The Race to Robie Creek


You’ve all heard me hint at the fact that I was training for what has been undoubtably dubbed one of the hardest half marathon’s in the northwest.

But up until this past Monday morning that was sort of a lie. Yes I was in fact training for this race, but I honestly had no idea if I would be able to run in it.

Because you see, I had heard the race to Robie Creek is more of a race to get registered for Robie Creek. As the race itself is only open for the first 2,100 who enter it.  Then they do a lottery for 200 more spots after that.

It’s been tradition that the race registration opens on President’s day at high noon. So you can probably guess what I was doing on Monday.

Yup, J. Alabama and I were literally camped next to our computers with debit cards in one hand and coffee in the other as we sat and watched the clock tick away closer to 12:00 pm.

I was getting anxious and kept hitting the registration button prematurely, in hopes that they turned it on early.

I really didn’t want to have to tell you all I was training for Robie when in fact I wasn’t.

Finally, the clock on my cell phone read 12:00 and I hit the register button like 10 times before it took me to the actual registration screen.

“Omigawsh! Omigawsh! We are in J! We are in!” I screamed.

All you could hear was the frantic tapping of keys against the keyboard as each of raced against clock and the other registrants to get me a spot in this race.

It was told me to me later that the Race To Robie Creek was filled in 21 minutes.

That would have bummed me out had I not secured my spot in the race, but luck has it that I got in.

Talk about a crazy rush! I was jumping up and down screaming “Seriously?!”

And then it hit me…. Oh crap, now I am really doing this.

Not that I would lie to my fellow readers or even say I was going to do something and not do it – it just makes it all that much more real now.

April 16th will mark another extraordinary day in my short running career as a race that will prove I can do anything. And I’m almost more scared to do this one than I was for my marathon.

And just to add in a little side-note about The Race to Robie Creek, it’s one of those of rights of passage races. If you do it, people will forever give you mad props. Seriously. Come to Boise and ask someone about Robie.

You will always get the same the answer of disbelief and are you freaking crazy?

Let the Half-marathon training continue! Woo hoo!

Does signing up for a race motivate you?

I know I was already training for this race prior to the registration, but now it feels like the pressure is on to make my training count. I am WAY more motivated after I’ve paid a race entry fee to get my booty moving.


8 thoughts on “The Race to Robie Creek

  1. yay! congrats on getting in. if i ever make it out your way, i am doing this race with u!

    cant wait to follow your training. u will do amazing!

    yes, signing up for a race 100% motivates me to train better and harder. i just ordered a new credit card (lost mine in the move), but once i get it, i am signing up for my half. i hope that that will kick my a$$ into high gear.

    oh and any interest in doing a st. patty virtual race? let me know and we can start planning!

  2. Congrats on making it in! I think partaking in an exclusive race like that would be especially fun!

    I’ve only ever signed up and ran 1 race but I remember the second I hit the button to confirm I was like “crap! What have I gotten myself into?!!” but it’s definitely more motivating!

  3. Congrats on getting in! Registering for a race definitely motivates me to train well for it, and also pray really hard that I don’t get injured beforehand.

    I checked out the race website and gosh, that race looks hard. You are brave and inspiring for tackling it!

  4. Congrats on getting in!

    We have a race here in Holland which is very popular too, it was full last year within 20 minutes too.

    Yes signing up for a race definitely motivates me.
    Last year I had a few months where I didn’t have any races to look forward too and I noticed that I ran less and less because there was nothing to train for. Since that happened I make sure I always have a race to look forward too because it helps me putting on those running shoes.

    Have fun with the rest of your training, I’ll be here to follow it and support you!

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