Take that February!

Happy February Friends!

I seriously cannot believe how quickly this year is flying by. I may be more aware of time these days as I get daily emails from theknot.com reminding me that it’s only 172 days until the big day.

So I’m confessing that January was a flop – workout wise.  And the only reason I am even telling you is to keep myself accountable and to step it up for Feb!

On a positive note, here is what I did accomplish:

  • One 5:30 am trip to gym to lift weights
  • One J. Alabama boot camp workout
  • 8 different running sessions = 22 miles total

I’m not happy that I missed nearly as many runs as I participated in. That is not a good way to start a training plan and probably further explains why I’ve been so sore after my long runs. You probably shouldn’t do long runs, if you aren’t even doing the short runs. (I know better than this).

I also blame my lack of energy and time on the fact that I have accomplished so many other great and awesome things in January.

Such as…. touring wedding venues, attending wedding shows, meeting  decoration & design companies, testing out grama’s wedding dess, buying my own wedding dress, interviewing numerous photographers and finding one that we are excited about, taking J. Alabama to meet my Reverend, and picking out the tuxes.

WHEW! That explains a lot, but is no excuse to bail on my gym membership.

So my plan is to attack February!

Like seriously kick its butt. I’m ready to beat my running record of 24.25 miles ran last year in Feb (by a lot). And I’m ready to follow my own advice. Cuz I really really want to be able and ready for my super hard half-marathon in April.

Oh yah, and I want to look hot in my wedding dress too. 🙂

So my goal for February is to simply kick ass at my workouts. To make time for them, and to give them heart!


Tomorrow Wedding Wednesday’s Series will be a fun one… STD’s!  Save The Date’s my friends, not what you were thinking!

Do you have any Wedding Wednesday Topics you would like see me cover? I have a request in to tell the Story of How J. Alabama and I met, (which is on the books for next week). But if there is any other topics/questions you would like answered, let me know!


9 thoughts on “Take that February!

  1. ya january sucked. it was cold and snowy and just yucky!
    u still got some miles in! which is good. and i know u r going to kick February ass. and kick it hard! yay

    stories…..hmmm…how about 1st date or meeting the parents kind of thing, or best date? something like that?

  2. Hehe, I always get a giggle out of that “STD” acronym! Congrats on accomplishing so much wedding stuff last month and here’s a a great February filled with wedding AND workouts. 🙂

  3. We also did a magnet STD (a DIY version, thankyouverymuch 🙂

    I guess I’d like to know if there’s anything you’re doing yourself, or want to learn how to do yourself?

  4. I can’t wait to hear about your Save the Date’s! Ours turned out exactly how I pictures them for our destination wedding!! My fiance actually designed them and we made them ourselves! I love reading about your wedding wednesdays as I can totally relate 🙂

  5. To my own surprise I did very well in January, especially compared to last year.

    You’ve had so many other things on your mind in January that it’s totally understandable that you worked out less. And I’m sure you are going to rock in February.

  6. I thought Jan was a flop for me but I did fairly well, considering that Bri was here for 15 days and there was a lot of traveling involved!

    Okay can you please email me a photo of your dress? LOL I can’t take the suspense

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