And I’m spent.

The last two days have been incredible, and those are pretty impressive words to speak as I type this after working a 15 hour day.

If you guys didn’t know, part of my job involves event planning.

It rocks my world.

Yesterday I started the day by coordinating a golf tournament.

It looks like a rough job I know! ūüôā

We don’t have beaches here in-da-ho but we have mountains, trees and the bluest skies. ūüôā

A lot of you were excited about my healthy mission while on the road. Making healthy choices while out of town has been easier than I thought. But as I mentioned yesterday, it really comes down to good pre-planning, and oh, WILL POWER.

Bringing Hamilton, the portable blender has been the best decision I have made on this trip.

It’s also the best $20 bucks I have spent in a long time. Hamilton came from Wally World and worked well for this type of trip. I wouldn’t suggest using Hamilton on a daily basis, but for a quick out-of-town trip, he is a LIFE SAVER!

I give all credits and smooth sailing this week at my work conference to Hamilton. I don’t think I would have even had time to gulp down a regular breakfast if it weren’t for the in room smoothie service.

Speaking of smooth sailing…

After the golf tourney ended it was time to gear up for the dinner cruise on the lake. Oh yes!

Between all the crazy rain storms the weather gods decided to cut me a break. I was so thankful because it made our event a lot more fun! Check out the “hair blowing in the wind” effect. ūüėČ

With the combination of¬† running on the worlds oldest treadmill, coordinating a golf tourney and mingling whilst cruisin’ on the beautiful Lake yesterday, surprisingly I was still pretty full of energy this morning.


Today started at 6:30 am with me helping set up our vendor show.

I was bummed that I wouldn’t even have time to get my morning workout in before I had to work. But I can honestly say my work out today came in the form of running back and forth about a zillion times all over the conference. I am TOTALLY counting it because I was sweating by the time I made my third trip down the hotel stairs to the conference room.

Our conference went until 5:30 pm tonight and then went straight to a hosted bbq. This guy’s house was unbelievable. I am still in awe as I post these pictures.

When I stepped into his backyard I saw this. Yup, a real train car. As in every reader of The Boxcar Childrens dream.

I was even more excited to step inside and see that it refurbished to be a guest house.

I spied around every corner and literally had to push my jaw from off the ground. Where the freak am I?

His backyard is complete with a fully working cannon stored under his personal bell tower.

Oh yeah, and this one is a cannon too. It shoots bowling balls hundreds of feet into the air.

Don’t think we left the BBQ without a live presentation. I felt like it was Independence day with all the cannons firing. Pretty amazing for a work BBQ!

At this point I knew I had to go inside. Lookie, I found a LIFE SIZED Luigi! I wanted to keep him.

Then I was tipped off about the “secret room”. This is serious business folks, his book shelf literally opens into a private wine cellar!

Umm… yeah. Enough said! Pretty awesome.

I have to say that my work trip turned out to be so fun! I am also glad to say that I kept on track with my healthy eating too. Woo hoo!

Tomorrow I will hopefully get in a nice good run before the Relay this weekend. Eeeek! I am nerv-cited. Yeah nervous/excited you get the point.

Do you get nerv-cited about races you have never done before? What cures your pre-race jitters?

I am extra anxious about this race because it’s a relay (which i have never done one before) but so excited to heading back into the beautiful Idaho mountains. I think that alone is curing my pre-race jitters.

On The Road

Happy Monday! I am excited to say that I am blogging to you while I’m out-of-town on a work trip.

Yup, me and pink pearl (my laptop) are loving the fact that we can blog from anywhere now. I feel like a real blogger now! ūüôā

So I travel a few times a year for my job and always struggle with my food intake while on trips. I usually treat it like a mini-vacation. Well not this time around. I started the weekend with the mindset that I was going to do more than just try this time. I’m going to be healthy while out-of-town at this work conference.

Now to make my mornings a little more like at home I knew there were a few things that HAD to be packed no matter what.

