Gobble Wobble

On Saturday I participated in the Gobble Wobble 5k Fun Run & Walk in Denver, Colorado.

I was even more excited to find out that this race directly benefitted the children of a small Colorado school district. We also brought a few canned food items for a discounted registrations.

A canned food drive and a race benefitting the kids…I felt great before the race even started!

My friend Meagan & her mom Sheila were super excited about the race too. Though it was chilly, we were ready to get our wobble on!

Dressing up was encouraged! I was bummed I forgot to pack my turkey costume. 😉

But this guy probably took home the gold on best costume anyway!

The race actually took place on the inside of a golf course. Our race route was a small sidewalk that took us around the entire perimeter of a the golf course.

Due to my foot being really really mad at me (I had actually ran 3 miles on the treadmill the day before at my hotel in Iowa to give my foot a test run and well, the day after it did not feel so good).

So we power-wobbled the entire race! It was probably better that I didn’t run for time, as it was such a small family friendly & kid heavy race. I would have felt like a really mean horrible person zooming by those little turkeys children, just trying to make good time.

I thought they did a great job of labeling the miles on the course of the race. And they even set up water stations.

If you look closely, you can even spot frost on the weeds. It was cold and foggy morning, but no better to start the day than by getting the blood flowing!

We reached the finish line in around 50 minutes and were greeted by a small area of expo tents. The vendors ranged from Dentist Offices handing out toothbrushes to the Muscle Milk guys handing out free protein shakes.

It was definitely not the scene of your typical race, but I enjoyed the small race feel. And all the kids who participated in the race seemed to love it!

I was more impressed with our gigantic swag bags we were given at the end. It was filled to the brim with coupons, samples of chapstick, deodorant, water bottles…etc. It seemed like a lot of loot!

And let’s not forget the SWEET Gobble Wobble shirts. It was actually designed by one of the kids.

They even supplied a pretty hefty lunch after the walk. I didn’t take a picture, but we were given a turkey sandwich, pop chips, apple slices, bagels, cookies & coffee. It hit the spot!

In the parking lot of the golf course I spotted the Muscle Milk Jeep.

It brought me back to my Red Bull days. I drove the Red Bull truck with the big can of Bull on the back.

My small family friendly race experience was awesome! I loved getting a chance to catch up with my friend Meagan and her mom Sheila. And it was super cool to be able to support a good cause.

I was sad to report that I didn’t actually run in the race, but the power walking was still a good work out. And it was still a blast!

Do you prefer big races or small races? I know there are pros & cons to both. I think I like big races better.


10 thoughts on “Gobble Wobble

  1. congrats on the race! sounds like u guys had a nice time! it sucks that you are still hurting (i am too) but good call on choosing the walk instead of running.

    for short races, i like a small race. for longer races, i like big crowds and lots of people!

  2. Holy smokes Linz…that loot bag looks bigger than the Nike one, and I bet they didn’t tear down the FINISH line early either! LOL! What fun!! Loved the costumes.

  3. Quite the loot. Looks like a fun little race. And how nice that you got to do it with friends. I’m glad you took it easy on that foot. But geesh that’s taking a while to heal. Must be very frustrating.

    I’ve done small & big and I’m not totally sure yet which I prefer. They both seem to have their points. You can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of a large race. But, there’s something so friendly about a small race too. People tend to hang out and talk to strangers just because you have a common interest. I don’t think I’ve done enough yet to decide for sure. Must do more races – LOL!

  4. I definitely love a good small-town race and there are a few that I try to get to each year. I find they have the BEST swag and the BEST food. Sounds like a fun day out there

  5. Great race, I love that photo of the three of you at the finish line!

    Can I join the club of runners with bodyparts that hurt? My calf isn’t very friendly to me at the moment 🙂

    I like small races but because I’m not the fastest runner on earth I prefer big races at the moment because I can “disappear” in the crowd and at big races there are always people that are slower than me. Since I finished almost last at a race I decided I never want that again. I don’t have to be at the front, I’m fine in the middle but being almost last sucks.

  6. Is your foot feeling better today? Heal foot, heal! (I first wrote “heel foot, heel” by mistake… ha ha).

    I love that guy’s costume!

    And I love the photos and that you walked this! 🙂 I sometimes am upset to walk too, but it’s really fun with friends/fam!

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