Surviving the Resolutioners

It’s that time of year again, we all know it has come.

The time where we lace up our gym shoes and put on our gym clothes in fear and agony of what comes next.

The pure site of treadmill after treadmill being taken over by over exuberant resolutioners.

Now there is nothing wrong with a little fitness related New Year’s resolution but you also should not let the short-timers scare you away either–because you have goals too!

So after my first and second visit to the gym this week I came up with a few tips to surviving the resolutioners.

Tips to Surviving The Resolutioners

1. Be Patient: Everyone is at the gym because they want to get healthy. You shouldn’t be upset about that, but just realize that your favorite elliptical might be in use for the next few weeks. (Have hope though, in about two weeks a good number of resolutioners lose momentum).

2. Try  a new gym time: I showed up at the gym on monday at 5:30 am and was surprised by how empty it was. By 6 am – it was a mad house. J. Alabama likes to go anytime after 7:30 pm for that same reason.

3: Classes: I am the Queen of workout classes. I love them! I love them because I don’t have to think about my workouts, I love them because it motivates me to workout for a full hour. But this time of the year you have to plan ahead to attend them. Seriously consider showing up 20-30 minutes early to secure your spin bike, or body pump supplies.

4. Attitude: Keep it positive people! Go into the gym with a positive attitude that you are going to get a good workout no matter what.

5. Be Flexible: So all the shredmills are taken, jump on the elliptical until one frees up. Or switch it up by adding a little weight training.

I guess the moral of my post is, we are all in the same boat here. We don’t like it that our gym is full the max and feels like a cluster. But it is what it is, and I say have a little patience and make the most of it.

Us year-rounders just have to keep the momentum of going to the gym for a few weeks, then it will resume back to normal soon!


TGIF Friends! I’m crossing my fingers this little cold I have goes away quickly so I can run with my new running group tomorrow.



14 thoughts on “Surviving the Resolutioners

  1. This is something that happens here too. Usually it’s more crowded beginning of January, then around May before Summer vacation starts and people want to lose some weight and then again in September when they saw their vacation pictures that scared the hell out of them 😆

    I must say that it wasn’t that crowded in my gym Wednesday, I expected it to be worse but I guess that’s because my gym is rather expensive.

    I would love it if the gyms here were open that early but the 7 am is the earliest gyms open and mine only has that on Monday.

  2. great tips linzi!
    i have not been to the gym this year yet. will go this weekend – to work out and cancel my membership. there is a gym in my new condo. i hope my fellow condo inhabitants are not gym freaks and the gym will never be busy!

    happy friday. have a great weekend!

  3. Great tips! My gym actually just opened up at the very end of Novemeber so it’s pretty much been a madhouse since then… I’ve been a slacker and not even gone yet, but one of these days (soon!) I’m going to suck it up and just go, especially at this time of year there’s nothing to be shy or embarassed about. And like you said, we’re all there in an effort to get healthy!

  4. Hey Linzi
    I have actually thought of starting back up into running. As a newbie coming back into the game, do you know of any groups for beginning runners?

    thanks doll!

    congatualtions on your engagement!

  5. omgosh how true! I am healed and back in the water! I couldnt even get to my locker yesterday am- I’m glad I love it enough to fight through- Even my class was full and I had to hug the side of the pool lol something to which I am not accustomed to doing! Good times!

  6. This is totally random but I have a question. I know you trained with TNT, did you have to pay to train with them? I was thinking about doing it this year for the half but someone told me you have to commit to getting donations of 1500 and if you don’t you have to pay them that amount.

    • When I signed up to train with TNT I had a minimum goal of money I had to fundraise. So depeding on the race/location you are required to raise a certain amount of funds. There is recommitment date, in which if you haven’t raised the funds by you can either drop out or, give a credit card to ensure the rest of the payment.

      But they will help you come up with ideas to raise the money. Also, the money covers travel expenses for the race. As well as you get nutrition workshops, and other beneficial training.

      It was one of the BEST things I have ever done. I had to raise $3400 (and I actually raised more). At times I thought I wouldn’t make my goal, but I just kept at it.

      • Sounds awesome but I’m a skeptic. Since the half is actually really close I think i’ll hold off on maaking a commitment until next year. I’m seriously interested in it though! I feel like I sometimes need a group to help me out, I don’t really know any runners that are local to me (personally you know lol).

  7. Yep, the resolutioners are out in full force at my gym too! Great tips… and great attitude! We have to try not to be negative about people getting healthy!

    I haven’t made it to a spin class yet but I’m sure it will be nuts. I had to get there 30 mins early to secure a bike BEFORE new year’s.

  8. Love all the tips – but you know what? I could tell the difference from Monday to Friday at my gym and I went at the same time (6:45 a.m.) – by today it had already started to thin out. 😀

    Hope you feel better and well enough to run! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Oye! I’m not looking forward to this! Right now I’m at home so I’ve just been doing workout DVDs and such, but I go back to school next week and the gym is always PACKED. The worst part is, it usually doesn’t die down until after spring break!
    Extra motivation to run outside in the cold? Yep.

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