Let’s play a little game… what do you spy with your little eye?

If you guessed Almond Milk you were correct. If you guessed a mini portable blender you are correct too!

Who packs milk and a blender seriously? Well I even considered packing spinach if I knew there was a good way to keep it cool until I reached my hotel, but decided that just seemed silly. Silly to carry around spinach in my suitcase. Because carrying around milk and blender is very much not silly.

Once we arrived at our hotel I made a quick pit stop at the grocery store. I grabbed a few essentials for the next few mornings and added them to hotel mini fridge.

The key to being healthy while traveling is making sure you have plenty of healthy snacks on hand. I stuffed apples in my carry-on for the plane ride, so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy something bad for me at the airport.

I am actually really excited about this healthy travel challenge. ūüôā

Another important component for me while traveling is to keep on schedule with my daily work-out routine. If you are traveling, you can always call ahead and see what kind of fitness center your hotel offers. I knew the hotel fitness center would be my best option due the crazy amounts of rain and the fact that this hotel is located off of a freeway exit. It does not give me a lot of options for running in the surrounding areas.

So this morning at 5:45 am I jumped out of bed and went straight for the work out room. My Team In Training marathon plan called for a 30 minute run and I was ready to bust it out!

I found one lonely treadmill in the workout room. I hopped on and started amping up the speed. Apparently this thing is ancient and literally maxed out its speed at 4.5. ūüė¶¬† Seriously? I was a little upset that the thing would not go any faster. I did however, huff it out for 30 minutes.

I remembered that I am sort of taking it easy this week on the runs anyways, as I am running in my first relay race on Saturday! So I decided to enjoy the leisurely pace on the mill and give my legs a little break as they will be thankful after Sat. I am running roughly two five-mile legs of the race on Saturday with my team PBR (Proffessional Beer Run).

After my run I went straight up to the room to indulge in my traveling green monster.

Check out my “kitchen”.

I hope nobody is extremely grossed out by the fact that I made my green monster in the bathroom, but what’s a girl to do?

My green monster contained:

  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 banana
  • a pinch of protein powder (it’s in the baggie and I didn’t have a spoon so I guessed)
  • half an almond butter packet
  • spinach

I forgot to mention the best part about Hamilton the portable blender, is that the blender turns into a to-go cup. I took my smoothie to my morning meeting and I was all set with my breakfast.

Now I’m off to help coordinate a golf tournament! I love my job! ūüôā


Before I go, I just wanted to say thanks again to EVERYONE who has donated to my Team In Training marathon. Every little bit helps me reach my goal of raising $3200 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the big goal of being able to run in the Nike Marathon in October.

I used the random number generator to pick a winner for the Coffee For A Cause Challenge and the big winner was BIZ from The Biggest Diabetic Loser! Please email me your address and I will send you your new PINK Iced coffee/smoothie cup!

I will be back tomorrow to report on my healthy happenings at a work conference. What are some ways you keep healthy while on the road?

Took 1 for the Team


It was hard this morning to get out of my nice warm bed. I’m not going to lie when I say I considered the alternatives to my run this morning.

I could sleep in a little longer, maybe put in a nice flick, cuddle in a blanket on the couch with a warm cup of joe.

But none of those things sounded as good a I feel right now. ūüôā It’s¬†barely 11 am and I just finished my 3rd Team in Training Saturday run.

Today’s scheduled “long” run was 5 miles.

I met up with my Team at 8:00 am this morning for a quick pep talk, some information about getting enough electrolytes and salt on runs, then we were off.

I was so sad that my training buddy Maria couldn’t be there today, but I made¬†a new friend. Her and I chatted the whole run –¬†it was really fun!

My goals for joining Team in Training:

  1. Run a Marathon
  2. Raise lots of money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  3. Make new running friends

So far so good!

