Running off the Turkey

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.

I actually spent my Thanksgiving in New Mexico with J. Alabama’s family, which would mark my second ever T-day spent not in Idaho. It was hard to be away from my family, but I was sending my love by way of snow flakes. (Apparently it snowed a BUNCH since I left).

J. Alabama and I have been as active as can be during our travels. Last night after a tummy full of turkey we went for a 30 minute hike in the mountains and looked at the stars.

Then today we managed to fit in a good 30 minute HILL heavy run.


Yes, you read that right… RUN. I ran and it felt amazing. No foot pain! 🙂

The altitude in New Mexico is drastically harder to breathe in. We are currently sitting at 7500 feet and my lungs were on fire during the entire run.

I was shuffling slowly, but managed to keep up with fasty-pants. Yeah, he runs fast. But look what he is running in!



He swears by them! I’m starting to get the itch the try them out, though I’m not sure the barefoot running is for everyone. I just think they look comfortable.


Today’s run was interesting for many reasons. I was running up hill, in the drastic altitude, it was only about 40 degrees outside, and this was my first time running outside since the marathon.

It was a hard run, but it felt so good to get out there and sweat it out!

And I was super stoked to add a few extra points to my Holiday Booty Buster Challenge. Amanda is hosting this challenge, which is a great motivator for me to keep up the workouts during the holidays.

I have so much MORE randomness to share with you from my travels but it will have to wait for the next post. We are super busy catching up with family, and exploring the land of New Mexico. 🙂

What kinds of fitness activities have you participated in during the Thanksgiving Holiday?

8 thoughts on “Running off the Turkey

  1. I’ve seen those crazy feet shoes before and was totally fascinated by them. I need ankle support unfortunately. Glad to hear you had no pain on your run!

    p.s. where in NM were you? I lived in Albuquerque when I was younger.

  2. we missed you so much but know you were with us in spirit : ) I am happy you enjoyed your holiday with such a nice boy and I can imagine his family is just as awesome. Let’s see… what we did to run off the turkey? We did the Wii! lol gotta love it!

  3. I’ve seen people run in Vibrams but wondered about support on hard surfaces. Not sure I could wear them.

    Good for you on your run!!!
    I ran my first 8k Thursday morning. Not the time I had hoped but I had some issues. I wrote all about it..

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Yes she ran!!!!!! Good for you Linzi!

    The Vibrams are very popular here too but they always look to me that you would feel everything on the road. On one of my last runs I saw a lady running on it, she was one of the last to finish, hope it wasn’t because of the shoes 🙂

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so it was a normal day for me.

    Hope that your gift arrived when you get home. Heidi has received it only yesterday so that means it’s been on the road for almost 3 weeks, insane!

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