The Necklace Party


I think the little things in life are worth celebrating.

Such as the arrival of our “Marathon Medals” (aka Tiffany’s Necklace).


These lovely ladies were by my side for 5 long months this past summer as we trained our hearts and souls out for the Nike Women’s Marathon in October. It’s crazy how running saturday after saturday could make you so close.  

Due to the little fact that many of us did not receive our official marathon medal when crossing the finish on marathon day, we decided to have a little get together to celebrate our victory once they finally arrived (oh the two months later).


 It was a celebration indeed! There was lots of good eats and even some wine and champagne to cheers our accomplishments of running 26.2 miles.


The spread was unbeleivably delicious. I am sorry if your mouth is watering from looking at the pictures. It.was.that.good. 🙂


It was fun to re-open those Tiffany’s boxes and reminisce about all the ups and downs of marathon training. Out of the 6 of us pictured, 5 us had ran the Nike Marathon as our FIRST marathon.


BFF Maria and marathon buddy was proudly showing off her necklace.


 I think the best part about getting our necklaces late, was the fact that we got to talk ALL about it all over again.

We each talked about if we would do another marathon in the future. We talked about meeting in the future to run together. And I even found out that two of the ladies are joining my Robie Creek Running Group!

It’s funny how a little silver necklace could bring us together and give us so much joy. The Marathon Medal is more than just a representation of 5 months of hard work, but a symbol of the friendships made, the tears wept, the sweat, the memories, and the pure proof that we indeed ran 26.2 miles.


Ahh sweet victory! If running a marathon means I get to party with my friends and talk about running non-stop for hours, then sign me up for another. Because seriously, the necklace party rocked!

11 thoughts on “The Necklace Party

  1. Good for you girls!! I was so horrified when I found out that some people didn’t get their 2010 necklace! Poor planning on someone’s part. But getting to have a party and celebrate 2 1/2 months later? Super cool! Hope to see you out there are Muni in the upcoming months training for Robi while I train for San Diego =)

  2. I’m so glad you finally got your well-deserved finisher’s necklace, and that you had a fun party with your friends to celebrate! I ran the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon in 2009 and absolutely loved it. To this day, it’s one of my favorite races–beautiful course, great crowd support, awesome race goodies. I hope I can run it again.

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