We finished our 5 miler¬†run in¬†56 minutes. We incorporated the galloway walk/run method. We ran for 6 minutes/walked for 1.¬† I am still getting used to it, but noticed it wasn’t so hard to start and stop this time around.

After my TNT run I remembered that I had signed up for Courtney’s¬†Virtual 10k race today. Well, ¬†I literally took 1 for the team (Team Destination 26.2) and hopped back onto the green belt to finish my¬†1.2 mile to make it a full 10k.¬†¬†

Final stats of 5 miles + 1.2 miles = 66.06 minutes (1 hour and 6 minutes)

I wanted to say that my last 1 miler¬†was a speeeeeedy¬†one for me. I had NO idea I would have that much energy to sprint it out after just finishing up 5 miles. But the galloway method did it’s job of keeping some energy in reserve just for this instance.

Now, I can go snuggle on my couch with my cup of home-brewed joe and enjoy the rest of my saturday.


Speaking of coffee… ūüôā Don’t forget you can still participate in Coffee For A Cause!

I am challenging all my readers to donate their weekend coffee funds to a good cause. The cause is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. And you will be helping me reach my goal of raising $3200 so I can reach my Destination of 26.2 miles in October.

I am doing the hard work by running and training daily and just need your help to continue raising money to help save lives.

For five bucks you can get entered in my drawing for this SWEET pink iced coffee (or smoothie) cup.

For ten bucks you will get three chance to win in this drawing for this awesome coffee cup.

To donate to this amazing cause click on my Team In Training Fundraising Page.

I will be choosing a winner bright and early on monday morning, so you have all weekend to donate to Coffee For A Cause!

And let me just thank everyone who did participate yesterday and who have already donated prior! It means a lot to me to have all your support in running this marathon. But even more, knowing that this money will actually help people gives me joy.

Thank you everyone!

Coffee for a Cause


As you know by the title of my blog and the subject of most of my rants over here I’m headed for Destination 26.2 in October.

I pledged to the nice people at Team in Training that I would train hard everyday until the day I get to cross that finish line in San Francisco at my very first ever marathon.

But before I can even board the plane to good Old San Fran with my Team I also made a promise to raise $3200 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

To fulfill this promise I am reaching out to you all, my friends to ask you to participate in my Coffee For A Cause Challenge.

I’m a huge fan of the joe – and typically treat myself to a special coffee drink on Fridays . Well not this friday, my coffee¬†$$ is going to the cause.¬†¬†

I would also like to challenge  you all to help me inch closer to my goal of raising $3200 by donating your friday coffee  to The leukemia & Lymphoma Society instead too.

Instead of buying that grande caramel macchiato this weekend at Starbucks donate the five bucks toward a good cause instead.


You can do it for the reason that you support me in my mission of reaching Destination 26.2.

You can do it because the money raised for the leukemia & Lymphoma society helps in research and helps save lives.

You can also do it because I am offering up a chance to win something for your money.

By donating $5.00 you will get one entry  into my Coffee For A Cause Challenge.

By donating $10.00 you will get entered into my Coffee For a Cause Challenge 3 times.

I will be accepting donations for Coffee For a Cause ALL through the weekend. On monday morning, June 7th I will  randomly pick a winner.

What is that you can win? None other than this sweet PINK iced coffee to-go cup.

It comes  from a little local coffee shop here in Boise, Idaho called Thomas Hammer.

To donate your coffee funds to this great cause and to get entered in for a chance to win this sweet pink coffee cup Рclick on my Team In Training Fundraising Page. 

Don’t forget I will pick a winner on monday morning, so you have through the weekend to donate your Coffee for a good Cause! ūüôā

I appreciate your help and am thankful for all the support that is out there in the blog community. Have a great weekend!

Food Rules!


I recently read Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules. I took it as FOOD RULES! Yeah!

But really, it’s a guide book if you will, on healthier eating – tips and reminders to keep you on track with good healthy eating.

Food does rule, but with Food Rules it is easier to make the right choices, at least for me.

