Spinning Soothes the Runners Soul


I will be the first person to admit that I have a sick fascination with my sweat. The sweatier I am after a workout the better I feel.

Hence, why I feel the need to take sweaty pictures of myself and post them on my blog for ALL the world to see.

The post sweaty workout pictures serve as a reminder of all that I have accomplished. I worked hard for the sweat. Oh yeah! 🙂

So when running didn’t sound like my thang for the sixth day in a row (I can’t believe I haven’t run since last Tuesday either) I opted to take baby steps to get back on the wagon.

I convinced myself that a really good sweat session was enough to get the endorphins going and get me back on track mentally.

So I hit a up spin class last night. It seemed like the best and fastest way to a completely amazing sweaty workout.

I jumped on my bike and just let my legs go crazy.

My favorite part of the ride were the times she told us to stand up and “jog it out”.

When I start to get down on myself for thinking I don’t like running, I find myself longing it for it in the weirdest ways.

I found that spinning has helped soothed my runners soul.

It sort of reenergizes me and gets me excited about running again.

All I can think about when I’m on the spin bike is my feet hitting the open road.

Before I left my spin class I looked down on the ground and saw a small sweat pile. A smile quickly formed over my face.

There is something hardcore about someone who sweats so much that it makes it to the floor. It was no flood like the person’s bike in front of me, but regardless it felt good.

So I’m happy to report that I will be hitting the open tread tonight. Just me and the ‘mill to continue the sweat fest journey I am on.

I know that I don’t actually hate the act of  running but sometimes I just need something else to remind me why I love it.

And if spinning is that thing that reminds me why I love running than I’ll take it –the whole sweaty mess and all!

See you tomorrow for another exciting edition of “Wedding Wednesdays!”

12 thoughts on “Spinning Soothes the Runners Soul

  1. I’m the same way. Sometimes I just don’t feel like running, I want to (dare I say it) hate it at times! I think it’s just me trying to discourage myself. We just have to keep pressing forward. Like you said, sometimes you need something else to remind you why you love it.

    I’ve been on the elliptical a lot more than running lately but this morning I went for a run and it was great!

  2. sweaty pictures are always fun!

    ya i feel the same way. if i do a different workout and feel great about it, it makes me excited for un upcoming run!

    looking forward to tomorrow’s post

  3. Having just come off of a 3 1/2 week “I hate running” hiatus, I completely understand. I still LOVE running, I just needed a little distance from it for a while to remind myself what it is I love about it. I’m now only 2 runs back and the feeling is coming back to me. Glad you got your sweat on trying something else. Me, I just sat on my butt – not very smart! 😉

  4. lol, I do the whole sweaty pic for the blog thing too! I feel awesome after a great sweat sesh!

    I haven’t ran since that one time in January and I’m finding myself dreaming about it lately, in my own way I’m missing it too I think 😀

  5. Now I’m sitting here crying because I’m not hardcore LOL

    I don’t sweat that much, no matter how hard I train. I do get a face that’s more red than a tomato 🙂

    Don’t say again you don’t love running because I know you do. But I do understand there are days when you don’t feel like running. I have them too, those days I ask myself why I ever started running in the first place. But then there’s always a great run that reminds me why.

    Great job on the spinning class.

  6. It’s nice to get a little reminder of how much we really do like running! 😀

    If you’re into sweating, you really should practice Bikram yoga. I love it!!!

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