One Sweaty Week

Apparently all I needed was to start off the week with one sweaty workout

Because I have been on FIRE ever since!


Monday Night I rocked a spin class, that not only soothed my runners soul, but got the endorphins going!

Ahh… yes then Tuesday rolled around.

I was so jazzed to run that I hit the shredmill and rocked out a 3.5 mile run in under 40 minutes.

Yeah yeah!

Then came Wednesday. Oh lovely Wednesday! I almost took an impromptu rest day, but ended up going to Pi-Yo (a pilates infused yoga class).

It hurt so good.

So good that Thursday night  a  BodyFlow sesh followed by a 3 mile run somehow made it on the sched.

What? I know!

Who is this crazy girl who went to the gym 4 days in a row.

Seriously…I’m wondering too.

I really think that by starting off the week with one massive sweat fest it set the tone for the entire week.

And if you think that is crazzzy… I have a few more activites on the agenda for this weekend. 🙂

Can you say Dance Lessons with J.Alabama , a 9 mile run and Hot yoga?

Maybe too much for one week? Meh! It more than makes up for last week — you know the week where I only worked out once.

So three cheers for sweating it out this week!

Do you have anything fun activities planned for the weekend?

10 thoughts on “One Sweaty Week

  1. Why too much: you’re having fun and if your body cooperates I’d say: go for it girl!
    Great workout week so far!

    Not much fun things to do. Have to go to my MIL tomorrow for her birthday party but that’s all.

  2. Awesome sweatiness…I love it.
    I just finished cleaning the house after 90 min of spin and core..all leading into tomorrow’s 30km run.

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