Super Feet

I’ve got super feet, super feet!


J. Alabama gave me one of my Christmas presents early! 🙂

He knew that my foot was feeling loads better and wanted to assure that it stayed that way, so he took me to the shoe store on Saturday to pick up a pair of Superfeet insoles for my running shoes.

After my visit to the Physical Therapist regarding my post-marathon foot injury, these came highly recommended for added arch support.


I was even told by the sales person at the shoe store that the original inserts that come in your shoes are typically only good for a month. Which is the FIRST I have ever heard of this.

To think I trained for and ran a full marathon in that…no surprise I had foot pain.

So, I was more than excited to finally get these superfeet in my shoes and put to good use.


J. Alabama and I knocked out a 3 mile run immediately after our return home from the shoe store. I love it when we can run together!

What did I think of the Super Feet?

Well, it was very hard for me to get used to at first. The insoles felt kind of hard and I kept thinking the pressure of the arch was hitting the wrong part of my foot. (After reading the site review, this is very typical and designed specifically this way).

The insoles were rubbing my feet so bad by the end of the run I had a blister on each foot. 😦

I understand that it will take a few runs to get used to running with extra arch support, and I’m willing to stick it out, blisters and all. Because after my run, I felt NO muscle pain in my foot.

Nope. None at all. Those arches must have did their job because this is honestly the first run that I had no ounce of pain the day following the run.

The salesman at the shoes store explained that I should gradually break them in and over all they should last me at least a year, or through 2 pairs of running shoes. At $35.00 I should hope so. They cost a little more than I expected.

Do you run with insoles? Could you feel the added support?


My fun weekend shenanigans didn’t end after running. The Christmas-ey theme progressed into an Ugly Christmas Sweater party with dear dear friends!

Happy Holidays from J. Alabama & The Linz!

100_4367I thought that photos above would make the most hilarious Christmas card, J. Alabama didn’t think so.




Apparently my friend Will doesn’t play those crazy reindeer games. He didn’t seem too pleased when I snapped this photo.



There were Christmas Jello Shooters and a white elephant gift exchange.

I was super excited to unwrap the Gangsta Hampster who raps and dances, but it was quickly stolen away from me. 😦


I do hope that whoever became the proud owner of a lovely bag of MRE’s (Meals Ready To Eat), and the nose hair trimmers are happy. As I felt that this white elephant gift exchange had some of the best/funniest prizes!

J. Alabama ended up with a skate board accompanied by 3 skate boarding lessons! He was super stoked with his prize!


Fun was had by all.


I think I’m finally getting into the Christmas spirit. Not to say I was being a Grinch up in here, but it took this tacky sweater and princess Santa hat to get me into the Christmas mood.

I guess that’s good considering I am thinking about running in a Christmas run next weekend! 🙂 I think I’m ready for the run and for Christmas now. Bring it on!


12 thoughts on “Super Feet

  1. Love the photos…hope those happy feet make your feet very happy…condolences to the person who got the nose hair trimmer. lol…

  2. sounds like a fantastic weekend, linzi!
    love the ugly sweaters. and that one picture of u and j.A, it looks like a christmas card! hah

    ive never ran with insoles before. maybe we all need them. im glad u r running pain free!

  3. I actually thought I was going to have to buy new shoes about a month before the marathon because the ball of my foot and my heel were hurting every time I ran. I went to Shu;’s and they said my shoes were fine…I needed new insoles. $20 later (and they cut them to fit for me) I went for a run in them that night. I gotta say, it’s been 3 months since I got them and they’re still not quite comfortable, but I didn’t have heel/ball of foot pain during the marathon, so that part was good. They just feel unnatural in my shoe. That’s why I just went ahead and bought new shoes last night! =) I hope your new insoles work out for you! They sound a lot better cushioned than mine were.

  4. Yay for running without pain, seems like a good investment Linzi.

    I love the crazy party themes you and your friends come up with every time. It’s so much fun to look at the pictures of those parties.

  5. I’m trying otu my very first pair of insoles now! Review to come soon. 🙂

    I hope you get used to those ones because SCORE on no muscle pain!

    Super fun festive pics. I need to get my party on.

  6. Nope, never really used insoles. I did try a cheapy pair once but they felt really weird and I never used them again. Hope the feel more comfortable for you and that the pain stays away.

  7. I have custom orthotic/insoles : )
    I didn’t run in them for the first 4 months I had them (but that was because I was recovering from an injury and not allowed to run), so that gave me a good chance to get used to them. But it definitely took a couple of weeks to get used to them and now I feel weird without them (I’ve had them for two years). I actually think mine are starting to wear down. I’m definitely going to check these out, apparently they have a dealer in my town! Awesome, thanks 🙂

  8. What a fun party! And I think that would have made a cute card too.

    I tried insoles for awhile and they really didn’t work that well for me. I should try them again!

  9. What running store do you go to? I have had mixed reviews with the superfeet. My feet never did get used to them. I did switch brands that I was running in and that helped. Best of luck with your feet!

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