I am the Technology

Have you seen the clever marketing for the Vibrams five finger barefoot running shoes?


The poster I found in my latest running magazine had me really thinking long and hard about the message they were trying to convey.

It boasts that the only technology needed for running is your feet.

I find this concept very interesting and have been curious about the whole barefoot running craze.

And as I have mentioned before J. Alabama has recently taken up running in Vibrams and can’t say anything but praises for these glove-like shoes.

So it was only a matter of time until the day came when I would be the new owner of my very own.


After nearly an hour and a half of trying on different sizes and models of the Vibrams I found my fit with the Sprints.


The salesman at The Benchmark was very adamant about the fact that unlike most shoes, vibrams don’t fit your feet by a number, but by how they feel.

We started off by having me measure the length of my longest toe to give me a starting point in sizing, but this by no means meant that size fit my foot.


As I mentioned, I tried on about 6 different pairs until I found the ones that were keepers.


I loved the look of the MaryJane style, but could not find a fit for my foot. Which led me to the only other style that came in bright pink.


What can I say, I was sold when I saw they came in pink!

Though the process felt more intense than my normal trip to the running shoe store, I was glad to have been given lots of help from the sales people.

And we ended up staying in the store long enough for J. Alabama to find another pair he couldn’t live without.  🙂


The key to getting started in Vibrams is to take it S-L-O-W.

They suggest to simple walk around in them for several weeks to a month to get your body accustomed to the new style of walking/running.

These vibrams actually change the way your foot hits the ground and in turn uses different muscles in your feet and legs.

Even after a point in which you feel comfortable wearing them around, it is recommended to ease into running. Start by running a mile, and gradually working into 2-3.

So I will just be wearing my Vibrams around whenever I can,  to give my body a chance to get used to this new “technology”. I promise to give a review of how they feel after I had a chance to break them in.

And will I actually take up barefoot running? That is a question that can only be answered with time.

What are your thoughts on the barefoot running craze? Have you tried Vibrams?

15 thoughts on “I am the Technology

  1. I have wanted to try Vibrams. I have a friend that just loves hers but she doesn’t run. She just likes the way they feel. The thing for me is that I have funny toes. My big toe is huge with no “neck” and my second toe is extra long and thin. Weird, right. So I have issues with even toe socks and just don’t know about Vibrams because of that. I would give it a shot though, just because.

  2. i want some too.
    there is only 1 store in toronto that sells them and i cannot wait to make the trip down there in the spring time.
    they really fascinate me. i cannot wait for ur review!!!

    and ps. sexy poster!

  3. Brent did a lot of research last year about barefoot running and found a ton of positive things about it! He didn’t try it for himself, but I think he’d really like to. If you ever want a barefoot runner to add to your pack, let him know!

  4. I’m totally curious to hear about these when you actually get to run in them!! I love the color too! The poster isn’t half bad either =)

  5. If you do the training properly, I think it can be very beneficial.

    That being said, few people I’ve met know what they’re doing. So they end up hurting themselves and their gait.

    Or they do something incredibly stupid, like wear them when trying to do exercise other than walking/running. I’ve had clients attempt to use them in spinning classes (go figure) and weight-training sessions. I want to hit them when they complain about it. Because of course their feet hurt!

  6. HAHAHA Of course you’d get them in pink. 😉 And I BET you had to study that poster long and hard (good choice of words by the way).

    To be completely honest, so far I’m not at all drawn to the barefoot running craze. I’m quite skeptical and I think in time we will see that this trend will do more harm than good. But … who knows, wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong and if it works for you then that’s great. I wouldn’t bash someone for trying it, I just have less than zero interest in trying it myself.

  7. It’s getting more and more popular here too, I’ve read a lot about it and I understand it’s good for you but I’m not to keen on trying it for myself. I can’t run on normal shoes so I think it could do more harm than good for especially my calves. But I look forward to your experience with them, maybe I’ll change my mind.

  8. My brother had a pair of these when I went to see my family at Christmas and I just stared and stared. Unfortunately, I’ve got some ankle problems so I don’t think these would be supportive enough. They sure are an interesting craze! I love your choice of hot pink!

  9. I actually owned a pair for a few hours this fall, but returned them because they took about 40 minutes just to put on (I got the same ones J. Alabama got)! My wide feet + weirdly shaped toes might mean that Vibrams are never in the cards for me :-/

    Then again, I never really tried more than one model — the store I went to didn’t have many in stock — so maybe I’ll give them another shot. Can’t wait to hear how you like them!

  10. I have a pair of blue VFF Sprints, but I bought them for crossfit, not running. The farthest I have run in them is 400m. I had thought about trying barefoot running but sort of lost interest now that it’s winter. Your “his and hers” picture reminds me of one I took of mine and my husband’s feet wearing ours. So cute!

  11. I’m intrigued by the vibrams, but find it comical that their marketing ploy is saying that you need nothing but your feet to run, yet here are these expensive “shoes” to help you run “barefoot.”. Why not just truly run barefoot?
    I’m interested to read your reviews 🙂

  12. JEALOUS! I wanted to snag a pair of these before our trip for but NOBODY sells them nearby and I know I definitely have to try these suckers on. Great choice! Have fun with them!

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