8 mile hot dog


Last Saturday I met up with a new group of running friends to complete my 8 miler.


The temps were in the freezing digits and my route called for an out and back, which meant that a big nasty uphill climb was also involved.

I tagged along with my TNT friend Maricela for the first 4 uphill miles.

We ran through dirt, pavement, ice, snow… you name it we ran through it. Such an adventure!

Now here is where a pair of Yaktrax would come in handy! 🙂


It was a little different running on packed snow because it was slippery in some spots. But we just took it a little slower and managed through it.


After 4 miles I said goodbye to Maricela and turned back around (she continued on to run 16 miles!).

I was a little worried about the run back by myself. But it seemed that around every turn there were some other crazy people running this trail training for Robie.


At one point I went for a sip of my water and realized that it had started to freeze! I couldn’t believe it was that cold that my water actually froze!

I was happy to get out of the Canyon though just to get where it was warmer and to witness these gorgeous views of the city.


Okay, it was still cold (as you see through the forced smile) though I’m sure it felt warmer once I was not running on snow.


But I finished my glorious 8 mile run in around 1 hour 43 minutes and felt AMAZING afterwards!

This was one of the better runs I have had in a l-o-n-g time. Not sure why, because I was dreading it so much and it turned out to be quite fun!


After my run it was time to celebrate my brother “J-Bomb’s” birthday.

We celebrated his birthday by serving a family favorite we have dubbed “Mexican Hotdogs”.


Now the meal I’m about to share with you is by no means healthy and running 8 miles prior to eating this meal should be a pre-requisite (I joke).

I almost didn’t post it on the blog at all because I like to consider Beyond Destination 26.2 a healthy living blog, but this family favorite could not go un-documented due to its deliciousness. Please also note that this meal is only indulged in about once a year as a “special occasion” meal.   

Mexican Hotdogs:

You start with the real deal regular hotdog, make a little slit down the center and stuff with a small piece of cheddah.

100_4906 100_4905

Then you will take your hotdog and roll into a corn tortilla securing it by using toothpicks.



Ahh, then you fry it up in a vat of butter Crisco. I warned you it was bad!


Easy as that! But what makes these babies beyond amazing is by topping with a spoonful of homemade guacamole.


I know what you are thinking… but it really is quite an interesting meal.

But J-Bomb requested it as his birthday meal which you can’t argue with that! And you also can’t argue with mom’s amazing lemon bars served instead of cake (holy yum!)


Happy Birthday bro!


What’s your family favorite “special occasion” meal?



9 thoughts on “8 mile hot dog

  1. That run looks gorgeous!!! Good for you and your awesome 8 miler!
    That meal does look interesting and I would totally try it… but I like a tasty, unhealthy meal once in a while. LOL

  2. The snow is not always fun to run in, but it sure looks pretty out there! Awesome job on the 8 miler and yay for new buddies to run with!

    OMG those “hot dogs” are unreal! My hubs would love that. lol

  3. great job on ur run! the scenery is soo nice! wooohooo! 8 miles…wowza! very nice

    and those hotdogs actually look like they would be very delicious! yum

  4. Once a year it is okay and your 8mile run and the real fresh-squeezed lemons used in the lemon bars made it healthy. lol!

  5. Brrr, looks like a VERY cold run. Such a proud feeling to finish one line that. Good job.

    Those hotdogs sound yummy (in a sinful way). You could maybe healthy them up a little bit by using turkey dogs, lower-fat cheese (maybe mozza) and baking them in the oven after spraying with non-stick spray (or spray butter maybe). I’d have to top them with Salsa. MmmMmmmMmmmmmmmm

  6. Oh my Linzi, it’s so beautiful where you run. I love it where you see the sun above the mountains.
    Very well done on that run!

    I’ve had that too once this Winter that my water was frozen, it took me by surprise 😆

    I don’t have a special dinner for family occasions but I love the hotdogs. And maybe it’s not healthy but hey it was your brothers birthday and he’s only having his birthday once a year, so bring on those hotdogs!

  7. What a fun meal!

    And what a BEAUTIFUL run! And challenging.

    I hate it when my water bottle freezes. I have heard that Gatorade is less likely to freeze, but it still does for me!

  8. What a beautiful run! Something about running 8 miles, in less than perfect weather, and with frozen water bottles…it makes it seem to much cooler. 🙂

    Unhealthy or not…those hot dogs look amazing!!!!! (hehehehehe)

    Lemon bars rock!

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