This book was a super quick read. Seriously, I read the whole thing in one night. (And I read s-l-0-w)

It was funny, insightful and inspiring.

I am always looking for the magic answer to weight loss and health, even though deep down inside I know what I need to do to be successful.

So I read this book hoping for the magic answer. Nope – no magic answer here but the jist I got was this.

Eat Food. Mostly Plants. Not Too Much.

It makes sense and it’s simple.

Pollan goes on to define what ‘real food’ is. He explains why you should eat more greens. And obviously that portion control (or lack there of) is probably the root of a lot of weight problems.

It’s little books like these that remind me of my health goals and gets me to think twice before I just buy products from the grocery store without reading the labels. What we put into our bodies is important. How much we put into our bodies is just as important.

I highly recommend reading this book if you get a chance. But don’t get me wrong, a lot of¬† the content may sound familiar. He had people send in their most favorite healthy sayings & tips.


The idea that your plates should contain a good amount of colorful veggies.

If I could add my own food rules to live by,  they would be:

Say Hello to H2O (I am constantly lacking in the water consumption department – I need to drink it up!)

Snack Attack (Prepare for every occasion by having healthy snacks on hand – If you are prepared you can avoid the hunger crazed rage of eating whatever is in site because you are sooo hungry)

Don’t be afraid of homemade (Making a meal in your own kitchen provides you with the option of making it healthier because you are in control. Don’t be scared of tweeking a recipe to fit your taste. I am constantly adding some kind of veggies to almost every dish I make, whether the recipe calls for it or not.)

Have you read this book? What food rules do you live by?

Just Do It attitude


I’m not sure if it was the fact that yesterday was a Tuesday that really felt like a monday but I was struggling to want to do my run after work. Anyone else feel a bit off after the long weekend?

But being the good little marathoner in training, I geared up into my new running clothes anyways.

People, it’s only week 2 of marathon training, I can’t get lazy just yet.

Once I was actually dressed in my running clothes I felt a sense of calm come over me. The anxiety of the run was no longer. I knew at this moment I would be able to run and it would be okay.

What I decided in that moment, before I left my office in my workout clothes was that I needed to have a JUST DO IT attitude. Maybe this sprung from the fact that I was decked pretty much head to toe in Nike Gear or maybe it’s just I was mad at myself for wanting to skip my run.

Either way – I just did it.

I was even driving on my way to the gym and took a quick U-turn and decided to run outside instead. I saw dark clouds in the sky, but the air was warm and I knew my 30 minute run would beat the rain. Garmina-less, I just did it.

I ran freely. I ran without music. I ran without knowing my pace. I just ran.

It was pretty awesome! ūüôā

I know I have discussed the ways to be successful in a morning workout, but I never thought how important my afternoon tips are as well.

The factors that helped to be successful in my run last night were three things:

1. I always bring my running/workout clothes to work in a gym bag.

2. I always change into my running clothes before I even leave my work.

3. No matter how much I don’t want to workout or run after work I at least put on my gym clothes before heading out the door

These three tricks have helped with my head games immensely.

  • If I have my gym bag full of clothes at work, I do not have the excuse to go home first and get distracted.
  • Once I put on my gym clothes I usually feel 100 times better and am in the mindset to work out.
  • Since I dressed in my gym clothes before leaving the office it’s easier to head straight to the gym without detours.
  • And last but not least, having the Just Do It attitude. I realized that there are going to be times that I do not want to do what is on my training plan, but it’s there for a reason. I need to get out of my own head and suck it up.

I also just realized that I will be running in the NIKE¬†Women’s Marathon in October- LOL. So… Just DO It indeed! ūüôā


 Do you have any tricks to make sure your workout goes as scheduled?

A little bit of bling!


It’s fun to start the week on a Tuesday, makes the week fly right on by! My Memorial day yesterday was filled with fun!

What is more fun on a holiday weekend than to meet up with your grama for lunch and do a bit of shopping?

