Jingle All The Way


Saturday I ran in my first ever Christmas run!

Which at certain instances seemed like not the best idea after a night of celebrating graduation with my bro.


But I was well equipped with my jingle bells …..


And Christmas attire to keep warm and festive.


Here is a peek at the Christmas gloves and long-sleeved shirt we were given at packet pick-up. Not too shabby.


I was excited to meet up with running pal Jen and get our run on. We opted in for the 2.5 miler route, as there was snow on the ground when we woke up.

But honestly, the snow had melted by the time the race started.


Before the race start there was a costume contest for all the overly festive runners. I was actually really impressed by some of the outfits people were wearing. I wished I had snapped pictures of some of them. My favorite was the life size Gingerbread man! LOL! (I have SO many more ideas on how I want to dress up for next year!)

The race started a little after 10:00 am and Jen and I started shuffling our way through the masses of people. The jingling of the bells from our shoes could be hear as our feet pounded the pavement.

We rounded a few street corners where carolers were lined up singing Christmas songs and wishing us good luck.

The air was crisp, but quickly I realized running in a full sweater (with a long-sleeved wicking shirt underneath) was a bit much. I was toasty.

I kept thinking I was running really slow, my legs were cramping a little due to the cold air outside, and my body just wasn’t quite feeling it that morning. But when we reached the finish line in 25:47 I realized we kept a pretty steady pace for the run.

Jen kept reminding me of the warm delicious soup they serve at the end of the race, and several times during our run when I wanted to stop, I told her I WILL RUN FOR SOUP  and kept trudging along.


MMMmmmmm! Warm & creamy tomato soup. DE-LISH! 🙂

After the race I also ran into my bff and marathon buddy Maria! She was rocking a sweet elf hat!


The race was super fun and a great way to sweat it out after a night of celebrating and a weekend of eating overly delicious eats! It was fun to get into the Christmas spirit by running with all the people decked out in their Christmas attire.

I ended up attending two different Christmas shin-digs on Saturday night. And my little  2.5 miler run was the only exercise I got all weekend, which puts my December Challenge to shame. 😦

Are you all ready for Christmas?  I know I still have bunch of more presents to buy!

Happy Monday!


9 thoughts on “Jingle All The Way

  1. What a fun race! There’s a Christmas run in a town very close by tomorrow but I’m having a Christmas lunch at work which is always a great party so I can’t go. Maybe next year.

    I’m ready for Christmas but we don’t exchange gifts so I don’t have to buy anything. Just do the grocery shopping next Thursday.

  2. fun sticker! 🙂

    cute pix from the race. next year i wanna do a xmas race 100%. they look like so much fun.

    i am glad that you got my card.
    lets think of a new challenge for 2011. maybe a recipe challenge? or trying out new veggies? or something.

    anyways, have a great dec 23rd! xmas eve is tomorrow! Happy (almost) holidays!

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