The Dress, Part 2

Today’s post is part of an ongoing Wedding Wednesday Series.  A chance for me to talk about non-running wedding related stuff.


The Dress, Part 2

Last monday I walked into David’s Bridal like a bride on a mission.

Because friends, it was the last day of their awesome $99 gown sale. And as you could gather from The Dress, part 1, this whole wedding dress shopping thang had me more freaked out than anything. So I went into it with an attitude like “Let’s Make a Deal”.

Nothing makes me happier than thinking I got a good deal on my wedding dress. As you remember, my mom, grandma, and aunt all wore the same dress. The one that cost $75.00. So I was determined to find one that I loved and on the cheap. That leaves more money in the budget for alcohol & a bomb dj.  Just kidding…sort of.

I’m not really sure why I was so freaked out, but I think it has to do with all those descriptive words of “mermaid” and “sweetheart” and ” trumpet ” that sounded like a complete foreign language.

I was followed into D’s Bridal with my entourage. And when I say entourage, I mean it. I was in the company of My mother, My grandmother, My Aunt, My cousin, my best friend/Maid of honor, and one of my bridesmaids.


Whew! And I honestly felt bad because I probably should have invited the other bridesmaids, but if you can understand I was nervous enough about the whole trying on wedding dresses thang. So add in an already crowded room full of peeps, and you had me standing there literally shaking in my boots.

I quickly picked the first 3 dresses that I saw and liked. There was no rhyme or reason, just pretty dresses.

Once I stepped into the dressing I was instructed to put on the bodice thingy (that pushes your everything every which way) and the skirt thingy that gives all the dresses some poof.

Then came the 20lb blanket of material over my head.

I almost burst into tears at that very moment. I hadn’t even seen the dress yet, as they don’t put mirrors in their dressing rooms, but I could already tell this dress left me with little air to breath and I felt like Frankenstein’s bride. I couldn’t put my arms down because the halter was too tight.

So I walked out of the dressing room and watched as all the eyes gazed at me. I could read their faces and was almost afraid to look in the mirror. They were nice and polite but before I could take the darn thing off we were all in hysterics about how awful this dress was for me.


This scene continued on dress after dress.

I would try a different style on and I watch their faces light up just a little bit more than before.


Party Prom dress anyone?

But still nothing seemed to fit me or feel good. I was really starting to regret this whole wedding shopping thing. And honestly at this point was more excited about looking at bridesmaid dresses.

Then my dear mother, pulled out a simple yet elegant dress.

It was lightweight and flowy and felt so good to the touch.

Apparently, I stepped out the fitting room with a smile on my face (the first time all night) and I watched the faces one by one begin to smile.

Tears burst out of my aunt eyes, which then began the chain reaction from my mom and grandma.

I took the tears as a sign that I had found “the dress”.

I took a few minutes staring at myself in the mirror and I was excited.

I couldn’t believe I had actually found a dress that I liked after all that.

And the kicker is that it was on sale for $400.00!

I was more than ecstatic when I was told a brand new version of the dress (never tried on by anyone before) was waiting in the back and I could walk out of that store with my new wedding dress. Don’t worry, I tried it on first, and it was even more perfect than the first.

And sorry friends, the pics of the actual dress I bought will just have to wait to until after July 23!  😉


Happy Wednesday Friends!  🙂 


18 thoughts on “The Dress, Part 2

  1. You just brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for you! The whole wedding thing can be SO HARD! It’s awesome that you have so much support. I did my whole wedding by myself, so count your blessing my dear =)

    By the way, I’m sure you have had people make a million suggestions, but I actually found my DJ, Pastor, photographer and cake maker on craigslist. The DJ was only $25 an hour and he did a great job! Anyway, I have names and numbers if you want them. If not, no biggie. Have fun planning! Now that the dress is bought, the rest is a cake walk!

  2. Yay! You got your dress! Awe doesn’t it feel like it’s so real now! How exciting congrat’s!!

    And you sure did go with an entourage lol, that’s how you do it though. Bring those who will be honest with you.

  3. Oh that’s wonderful Linz. I’m so happy for you that you found a great dress.

    My wedding dress was only $300. Personally I don’t see the point in spending a bunch of money on something you’re only going to wear once. Yes, it should be nice, but I too preferred to spend money on other things (yes, booze & DJ are near the tops of that list – hahaha).

    Love that you had such a big entourage – awwww. That 2nd dress wasn’t too bad, but yeah that first one is a bit of a nightmare. 😉

  4. I can’t wait to see the dress!

    You’re right, the ones in the pics aren’t the dresses for you. You look so unhappy in those dresses too.

    I’m happy for you you found the perfect dress.

  5. Yay! Glad you found a dress! Your wedding planning is already reminding me so much of my own, I had only 2 months to plan a wedding (with a super tight budget) b/c my future hubs was going to be moving for the military. Can’t wait to hear (and see) the details!

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