moment it’s Two and a half men.

    I love DH too but I don’t watch that mindlessly.

  5. What a fun idea for a birthday party! You look adorable! My husband is a huge fan of Jersey Shore but I’m with you: it’s sort of lame. My favorite show to watch is I shouldn’t be alive or mystery diagnosis. (I think they’re both on TLC)

  6. What are you doing in IA?

    I have not seen that show but recognize that girl! Ha. The costumes are too funny! I don’t watch TV, but love to watch mindless movies 🙂

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