Running on thin ice


Saturday’s run with my new running group started off with words of caution from our new coaches of the slippery roads and sidewalks.


By 8:45 am we were set loose to run our respective routes. My running group is comprised of all levels of runners. Some are training for a 5k, 10k or a half-marathon. I set off to accomplish 3 miles.

As soon as my feet hit the pavement I was flooded with fear as I could feel my feet sliding underneath me. I watched as others flailed their arms around me and shrieked for the same reasons.

So I instantly slowed down my pace and took caution with every single step, as to avoid injury. At times I even resorted to running through a grassy field as the slipping and sliding felt out of control.

Eventually we hit a dirt hill, which gave me more stability. And I began to feel good about the run. And eventually got lost into thought.

I felt the stress of wedding planning and the prior work week being lifted off of me as I continued to give it my all up that dirt path.

I realized that I have been wearing myself thin over the last two weeks and my running has been the one thing to suffer. (I skipped several weekday training runs).


It’s funny how my struggle of running on thin ice could relate back to my personal life, but I’ve always been able to see the metaphor of my life in my runs.

I am struggling at the moment to fit in my runs around a sort of hectic schedule. January tends to be the busiest time work wise for me.

But the run on Saturday is what brought me back to reality and gave me room to breath again. It seriously changed me whole outlook to the rest of my Saturday and week to come.

Sometimes wearing yourself thin can help put things into perspective.

For me, my running is part of what keeps me sane. And I’m so glad I realized that. 🙂

And though it may seem by adding in extra workouts to an already busy schedule would be wearing me out more, it’s nice to recognize what re-energizes me.

I will also listen to my body and still try not to over do it, as I am juggling a lot right now, but everyone needs their outlet.

I’m glad to have been given the gift of prancing through the ice covered streets because it left me with a clearer vision.

What reenergizes you when you are juggling many things?

6 thoughts on “Running on thin ice

  1. i feel like i am running on thin ice with this move. i feel stressed and anxious at all times. i keep wanting to fight with people bc i cant control everything.
    i need a good run. btu with an extreme cold alert i may have to take my stress and anxiety out on Jillian!

    good job on the run!

  2. I always feel better after a workout! The tuff part is to make yourself go and then you’ll be ok! I workout on my lunch hour and if I don’t I am a grouchy mad woman so my team understands my need to workout 🙂

  3. Great job getting out there! You could have easily said you weren’t going out because of the weather but you didn’t. It’s great that you were able to connect your life with your runs also! Awesome~

  4. Completing a long run helps to put everything that life throws at me in perspective. Other than that, yoga, reading, and a glass of wine all help to re-energize me to keep going forward!

  5. Running! And I don’t make many appointments in the weekend when I’m very busy at work so I can reload and get my rest.

    I’ve run on thin ice a few weeks ago and I’m not doing it again. I slipped so many times and it’s not worth to get injured. If we have that weather again I will use the treadmill. For every other weather condition I will keep on running outside (decided that on the same run 🙂 )

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