My grama and I have decided upon this fun tradition of going out to lunch at our favorite bagel place for bagel sandwiches. Yum! But afterwards she suggested we stop in at the Nike store as they have the BEST and reasonably priced workout/running gear.

Gotta love their clearance racks! The two Nike dry fit t-shirts were about $10/each. I was desperately in need of more gym shirts.

Then I also grabbed these shorts, I have been MAJORLY struggling to find a pair of running shorts that are long enough and don’t ride up when I run.

And then the sports bra seemed like a must have.

After my lunch & shopping adventures with my grandma I helped her make some bomb enchiladas then knew I needed to hit the shredmill. I was dying to try out my new gear.

Check out the length out these shorts! I have never seen a pair of wicking shorts this length – I think I’m in love.

So My TNT Marathon Training Plan called for a 30 minute paced run. I have embedded the link to my google docs so you can peruse through the marathon training plan I was given by TNT.

Just note that they have X MINUTE paced runs during the week instead of X miled runs.  They explained that during the week we should be focusing on doing our timed runs at a 5k/10k pace.

During the long(er) weekend runs we should focus more on distance and endurance. So basically I should be running faster during the shorter weekday runs and slower on the saturday “long” runs.

Feel free to look at the plan and let me know if you have any questions.

So the verdict on my new running gear¬†– SERIOUS GENIUS! No joke, I was happier than I have ever been in running shorts. Those babies did not move, I felt super comfortable and not self conscious. It’s the first time in running shorts I finished the run without tugging at the bottom of the shorts while running.

And the sports bra and Nike shirt was awesome too. So excited to have a whole new running outfit that I feel good in.


In more fun news:

I won my first EVER blog give-away and it arrived over the weekend!

Andrea at Off Her Cork hosted this ingenious giveaway.

It’s called Aqua Bling¬†and it is just that, BLING¬†for your water bottle.

As you can see it’s a little charm that fits around the top of your water bottle. This helps to distinguish yours from another.

I actual could have used this awhile back when I was in boot camp Рit was dark outside and all the water bottles looked the same. On several occasions I actually grabbed someone elses bottle. If I had the aqua bling I would have found mine immediately.

Andrea you are too sweet to send the nice note too! Thank you for adding a little bling to my day! ūüôā


Happy Tuesday everyone! My goal tonight is to try and catch Jillian’s new show “Losing it with Jillian”.

I don’t think it can replace the void of not having the Biggest Loser, but at least I will get my intense Jillian fix. I LOVE BOB, don’t get me wrong, but Jillian would have to be my trainer. Her intensity scares me but is intriguing all at the¬† same time.

If you had your choice would pick Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels to be your trainer?

Life in the Fast Lane

Okay, so I felt like a pseudo blogger until now. People it’s the real deal now.

Check it out!

I’m blogging to you LIVE from my new PINK PEARL. Awwww!!

I assure you that I am not drinking vino at 10:30 in the morning, that needs to get put away. Oops! But I have to admit that I am loving the new laptop and feel like a REAL blogger now.

I hope you are all enjoying your Monday and for those of you who are celebrating Memorial Day, I hope you are enjoying your day off. I have had quite the weekend already.


Besides loving the new pink pearl and I have lived Life in the Fast Lane this weekend- as in I got to see The Eagles in Concert last night! Woah, Yeah!!

When the boyfriend first told me he got tickets to see The Eagles I wasn’t sure I would know that many songs, but low and behold I knew MOST of them.

I was very surprised at how diverse this group actually is. Everyone in the band plays an instrument and sings. I feel a little behind the times, but I was seriously impressed with their musical abilities. And they rocked out for a good two hours.

It was definitely a fun time!

The Eagles consider themselves “California Country Rock” – I rocked the cowboy hat in honor of that. Okay so I only rocked it for the picture, but it was in tribute to the awesome Cali-CountryRock sound of the Eagles. Ahhh… Hotel California.


