Emotional Workout


Sometimes you can push yourself so hard you end up pushing yourself into tears.

I’m not quite sure what happened last night, but by the end of my third strength set, I was sobbing.

J. Alabama thought it was just me sweating so hard through a tough workout, but no, it was just me wiping away the tears and trying to catch my breath before he or anyone could notice.

The thing is I still don’t quite know why I was crying. I seriously had a personal best as far as strength training workouts goes. I squatted, deadlifted and calf-raised more weight than I ever have before. Every time I threw a new weight set up on the bar, I maxed it out ready to add more weight.

Maybe it was my body showing a sign of relief for what I was putting it through. I just don’t quite know.

I do know that I was really excited about how awesome I was doing on all my workouts. J. Alabama even said it was seriously one of the best workouts he has seen me do, with almost perfect form and all.

It was an odd reaction to such a great workout, but I’ll take it.

One thing that did help was seeing an old friend at the gym as we were walking out.

Kelly and I used to work together a few years ago and she blogs over at Stop Shop. She has committed to NOT shopping for a whole year. That is one crazy feat, I tell ya. Stop on over there and give her a little blog love. Her posts about not being able to shop for a year are quite funny and I think she has great sense of style! And with only four months left of no shopping, she’s got just a bit longer to hang on.

Anyways, seeing Kelly last night reminded me of my own blog journey this past year and how the marathon is long over and done with. I’m dealing with the post marathon blues, but think I’m mostly over the hump since my tissue issue  is on the mend. Things are looking up and I am getting stronger. And am ready to really start thinking about my next big race. (That always makes me smile!).

I’ll take the tears after a long workout as a sign that I am strong, yet still working on all things me.

Have you ever had an emotional workout? What do you think caused it?


15 thoughts on “Emotional Workout

  1. Maybe lifting those weights, pushing your body… brought up lifting off and pushing other things in your life. Association of something or a difficult feeling. so to speak. : )

  2. Aw. That has never happened to me but I’ve heard of it happening to people in my yoga studio while in camel pose (which is a heart opener). Odd what exercise can do to you :p

  3. Surprisingly, with what life has been dealing me lately, I haven’t had an experience like that. But I can see how it could happen. I’m not usually a very emotional type person, but if you mix stress with hormones it brings on the tears for me.

    No shopping for a year huh? Hmmm, I think I’ve had that one down pat this year – though not particularly by choice. HAHA!

    You’re really rocking these workouts lately. Good job!

  4. I’m sure it was just your body being over joyed and reacting to how well you’re doing! You pushed yourself more than you have before so that’s great! Yesterday I almost cried when I ran 4 miles lol. It’s the longest I’ve ever ran and it’s that moment where you are so proud of yourself and don’t know what else to do.

  5. I’ve never had it but you do hear stories of people who cry after running a marathon or something so it could be that you were so happy with your workout that it came naturally. Don’t worry about it, I think it’s sweet and shows that you’re a sweet, caring, emotional person and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  6. That actually happens to a lot of people, me included! It’s the release of endorphins! Some people produce oxytocin – the love hormone released during an orgasm – during exercise and it creates an emotional reaction.

  7. I haven’t gotten emotional during a workout, but I have shortly after. I feel like exercise is such a cleansing thing (I feel like a hypocrite because I’ve been lazy lately) that it brings up all kinds of emotions to the surface. I’d like to think it’s a good thing, after all, don’t you feel better after a good cry?

  8. sometimes that happens to me with running. if im having an amazing run and im breaking records (my records), near the end im sobbing and hyperventalating. i take it as i did something good and my body is just releasing it in a different way.

    congrats on having such an awesome workout that you body just wanted to let you know its proud of you!

  9. I think sometimes we just push ourselves to a certain place (not in a bad way!) and our bodies have to find a new way to release the rush, the adrenaline, the joy, the pride, the pain… all of it.

  10. I’ve worked out so hard I want to puke, but not cry. Maybe its just an emotional way that you pushed yourself to the max and you survived??

    Great job though! 😀

  11. I’ve had a couple of emotional workouts in the midst of tough times in my life. I think working out, for me, brings my emotions to the surface sometimes. Maybe you’re just so happy by how much you have accomplished in the past year and it all was just too much?

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