Ready to Run

As you may have noticed, I haven’t really had that spark for running since my marathon.

I have been kind of humming and hawing over what my next big move in the running world is going to be.

I blamed part of this on the weather, as I have not found the inspiration to bundle up and brave the cold.

But friends, I think I’ve figured out how to get my running spark back!


My brother and his girlfriend have joined a running group that will help prepare them to run the Robie Creek Half-Marathon (I’ve mentioned this one before, it’s one of the hardest halfs in the Northwest!).

And I finally bit the bullet and paid the money to join the group. 🙂

I have realized a few things about myself over the last year.

  1. I am more motivated when I am training for a particular race or have a race on the calendar to look forward to
  2. I am more motivated to run with people

Since I figured out why I have felt so un-motivated lately in the running department, I hoped that by joining this group I would feel that excitement again. And I think I have.

The group doesn’t start until January 8th, but I’ve filled my time  looking over the group training plan and trying to come up with the perfect training  and workout schedule combined.

You can view the Half-Marathon training plan here –  schedule-2011-Winter (Group B:  To read it, the number on Saturday is the “long run” in miles, the other days of the week are how many minutes to run.)

Another side note about this training: It seems a bit conservative compared to what I’m used to in training. Maybe it’s just my mindset of going into with already having run a marathon. But I’m actually looking forward to just taking it s-l-o-w and starting back at square one.

Our first group run is 2 miles!


Which brings me to a very special post for tomorrow…inspired by Heidi (who is currently on the fence  about whether or not to run a marathon).

I want to recap a few things that worked and didn’t work when training for my marathon. I am hoping this helps to keep me on track to being injury free by the end of training, as well as do things a little differently in training for this half-marathon as opposed to my marathon.


You should see A LOT more running going on over here in the next few weeks!


Does your training plan ever call for you to run in minute increments instead of miles (if so, how does it change your mindset)?

They did minute running on weekday runs in my marathon training and I liked the mental switch of running in minutes vs miles.  The “running for minutes” mentality made the weekday runs seem easier to me. Whatever works right?

10 thoughts on “Ready to Run

  1. yay for new training cycle! im excited for u!
    also awesome that ur brother and his gf will be doing a half marathon! thats exciting.

    i want to start training too. but first, i have to bite the bullet and get my knee checked out by a doctor. ugh!

  2. That is exactly what I need. I need a group to train with, someone to hold me responsible and a specific time that I have to go run. My husband signed me up for a half marathon in May and I don’t think I have what it takes to train for it on my own this time.
    Good luck to you!

  3. Oh very exciting about the half. Am looking forward to watching you go through the training.

    I’ve seen training plans in miles, but I personally seem to prefer miles.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post. THANKS!

  4. Woohoo she signed up! Good for you Linzi!

    My current half marathon schedule is the same. On weekdays runs are in minutes and the long runs are in miles. I like the minute idea more because I know when I will be done. With a run in km’s or miles I don’t know how long it will take me (of course I have an estimation). But for a long run breaking the miles up in pieces works better for me than in minutes. 6 times 1 mile sounds so much better to me than 1 mile.

    Anyway this was about you 🙂 and I look forward to following your journey to this half. I saw it is a week before my first half marathon. Cool!

  5. I was always about the miles, but over the past couple weeks I’ve really enjoyed switching to minutes. The treadmill is very boring and watching minutes seems to make things move along quicker. Plus, I know I’m done at a finite time rather than a distance. I don’t know, it’s just nice to change things up.

  6. Joining a group is a great idea Linzi! How exciting!

    I want to find a running group in my area. I need the motivation. I am going to sign up for a 10k in March and I want to work on training for that. I’m still undecided on the half marathon in June because of my knees. We’ll see what happens.

  7. One of my friends trains in minutes but I have never followed a plan like that.

    I just joined a running club and am hoping that will keep me motivated! 🙂 I love that you are going to run with your family!

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