Anyways, I also had a great weekend with the girlies. Like so many of you, I also met up with my lovely ladies to see SEX AND THE CITY 2 on Saturday Night.

The lovely Brittany hosted a girls night fully stocked with a make your martini martini bar and delicious appetizers. We were to dress to impress Carrie Bradshaw. That we did.

This is Amy from the Will Run For Wine running group – apparently she will run for cosmos too! She looked so cute in this picture I had to share it.

My friend Hannah and I rocking our party attire. Yeah!

Brittany & I – Trying to rock the self portrait

We indulged in a few cocktails and then dressed in our Saturday Night best, went on down the movie theaters. It was such a great time with ALL the ladies and I loved the movie!

Have you seen Sex and The City 2 yet? What did you think?

I am Team in Training


Today marks my second ever saturday run with Team in Training.

Today’s run was a little hard for me because my training partner Maria-Maria (she reminds me of a west side story) ūüôā ¬†couldn’t be there.

So, I did it solo.

But the great part about Team in Training is you are never alone. I met up with my team and together we  did an awesome 4 miler.

The coolest part, I met some new peeps and even met my TNT Mentor. My mentor is doing this for her 3rd time and is doing it in honor of her mother who has been affected by Lymphoma. It made me feel good to know that by me running this race I am helping her mother in a small way.

I am running for those who are sick and physically cannot run. I am also running to raise money and awareness about Leukemia. It’s pretty amazing to hear all the success stories. Due to all the funds raised through the TNT efforts about 85% of Leukemia patients now live when merely years ago they may not have.

So when I wake up early on a saturday morning and don’t want to run because it’s cold outside, my running partner can’t be there and I would rather stay snuggled in my warm bed – I get up and run.

I am TEAM in Training and I am running for a great cause. 

Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Pink Feet


My birthday may have come and gone, but the fun¬†still lingers. ūüôā

I found a tiny little package on my front doorstep last night after work. I pretty much ripped it open within seconds.  It was from my BESTIE and marathon training pal Maria!

Check it out! I was stoked to find PINK running socks and vanilla bean Gu!

I have been running for over a year and have still never tried Gu, crazy huh?

So I am going to save this little Gu packet for my next looooooooong run, and then give you a full report. But I was not about to let these pink socks sit for too long without some lovin’. So I put them on my feet and geared up for a lovely run.

I just love pink. ūüôā


My TNT Marathon training plan called for a 30 minute run which to me equals about 3 miles. I actually finished 3 miles in 32 minutes last night, as I was struggling to run two days in a row.

I’m still working on posting that training plan for you all to see. I promise to get it up as soon as I can.

I have noticed that running two days in a row was hard and pretty much exhausted me. So bad, that I may or may not have slept through most of The Biggest Loser Finale. ūüė¶


Two funny things that happened on my run last night:

  1. I inhaled my first bug (yup, I was breathing pretty deep and bam! I started choking, the little bugger went down pretty fast though)
  2. Some guy saw me coming and started yelling “RUN! RUN” – he was mimicking my shirt. I was like “ha ha ha – thanks man!”

P.S – The pink socks rocked. They were comfy, fun and way prettier then all my current white running socks. I love adding a little pizzazz into my life.


The Biggest Loser overview:

Don’t worry, I did manage to wake up to see the confetti fall on the winner! So at least¬†I know who wins. I am actually just happy for all the contestants this season. The ones I saw looked fabulous! So disappointed that I missed most of it though. Did I miss anything exciting? I was hoping there would be a Sam & Stephanie proposal? Was there?

Running Reader Question:

So this one is for the girl who has never tried GuWhat is your recommendation¬†on when to take the GU, take it after about an hour of running? How often do you GU? Every couple of miles after an hour of running? What’s the difference between GU Chomps & Gu?¬†

I personally have not run over 6.2 miles so have not had a reason to GU, but I know my long runs are coming up soon and I want to be prepared.