Random Wednesday Ramblings


First things first…

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long, but I finally can represent by means of my car.

Yeah, marathoner coming through! Wooo hooo!

Someone went to the running store last night and may or may not have bought themselves a few christmas presents. 😉

Hey, I know I was good this year! So why not treat myself to a little 26.2 love! Right?

I had stopped into the running store to inquire about my insoles and think I may have found an alternative for my blister-giving Superfeet. We’ll just see if the running store will do a little exchange-roo. *Crossing my fingers*

I found a different brand that have wider heels (to accomodate the gap my shoes give) and has a little softer feel on the foot.


Now onto fun race photos!

The first one says, OMIGAWSH I probably should have abstained from the wine last night completely. 2.5 miles… girl, you can do this!

This one says “Just try and smile a little” no one will know you are struggling through this race.

Okay, honestly the race wasn’t that bad at all.

And for the record I had 3 glasses of wine over the course of 6 hours. I did not however drink enough water or get enough sleep. That being said, I still ran faster than expected. And can mark this one off my running bucket list!

Do you feel awkward buying yourself gifts around the holidays?

(I only hope that I don’t buy myself something someone may have already bought me, but otherwise I don’t feel too bad about it. Honestly all self-control in a running store is completely lost,  I’m not sure why I thought I could go in there and not buy something for myself. I actually almost walked out with a new pair of running shoes! That could have been a #christmasfail!)


4 thoughts on “Random Wednesday Ramblings

  1. Hey those photos aren’t so bad. Let’s face it, running ain’t pretty!

    I’m pretty safe buying myself things close to Christmas, especially if it’s running things because no one in my life would venture there.

    I remember seeing those stickers a couple years ago and not having even the remotest clue what they meant.

  2. We don’t exchange gifts for Christmas but I always buy something for myself around Christmas. This year: new running shoes 😆

    I often drink a glass of wine on Friday night before my long run on Saturday. It never bothered me but maybe I should try not to and see if I’m faster or something.

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