The Dress, Part 1


Today’s post is going to be a part of my Wedding Wednesday Series:

I will try to keep my wedding related posts to once a week, this is a running blog after all. And due to the pure fact that there seems to be more wedding related stuff going on than running these days, I feel it only appropriate to share with my family and friends the excitement.

In case you missed the first wedding Wednesday post, you can view it here. It’s the tiny announcement about how we picked a venue and a date.


Now onto THE DRESS, Part 1

Picking out your wedding dress is one of the moments you have always dreamed about. You have probably been pawing over bridal magazines since you were 16, right?

Well for The Linz that is not the case, I barely started looking at wedding blogs in November. So you can imagine my shock when I got engaged on NYE and J. Alabama explained that our wedding would be this summer due to military reasons.

I am a party planner by nature, so attacking this wedding with a little over 183 days seemed like an exciting task. But picking out a wedding dress scared the crap out of me.

So I started where any girl would start, by asking my mom & grandma if I could see their dress. My mom, Aunt and grandma all wore the same wedding dress, and it seemed like a great place to start. As it’s a family tradition right?

The dress itself dates back to 1958. But I still wanted to see it and try it on in hopes that I could honor the tradition of the women before me.

My grandma was tickled to tears with the request to try on the dress. And my mother was buzzing with joy and all the possibilities.

I really wasn’t sure what to think except how special it would be to be able to wear this dress. Before I slipped it on I looked at this beautiful picture hanging on the wall next to my grandmother’s bedroom. A frame held three black and white photos so beautifully taken. The pictures were of my mom, aunt, and grandmother, all on their wedding days putting on their garters, as they all wore the same wedding dress.

So I had to say, I felt a little pressure at this moment to carry on tradition. I’m the oldest granddaughter, and the first one to get married.

My grandmother then led me into her bedroom where my mother and I could see their dress hanging. The layers of lace could be seen, as well as the love this dress had endured throughout the past 60 years.

Try it on Linz. Just try it on, my grandmother said.

It was time to honor the special women in my life and try the dress on.

I slipped into the dress and then began to pull the top up. All that was left was to get my arms in and zip up the back.

It seemed as though all the J. Alabama boot camp workouts were effecting me at this moment. I tried to push my arm through the hole but it wouldn’t budge.

Well, we took a second to view the dress on me, as I held the top of the dress up to visualize what the dress would look it if fit me.

It was a special moment that I shared with my mom and grandmother that day.

There was no way around it though, the dress did not fit. My grandma however did give me permission, to take use the dress however I wanted. I have some ideas on other ways to incorporate parts of the dress into my wedding.

It was sort of a sad moment when I realized that I would not be wearing the dress, which also led me into panic mode of the thought of going wedding dress shopping.

The whole day was spent laughing and reminiscing about my mother’s and grandmother’s wedding days and will keep that as a beautiful memory.

My grandfather appeared and told me the story of how he purchased that dress so long ago, for the whopping price of $75.00. At that point I knew this dress had gotten its money worth.

I felt okay with the fact that I would not be able to wear the dress on my wedding day, and was now more open to the possibility of starting a new tradition for my future family someday.

I leave you with this gorgeous shot of my mother on her wedding day. I love looking at her photos, because we look so much alike, especially at that age.


And honestly, looking at these pictures are making me tear up a little. She looks absolutely stunning!


But don’t you fret friends. I have good news regarding what I will wear on my wedding day. But you will just have to wait until next Wednesday for The Dress, part 2.

What ideas do you have for somehow incorporating the dress into my wedding?



28 thoughts on “The Dress, Part 1

  1. You look SO much like your mom! Both beautiful ladies 🙂

    I would use the lace overlay to make a gorgeous long veil to go with your dress – I think it would look amazing! I’ve also heard of some people wrapping their bouquet with fabric from a family dress, but unless you preserve your bouquet, the fabric will likely get tossed when the flowers do.

  2. I was the same way. Never imagined my wedding. And then I got engaged.

    I, too, tried my mom’s dress on. It fit, but looked horrific. It was so bad, my mom couldn’t stop laughing.

    So off I went to buy another dress.

    FYI: Your momma and you look so much alike!

  3. what a wonderful tradition. im happy that you will b able to use the dress in some way.
    ur mother is beautiful. you look so much like her.
    im so excited for u!

  4. Wow I can’t believe how much you guys look alike!! You’re going to look amazing at your wedding!! Dress shopping can be stressful but remember to have fun!

    One way I saw someone incorporate their mother’s dress was to take the lace and have it wrapped around the handle part of the bouquet. Google is your friend during these times 🙂

  5. Wow, you do look like your Mama! That dress is awesome and I love the veil idea. You could also make yourself a hanky to store in your cleavage – I did that as my something old and believe me I needed it!

  6. WOW You sure do look like your Mom. It’s a beautiful dress too. How special that so many people have worn it. If you still might consider wearing it, you could run it by a talented seamstress and see if they have any ideas. They can do some amazing things, possibly inserting a panel.

    If not, I love the idea of the veil.

  7. I love your Mom’s dress, sorry to hear it didn’t fit you. I’m not married, never really wanted to either so I’m just enjoying reading about your wedding (which I do) but I don’t have much advise for you.

  8. You definitely look like your mom!

    My mom was in a terrible car accident before her wedding and got down to a size 2 due to complications and etc. There was just no way her dress was coming on me. It was a little sad for me. I did however, have her walk down the aisle with me and my dad. I loved that!

  9. What a beautiful dress! I like Kara’s idea about turning the lace overlay into a veil. I hope that whatever you decide to do will allow you to pass on the dress (or the parts of it used) to future generations.

    I never wanted to wear my mother’s wedding dress because I didn’t like the style. I tried on LOTS of wedding dresses before finding the right one. Both my mom and my fiance’s mom were there when I picked out the dress. We went to Applebee’s to celebrate afterward. It was a great day!

  10. Her dress was beautiful!! I also tried on my mom’s dress back in October. I flew my mom to Toronto to come with me and see my dress. She wasn’t with me when I ordered the dress so when it came in it was my chance to show it to her. I knew I would never wear her dress to my wedding as I am getting married in Cuba and she got married in October. Long sleeves on the beach, I don’t think so 🙂 It’s amazing when you have a chance to try on your mom’s wedding dress!!

  11. I’ve been hiding from blogger world lately, but I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement! That’s awesome! And I love wedding posts! Can’t wait to see more about your dress!

  12. Wow! You and your mom do look a lot alike. Good luck with the hunt for the dress and deciding how to incorporate your grandmother/mother’s dress! 🙂

  13. Well, if you don’t mind actually CUTTING the dress, you could use the outer lace layer as part of your veil…

    I could never wear my mother’s wedding dress! First of all, she’s 5’8″ and I’m 5’2″. Another issue is that she and my father got married at the courthouse in 1975…and then they had an outside picnic in a backyard. And my mom’s wedding dress? It was orange, brown, and cream. And really ugly.

  14. Your mom is gorgeous—and you guys look so much alike! You may not be able to “wear” the dress, but how kind of her to allow you to incorporate it into your own wedding. My mom didn’t have a lot of money when she got married and actually borrow her cousin’s wedding dress to walk down the aisle. I love the idea of carrying on family tradition, but sometimes it’s not viable. Instead, I have my mom’s pearl necklace to accompany me down the aisle—when that day comes!

  15. I have GOOSEBUMPS! What a beautiful dress with an even more beautiful story. I hope you can incorporate it into your big day! Which is soon… very soon! 🙂

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