December Report


First of all, let me thank you all for your wonderful wishes on The Engagement! We couldn’t be more excited to plan our future together!


Now, I wanted to give you a little update to how December went workout wise. It was a crazy month filled with holiday parties and gatherings. But I think I did pretty good.

Though as my personal challenge was to do something active every single day. That I did not accomplish.

Total Miles Ran | 17.5 Miles

Total Weight & Strength Sessions |  9 times

Total Cardio Classes Attended | 4 classes

Total days of really being active | 21 days

I’m happy with the number of days I worked out, as I purely set up this challenge as way to be more active during a time of year when I feel it’s harder to be active.

My total mileage ran for 2010  is 567 miles!


January Goals are simple:

  • Train for the Robie Creek Half Marathon (starting on Saturday)
  • Stretch after every single run
  • Attend spin classes, yoga classes & kickboxing classes
  • Keep giving it my all during my J.Alabama Bootcamp sessions

Otherwise, I will be spending my time looking at these.


For those of you married peeps out there, any words of wisdom for the newly engaged?

15 thoughts on “December Report

  1. Linzi, I’m still so excited for you! What an amazing year 2011 will be!

    As for advice, I’ll try to keep it pretty short: keep things simple and don’t worry about the little things. Stuff like monogrammed napkins, matchbooks, ect…total waste of money. When we got married, we picked 3 words we wanted to describe our day: simple, fun, elegant. That really helped us keep our decisions easy. We also made a list of everything people hated about weddings: waiting in lines, bad food, bad music, some of the “traditions” are annoying too, so we either eliminated them completely (like the bouquet toss) or worked to correct them (food stations all over that were open immediately after the ceremony). And we also tried to go big on the stuff that meant the most to us: food, music, and photography. Seemed to work well for us because over two years later, we STILL hear about how much fun our wedding was. Mission accomplished!

    Mostly, just remember it’s about you guys. Do what makes you happy.

  2. Linzi, I can’t believe you ran 567 miles in 2010! That is sooo amazing. You ran from here past my parents house in Wyoming.

    As for the wedding, there is one piece of advice I would give. Make it about you and J. Alabama and not the guests. This is your day. So invite who you want, stay within your budget and focus on you and him, not everyone else.

  3. I totally agree with the first comment — focus on the things that are most important to you, and don’t sweat the minor details.

    For example, we spent lots of time (and, eventually, $$) picking the perfect photographer because we knew we’d treasure these pictures forever, but spent about 10 minutes and under $100 putting together favors. Speaking of, it seems to me that no one cares about favors unless they are edible 🙂

    Also, make sure you enjoy every minute of being engaged — the second planning gets too stressful, take a break and relax! It’s supposed to be fun!

    If you ever want any advice, don’t hesitate to e-mail me!

  4. Best advice I received after I got engaged was from a coworker who had been married for 5 years at the time. He told me to be sure we talked about everything before we tied the knot. So, as hard as it was, I sat down with my hubby on several occasions and we discussed the things no one likes to talk about. Family, kids, holidays and money. It definately helped us go into the marriage open eyed and I think we have a stronger relationship for it. We still fight, but not over those things b/c we ironed them out before we got married.

    And never forget to just have fun!

  5. looks like u had a great december. despite all the wine drinking, u managed som great run! good job.

    good luck with december.
    and good luck with the wedding planning! cannot wait to read all about it.

    no advice for the newly engaged, but i hope to be asking u that question sometime this year! 🙂

  6. Awesome job in December! Setting those goals encouraged you to do a lot more than you normally would have, so that is worth major points!

    Have you set a date yet?

  7. Congrats on a successful 2010!! I am still engaged and getting married in April! The best advice I can give you is to be yourself and make decisions together!! My fiance is as excited as me to get married! He sends me a daily countdown at work 🙂 Only 98 days to go! Enjoy every moment of planning your special day 🙂

  8. Congrats on your engagement!!
    I got married in Boise last January. I have a ton of vases that I would love to get rid and also some pink and clear candle votives. If you want some ideas we used all Boise caterers and photographers. We got married at the Capitol and had our reception at the Rose Room.
    Good luck with Robie training. My husband is doing it so hope to see you at the finish!

  9. First, YAY! Congratulations!!

    One of the best decisions we made was to hire Nicole as our coordinater!

    Also, savor the time you have being engaged. It’s an amazing time in your life – you will never feel like this again so cherish every moment.

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