My Running Story


A few days ago Aneta shared a very heart-felt story about how she began her running journey. It made me think long and hard about how my running story came about.

I remember it so well. I should have been heart-broken, and crushed (as I had just been dumped) but more so, I felt empowered. Empowered to make my life different. (I was very sad and had gained a lot of weight during the years prior and knew something needed to change).

As it stood, there were only a few days left of 2008, and I really wanted to “Shine in 2009”.

A good friend cohearsed me to sign up for a Biggest Loser challenge at our gym, and I reluctantly agreed. This began the first time in my entire life that I consistently hit the gym. (I haven’t looked back since).

I lost 7 pounds during that challenge which went from January 2009-April 2009. Somewhere in mid-march, the same friend got the crazy idea that we should run in a 5k.

We were at the tail-end of our weight loss challenge and needed a new goal. So running in a 5k race seemed doable.

So we teamed up with See Jane Run running store and participated in their free 6 week program to learn how to run a 5k.


I trained really hard. I remember early one saturday morning running the farthest I had ever run (3 miles) alone, and in the pouring pouring rain. The clinic had been cancelled, but a few of us still opted to run through it.

To this day, this training run remains one of my most favorite and memorable runs.

The picture to the left is me running my first 5k. I see so much confidence and determination.

I think though, I was more nervous about the fact that J. Alabama had spontaneously shown up at my race (we had just barely started hanging out) and I was super nervous of him seeing me run my first 5k. ( BTW I finished in 31:32, which I still consider a kick ass time!)

But the other thing that I remember is that he said he couldn’t miss such an important event. He has been to almost every single race I have run, from first 5k to my biggest feat of running 26.2 miles.

What’s even more crazy to me, is to think that my journey never started out as a running journey, but as a quest towards losing weight.

In the almost 2 years I have been working on myself, I have lost roughly 15 pounds, but gained a new hobby, a new outlet, and a new passion.

I found J. Alabama, and an activity that we both ♥ Love ♥,  and can do together.

I realized many new things about myself – how strong I am, and how far I can push myself.

And I realized that I am honestly truly happy with myself and happy with the life I am currently living.

Taking a chance on running was one of the best things I have EVER done.

I know my family members and certain friends just don’t quite understand my crazy obsession, but they do understand that The Linz they see now is a much healthier happier Linz. And honestly the journey of how I got to this point is really only important to me. I am here now, a healthier happy Linz and I’m here to stay.

I do wish to focus a little harder on reaching my weight loss goals in 2011, but not without running right there as my go-to cardio sweat sesh.

My memorable quote for 2011 is still in the works, (I seriously have the clever mastermind (aka My Father) cooking up the perfect slogan). Until then I leave you with this.

A quest to find fun in every run and become a healthier me in two thousand one one.

As I said, It needs work. Feel free to chime in if you can think of a sweet motivating slogan that rhymes with the word one. LOL!

 Anyways, thank you for reading my running story.

How did your running story start? (Weight-loss, personal challenge, a breakup? etc..)


12 thoughts on “My Running Story

  1. You are amazing and your blogs are so inspiring. I am sure that you will totally conquer any goals that you set for yourself!

  2. Like I said in Aneta’s post, my running started through tragedy (the untimely and unexpect loss of my dad at the tender age of 55), however through tragedy there is adversity. Sometimes we have to have something tragic happen in order to put ourselves first.
    I loved reading your story, I love your confidence and I can relate to it so much. A runner knows how another runner feels about running, and it’s so inspiring.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story and I’m glad I followed most of your journey.

    I love reading your blog, you’re such a positive person and I love your love for running.

    I started running March 2009 after my best friend signed me up for a team of my work at a marathon in a city nearby. She signed me and her up for a 5K. I always was complaining I needed to workout more and she gave me a push in the right direction. Since I started running I’ve worked out more than I’ve ever done before and I still love it.

  4. Thank you for sharing! You have such an inspirational story! I love that you totally turned your life around, embraced health and fitness and grew to love running along the way.

    Super cute slogan. 🙂

  5. love ur slogan for 2011!

    love ur running story. thnx for sharing it with us. it seems like many of us who were not athletes as teenagers or didnt have a family of runners, started running because of something major happened in our lives. It makes us real. It makes us vulnerable! But it also makes us strong and proud!
    great story!

  6. Great story, very interesting to read.

    Mine is kind of boring. I guess I started because of weight loss. I realized I could burn more calories in a shorter time period if I moved faster than a walk. I’m always short on time so it worked. I tried running many times over the years and despised it. This last time I took my time and built up very slowly. I didn’t get injured or frustrated. In early 2009 I started running with a friend and the group she was running with. They eventually got me to try a race. I took off and out of the group of us I probably have the strongest love of running now.

  7. What a great story! I’ve recently taken up running although just as I started, I’ve had a non-running related injury that’s keeping me sidelined. I’m very excited about running my first 5K in March with my good buddy.

    Love the blog!

  8. Aw Linzi, I love this post. And wow, you seriously kicked butt in your first 5k!

    It has been really fun to follow along with you in your running journey. You can tell how much of a positive impact it has had on your life. Cheers for an amazing 2011!

  9. My running story started a lot like yours- kind of a dare from my best friend last spring. She was going to do a half marathon and I said what the hell? So I sort of trained in the beginning of the summer, but found I loved it more and more each day. Unfortunately I was thrown back a bit by gall stone surgery in July, but I knew I still had time until September to train. This spurred me on even more, and when September rolled around, even though I didn’t have the best training under my belt, I had NO DOUBT I would finish. And I did! It is why I run today, and why I write about it- along with life’s other randomness! Thanks for sharing your story- it’s a great inspiration to read about other women who are as passionate about this sport!

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