Running Superstar

This weekend I conquered a big feat, I pretty much climbed Robie!


As you all know, I am currently training for The Robie Creek Half-Marathon (April 16th).

The climb through Robie Creek is an 8 mile uphill and a 4 mile down hill trek.

On Saturday my friends from Team in Training and I set out to run 8 miles (we were doing the uphill part of the mountain).


Somewhere around 5 miles I got talked into running to the summit and back. Which totaled almost 13 miles!


I was definitely a bit scared to add so many miles into my run, but knew if I could get to the top of the summit, I would have no worries about whether or not I could run Robie.


Parts of the run were so steep we could only walk. But whenever we saw a flat straight away we ran for it.

I honestly couldn’t believe it when we finally made it to the top of Robie Creek Summit. Here is the view:


Honestly it was a bit anti-climactic. It didn’t really even feel like we were at the top of this big mountain.

But I enjoyed the glory of reaching the top the only way I know how.



We then began our trod down the mountain – oh man four miles straight down hill – I surely am feeling that one today! 🙂

I was more than ecstatic when I finally reached our vehicle and saw the 12.72 miles on garmina. (I was contemplating running a little extra to get garmina to an exact 13, but figured I was close enough).


I am so stoked to know that come race day I will be ready for this beast of mountain. YEAHH!!!!

And I still can’t believe I ran that far – that is my longest run since October! Crazy!!


After my run I knew exactly what I needed…. a nice delicious smoothie from Tree City!


I was also super excited because I finally got to meet up with Meg my blogger friend. We have been trying to do a blogger meet up since before thanksgiving.

We were supposed to try Hot Yoga but there was NO way I could even think about that after run. One of these days Meg,  I promise!


She was so cute and fun to chat with. And funny enough we found out that we went to the same High school and she had gone to a dance as a double-date with my brother.

Crazy small world! LOL!

Oh yeah, and my favorite thing was when we first walked into the smoothie place, she commented on “how little I was”. LOL – she was expecting me to be taller than I was. I am only 5’1.

Anyways, between the almost 13 mile run and my blogger meet-up you’d think I would have been spent. Nope, I went on to see The Trey McIntrye Project (a modern ballet) afterwards. So cool btw!

100_5032 100_5034

Then hit up downtown for dinner at PF Changs and drinks in honor my friend Christa’s birthday!

Such a rock star weekend (and week). Seriously, I had the most active week I’ve had all year and couldn’t be excited for all that I accomplished!

Happy Monday Friends! Here’s hoping this week will be just as good (if not better) than last week! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Running Superstar

  1. Thats insane, 8 miles up! wowsers.. Must have been exhausted! Never thought of putting Lap pace as a field on my garmin yet I always wanted to know my my pace… Hmmm


  2. i saw this on facebook and was totally excited for u! u r a superstar! yay linzi. soooo happy for u. u r totally gonna rock that half marathon! so excited for u!

  3. You’re absolutely a running hill climbing rockstar! Very well done! You will rock that half!

    And what a great things you’ve done this weekend by meeting so many special people.

  4. Hey, I have the same Garmin. Mine is Forrest.
    You won my sign giveway (the sign). Email me your info at fortherunofit[at]Gmail[dot]com and let me know what color RUN MORE! sit less. sticker you would like. I will send your prize this week! Congrats!

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