My Little Red Book

The power of this little red book is undeniable.

This book is going to keep me on track, as well as track my progress over the next few months.


J. Alabama bought me this little red book so I can write all my strength workouts in it. This way I can visually see the progress I am making as I lift weights.

Just looking at my first entry compared to mental notes we compared, and we were both ecstatic to see some real improvement over a month’s time.

And we aren’t talking measuring tape measurements either. We are talking I lifted 65 pounds for the first time ever on the Lat Pull Down Bar last night!


This book will also give me a reference as to which muscle groups I worked and what exercises I have done.

I can never remember which workout works what. This method will assure me that I am in fact working my biceps on biceps days!


A little explanation of the system. You’ve got your warm-up repetition marked as WU. That should be your lightest weight. The 45 x 15 means 45 pounds pulled 15 times.

The 1 is the first repetition after the warm-up. Same system of 60 pounds pulled 20 times.

I typically shoot for 15 repetitions, but we were trying to see if I could move up to 65 pounds. And to determine that would be to try to do as many as I could before burning out. And 20 was all I could do, but was 5 more than the 15, so meant I could up my weight on the next round.


Oh yeah, and I made J. Alabama write in  my book as another form of motivation. He probably thinks I’m a HUGE dork, but he wrote in it anyways. 🙂

Do you track each strength workout with a notebook, or do you just go to the gym and do what workouts call to you?

Life before the notebook meant I would go to the gym and do the same 5 random arm workouts that I knew and a few random machines. I seriously didn’t know which muscle group I was working and had no method to madness. I am so excited to have a system now!


10 thoughts on “My Little Red Book

  1. oooh i like ur little red book. I have a little green one. i dont use it as much as i would like to but, i have one.

    great job on ur strength workouts! ur doing a fantastic job!
    also, sooooo cute about the ‘good job, babe’ written by j.A

  2. Love your system! I’m not that organized with my strength workouts. Also, they’re too sparse to really track – hahaa.

    I was following a plan once and did create a spreadsheet to track what I was doing. I did find it helpful and motivating.

    The note is so cute – awww 😉

  3. Last night I did some upper body weights at the gym and I was thinking about bringing along a notebook and how that would help keep track of what I actually do on a daily basis! Looks like it works so I may give it a good ole try! Great job on the weight lift also! Wahoo!

  4. Love your little red book and the note J. Alabama left in it.

    If I do a weight workout I always bring a schedule. I’ve already made one now but still haven’t done it yet. I need a guideline for these kind of workouts otherwise I’m just doing something and absolutely cut the workout short if I don’t have a schedule.

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