Run, Goals & Fun!

Ever since my rocking run on thursday night I have been thinking about running.

I basically stopped running for a whole month to strengthen my foot and have been easing back into it slowly. I’m noticing little to no pain now, which is exciting news. 🙂

But I’m still going to keep my runs at about 3-4 miles, no more than 3 times per week until the pain is completely gone.

Yesterday I looked outside to see the most beautiful day ever. Blue skies, sun shining and the whole city still had a nice covering of snow. But lucky for me the sidewalks and green belt were clear!

This was my sign to lace up the Asics and get to poundin’ that pavement!


My run was glorious. I just let my feet take me down one of my favorite paths and I didn’t even look at garmina. This wasn’t about time, but about remembering the feeling of my feet hitting the ground.

This was only my second run post marathon outside. And if you remember, my first was in New Mexico and was honestly one of the hardest runs of my life. (Altitude + not running for awhile).


I felt really good for the first two miles and continued to shuffle my feet through mile 3.

Funny thing is, my body hasn’t lost all the endurance and muscle from Marathon training (2 months ago), as parts of the run felt easier than they should. But then other parts, (like the breathing part) felt a whole lot harder. In due time my friends. 🙂

I ended up busting out 3.00 miles in 31:25 minutes! Still a good time if you ask me.

  • Mile 1: 10:19
  • Mile 2: 10:14
  • Mile 3: 10: 46


Now onto my December Goals!

I’ve honestly kept you waiting long enough, so here it is.

I was thinking about what I needed and wanted to accomplish in December and the one thing that kept coming up for me was to keep moving.

Just put the body in motion, however that may be.

I am over being in a funk. And know the only way to get out is to sweat it out!

So I devised a little plan… For the month of december I will do something active every single day.


Now I know there will days that I can’t make it to the gym, so on those days I will pick out 2-3 different pieces of paper out of this cup and do 20 exercises of each.


If I don’t have to think about it, I can get through it without any problem. And this will help me to do workouts at home even the weather is bad.


Do you ever make up silly games to get through a workout? I’m constantly trying to come up with competitions and games to keep interested in different workouts.



Upon my arrival home from traveling I was greeted with not one, but TWO packages from dear dear bloggy friends.

I was so excited to finally pick up my package of goodies sent to me by the Two Boos Who Eat. They were celebrating their 2 year bloggiversary!

Check out my goods!


So excited to try out the different proteins, the Sunflower seed butter and Cranapple butter! Who am I kidding, I’m ready to try it and use it ALL!

Thanks Andy & Amanda, I will get good use out of all these goodies!


Check out this sweet bracelet sent to me by Fran from Dutch Girl Gets Healthy.


This bracelet traveled a long way to reach me, and I was so excited to open it. This bracelet has a lot of significance to me, more than Fran would even know.

Not only is it super cute and totally my style, but it a reminder of Breast Cancer Awareness. A philanthropy that will always be near and dear to my heart.

My Sorority during college raised thousands of dollars for St. Lukes Hospital in Boise to help women who couldn’t afford mamograms get them.

Thank you Fran for this gift!

Be back tomorrow with a fun product review! 😉


10 thoughts on “Run, Goals & Fun!

  1. lots of gifts! awesome!

    love the idea of picking out a workout out of a hat/glass. really cretive!
    that would inspire me to do things at home.

    glad u had a nice winter run and ur foot was ok!

    Fruity Friday idea: dragon fruit? we haven’t done that one before, have we?

  2. I love your idea for your December goals, great way to make working out fun! Going to remember that.

    I’m glad the bracelet arrived. Breast cancer came very close to me a few weeks ago, haven’t mentioned it on my blog but a friend of mine has it and she isn’t 30 yet. She’s going to be operated next week and will lose one of her breast. It’s scary when it happens so close to you and in a way I’m glad I did the virtual run for Breast cancer and with the gifts contributed a bit for research.

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