We had a Ball!

First of all, I wanted to thank you all for the kind words on my last Wedding Wedding Post.  It meant a lot to know that you all care so much!

Since then I have been involved in more Military stuff……



He was having a blast I promise, he really does not like his picture being taken. And this was the only photo of me in my full outfit. 🙂

I love the military ball because it’s a great excuse to get all fancied up. It’s kind of like going to Prom but honestly it was way more fun!


The guys did a good job with the decorations. There were guns and camouflage everywhere. But yet, it still looked classy.


Caught him smiling during dinner!


Then it was time to Just Dance!

There was nothing more awesome than to watch all these military men up there busting a move in sync with eachother.


You can watch the You Tube of them dancing here.

It’s quite hilarious and awesome. J. Alabama is the one on the far right of the screen, he really started to get into at the end. LOL!

They opted to forgoe the traditional dj and dance session and brought in a big screen and the wii and them and their dates all got on the dance floor and moved to the choreographed dances. It was deemed a success by all! And honestly we had to make people leave at the end, they didn’t want to stop dancing.

Have you played any of those interactive games on the Wii or the Kinnect where your dance your little heart out?

If you haven’t you really NEED to. As it is the best workout ever and probably the funnest!


I’m not sure how it happened but we went from this….

All dressed up!

To this…… Toga! Toga! Toga!


Yup, I felt like a Roman Princess. Seriously, who get’s their hair professional styled to wear a toga?

Later edited to add: After the ball the guys decided it would be fun to have an impromptu toga party. Ahh…sometimes I really miss college! 🙂

Anyways, I had a rockin’ weekend — and I hope you did too!


Remember if you haven’t signed up for Aneta & I’s virtual Shake your Shamrock Race to do it! All the details are in this post.

Happy Monday Friends! 🙂


9 thoughts on “We had a Ball!

  1. You are such a lovely couple! J. Alabama better gets used to taking his picture with the wedding pics coming up 🙂

    I never danced at the Wii, we do have one at home but I hardly ever use it.

    Couldn’t see the youtube movie, said it was private.

  2. ive never been to a ball!
    you look beautiful! how fun!

    the only thing i ever done on Wii is just the exercises. I wanna try the dancing. it seems really fun!

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