My Bridesman


Today’s post is part of an ongoing Wedding Wednesday Series. My chance to ramble on about non-running, wedding related stuff.


As you may have guessed, if you know me IRL (in real life)- I’m probably going to do things a bit differently than most when it comes to my Bridal Party.

I’m not worried about our sides matching, number wise or even gender-wise for that matter.

Because see, my mom birthed me a brother many many years ago. And well, though he is one of my best friends he will never be my sister. But that shouldn’t make him in-eligable for standing right there next me with my girls. Right?

So I asked my brother to be my bridesman.

Now in explaining this situation to some people, I get really confused looks. Oh, you mean your brother is in your wedding, but he is standing on J Alabama’s side.

Umm… no. He is one of my bridesmaids…sort of.

Honestly, the bro is getting a kick out of his new title as Bridesman. I am just honored and excited to have him up there on my side.

Now the way this will work, is that his attire will be similar to what the Groomsmen are wearing, though his tie will match the bridesmaid dresses.

His Bridesman duties are as follows:

  • Mimosa Duty (from now until the wedding)
  • To provide comic relief to me and the groom and the other maids whenever needed
  • Cake Toppers (which are freaking AMAZING)
  • Engagement Photos

Yeah, as you can tell he has some pretty important duties. But most importantly he will be there beside me supporting me into the next stage of my life.

What other non-traditional wedding things/ideas have you ever witnessed?

I’m all for making this wedding as unique and tailored to J. Alabama and I as possible. I got the idea of the bridesman when we saw a Groomsmaid at a fraternity wedding. The guys’ sister wore black and stood on the Groomsmen side. My brother and I knew at that very moment that he would someday be a bridesman, and he was more than okay with it!


26 thoughts on “My Bridesman

  1. I think it’s great that you are doing what you want to do! I’ve seen it done before and it really shows that it the gender doesn’t matter, it’s the person who does!

  2. Linzi-it’s all about what makes you happy and what you want. It is your day after all =) I had my mom be my MOH and my husband had his son be his best man. Those were the only people we had stand up there with us. It was really cool.

  3. linzi, i love it! that is such a sweet idea. i hate when ppl are tied to tradtions only bc they are traditions.
    i like personalized and unique ideas.

    for my future wedding (TBA), i want to wear colourful shoes. for example, if my bridesmaids are in blue or red, i want matching shoes. also, i like the idea of both parents walking me down the aisle instead of just my dad.

  4. I am really glad to have your brother over with us ladies as a bridesman. He always lightens the mood and has a positive attitude. I will make it my personal responsibility to ensure that he keeps up on his mimosa duties!

  5. Oh, and I also had both my parents walk me down and isle and made sure that they announced Dustin and Jessica Harrison when they introduced us at the reception rather than Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Harrison which is the traditional way.

  6. I love this idea and think it is adorable! I really wanted to include my pup in the wedding day but got a resounding no from everyone. Boo. Instead, I just used pics of him for table numbers 😀

  7. Seth, my best guy friend from college, is going to be my man of honor. The first thing he said after I asked him to be my man of honor was, “Do I get to plan the bachelorette party?” And if you’re wondering, yes, he gets to, and he’s really excited about it! My fiance and I are also going to make him skip down the aisle with the best man during the recessional. I can’t wait!

  8. I love it Linzi! Why should you have to do what everybody else does. This is how you want it, it’s your wedding and your day!

    Here in Holland bridesmaid/groom isn’t common, some have them, some don’t. We do have to bring two witnesses to the wedding who sign to wedding papers too.

    I’m not married, don’t know if I ever will but when I do my witnes won’t be my sister (I’ve got one). I love my friends more than my sister (we haven’t much in common) so if that day ever comes I’m going to be different too.

  9. I think that’s a great idea! I actually planned on doing something similar since I was blessed with a brother and not a sister. At first I thought about letting him stand on the grooms side but dang it he’s my bro and I don’t want to share! lol

    I’m sure you’re brother will fulfill his needs and then some 🙂

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