Mrs. Army Wife

Today’s post is part of an ongoing Wedding Wednesday Series. My chance to ramble on about non-running, wedding related stuff.


I am currently taking the steps needed to make my love for J. Alabama official by agreeing to marry him and become his wife. However, by agreeing to become his wife I’m not only agreeing to him for better or for worse but for what else comes as part of the package.

Duh duh duh……..That I speak of is the Army.

Yes, because if you didn’t know J. Alabama is commissioning to be an officer in the Army as soon as he graduates in May.

Which means not only will I become Mrs. Alabama but I will also become Mrs. Army wife.

So far I have come to terms with most things that will come along with Army life, mainly the fact that we will be moving. A lot. And the other small fact that immediately following May 15th we are no longer playing the game of love by our own rules, but by those of the beloved Army.

Being the control freak that I am, it’s been a little nerve-wracking planning a wedding without knowing the exact date in which my beloved fiance’/future husband will be demanded to be at some Army base in a moment’s notice.

Yes, absolutely nerve-wracking.

There was the possibility that he may have had to leave  between May 15th and our wedding date of July 23rd.

For some crazy reason though, I knew it would all be okay. I knew that if we set the date of July 23rd my future husband would be there and the Army would not interfere.

How did I succumb to this reasoning you ask? Well people, I have a little thing called faith.

Faith that it will all work out the way it’s supposed to.

Faith that J. Alabama will be there the days leading up to the big day and that of our wedding day.

Faith that it will all be okay.

But realistically there is still that chance that the Army could throw a kink in our plan because let’s not forget starting May 15th we are playing by their rules.

So you can imagine my reaction when J. Alabama told me he had some news the other day – news that I needed to hear that would affect our wedding.

I laughed because it was not even May 15th yet, so technically the games shouldn’t even start yet. Right?


So J. Alabama tells me that June 5th is the date. June 5th, you know merely a few weeks after May 15th and nearly 2 months before our wedding is a date that is going to put a  little wrench in our wedding plans.

On June 5th J. Alabama’s roommate, groomsman and best friend will be whisked away by the Army to some military base. His friend received his orders that require him to begin his Army job on June 5th, meaning he won’t be there for our wedding.

I know it may sound silly, but I cried. I cried and cried and cried. I was sobbing to J. Alabama inside of his car, refusing to enter the gym with him until he calmed me down.

“But J. He’s your best friend. Like seriously your best friend, I’m just so upset that your best friend can’t be there for you for your wedding day”

He just smiled at me, and the wiped the tears from my face and explained that “Babe, this is the army for you. But don’t you worry it will be okay”.

And please understand I was not upset at his friend at all, but the situation. I understand his best friend would do anything in his power to be there. And I guess I was just truly saddened that J. would be missing such an important friend that day.

I do have to be grateful though, for as of right now J. Alabama will still be able to attend his own wedding. And though we will miss our dear friend on our special day, the special day could not go on if J. Alabama was not there.

So all there is to do is to laugh,  as the Army has already started to play the game by throwing this little obstacle at us.

And you might as well just call me Mrs. Army wife because starting now (apparently), I’m playing by their rules whether or not we are officially married and whether or not J. Alabama has even officially graduated from college.

I foresee an Army Wife Wednesday series in my future! LOL. 🙂


19 thoughts on “Mrs. Army Wife

  1. There are definitely going to be some adjustments i your future, but I know it will be worth it to spend your life with your love!

    So sorry that J’s friend won’t be there… let’s just keep our fingers crossed that everything works out for the GROOM to attend! Have faith!

  2. Well I have to say, I am using the tissues today! one thing tho, although J. Alabama may be shy a best friend but he has gained a huge family who adores him! He wont stand alone as the both of you start your new adventure in life! love you both!

  3. I am so sorry about his friend. I remember trying to plan Dustin and I’s wedding with army interference and it definitely makes it hard. But, as long as J. Alabama can be there that’s really all you need. You are awesome and strong and your wedding will be amazing!

  4. Oh man, it’s so true. Stuff like this happens all the time to milspouses, and no matter what, it sucks every single time! But you do get you used to playing by the military’s rules (as inane as they may be.) I promise.

    And, you’re totally right, faith is all we milspouses have. It hasn’t failed me yet!

  5. Awww, I’m sad for you and for J that his friend will not be able to be at your wedding. Sure makes it hard for you guys to plan when everything is so up in the air. But, you’ll make it work. A little flexibility and going with the flow. What matters in the end is that you two love each other and will get married. ((HUGS))

  6. that sucks about the friend. 😦 *hugs*

    and there will be many adjustments. i didnt even think of that. i hope that you can adjust quick. but its worth it marrying the man of your dreams!

  7. Welcome to the club, my dear. If there is one thing I have learned as a military wife it is that you have to let go of any type A planner like tendencies that you have. I’m glad J will still be around for your wedding 😉

  8. Ah the military life… I’m not a military wife but I was an army brat! Good times.

    That’s unfortunate that his best friend will miss the wedding, no matter how understanding someone is, the situation still royally sucks. I totally understand how you feel.

  9. That’s sad that his best friend won’t be able to attend your wedding. I would have cried too. But in the end it’s all about you and J. Alabama.

    I’m so stuck to my routines in daily life that it would be hard for me to have a husband who was in the army so I admire you for being so flexible and see where life will take you the both of you.

    And maybe he will be sent to a German base. You know Holland and Germany are “neighbours” If this ever happens we are going to make sure we will meet okay?

  10. I’m new over here. I saw your comment on Syl’s blog about being glad she translated the km’s to miles. I laughed in agreement and popped over to read you blog.

  11. First, I’m so glad that us military wives are getting another awesome lady added to our bunch!

    But I’m sorry to hear about your friend. My husband was deployed BOTH times that his 2 very best friends got married. He was supposed to be the best man in BOTH weddings. His best friend was supposed to be his best man in our wedding but was deployed at that time too. I went through exactly what you’re feeling right now, but realized quickly that you can never, ever have definitive plans with the military. But it does make you appreciate all of the time that you do have with your loved ones and friends.

  12. I’ve been part of the “army” family for about 3 years now. Met my husband in January 2008 and we got married in Sept 2008. I love this life! Sure, it has the obvious ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything 🙂

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