Top Five Races of 2010


Wow, I can’t believe tomorrow it will be 2011. I guess the year just flew right on by? Anyone else think so?

2010 was an amazing year for me running wise. I took my running to a whole new level and really came into my own. 

You all watched as I finished my first marathon at Destination 26.2 and you witnessed the blossoming of  Beyond Destination 26.2, a place where running will always be my number one, but sometimes a girl’s goals change. Destination 26.2 taught me that I really can do anything. So I hope you will stay with me into 2011 as I reveal my goals for the new year.

Until then, I would like to recap a few of my favorite runs of 2010. Although they were ALL pretty memorable to me!


Dubbed as The Run where I PR’d!”

Officially Named: Beat Coach Pete



  Though we did not beat Coach Pete (The Football Coach), we did have a rockin’ time trying. Oh yeah, and I finished in 29:39! Making this my fastest 5k ever. Booh yeah! (Full race recap here)


Dubbed as “My worst Race of the year” (But with the best fans!)

Officially Named: The Great Potato 10k


It was abnormally hot out and something I ate from the night before did not set well in my tummy. I cried all the way up until the start line when J. Alabama wished me good luck. I crossed the finish line to see not only Destination 26.2 Mom & Dad, but friends Amy & Nicole & J. Alabama there cheering me on! I still managed to finish in 1:05:13 – Not too shabby! (Full race recap here)


Dubbed as “The one where I was crammed into a van with 5 other runners for 12 hours!”

 Officially Named:  The Sawtooth Relay (62 Miles, 6 runners, and one beast of a mountain)


Or maybe I should have dubbed it one of the funnest experiences of my running life! Though it was hard, nothing a cold pbr after 12 hours of running and riding in a van to make it a favorite! (Full Race Recap Here)


Dubbed as “The Dirtiest Race I have ever Run”

Officially Named: The Dirty Dash 10k


There is nothing like chugging a beer in the middle of your run, sliding down a ridiculous slip and slide and crawling through a mud pit all in the name of fun and running! (The dirty race details here)


Dubbed as “The One where I ran a freaking MARATHON!”

Officially Named: Nike Women’s Marathon


There is no greater feeling than training your butt off for 4.5 months, while raising over $3,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The moment I crossed that finish line, I knew I was unstoppable.

Running a marathon was one of “those things” I never thought “I” could do. But ya know what, I did it. I ran a freaking marathon. OH YEAH! 🙂  (Full recap here)


You can read ALL my race recaps by clicking the Race Recaps tab at the top of the page. (You can also view a few races on the mind for 2011)


Thanks for being there for all the memories I’ve shared in 2010. I am looking at 2011 with a new lens.

There will be running in 2011, oh yes there will be running. Heck, I even signed up for the Run For The BLING of It Challenge (12 Races in 12 months). But running will not be my only focus. I’m still working toward a healthier more balanced life, and I can’t wait to share my official New Year’s Goal-utions with you next week.

Have a happy & safe New Years Eve and “see” ya next year! (LOL – Does that joke ever get old??) 🙂


7 thoughts on “Top Five Races of 2010

  1. yay for Linzi! u had an amazing year! 2010 was a good year.
    looking forward to 2011. and hopefully we can run a race together!

    Happy New year to u and j.A and all your family. all the best in 2011! 🙂

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