It Takes Two…

Yup, it really does take two to Tango!

Friday night J. Alabama and I took our first dance lessons which happened to be a Tango class.


We have discussed taking dance lessons for almost as long as we have been dating. So you can imagine how excited I was when the date finally came.

We found Idaho Ballroom Dance which runs out of The Limelight Club in Meridian, Idaho. They offer drop-in dance classes every Friday evening for $10.00/person. And each friday a different type of dance lesson is offered.

The lesson lasts for 45 minutes and after the class is an open dance session for you to practice what you have learned.

What I loved the most about this class was the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that you could just drop in.


I found learning the Tango a bit harder than I imagined. The steps by themselves seemed easy, but once J. Alabama and I were doing them together it really took a lot of listening to body language to get it right.

There were some feet stepping and stumbling, but I know that with a little more practice J. Alabama and I could dominate!

It seriously was a blast though!

You can bet that we now have several more tentative Friday dance classes marked on our calendar for the future. 😉

Have you ever taken dance lessons? If not, what dance would you love to learn?

I’m looking forward to the Swing class!


15 thoughts on “It Takes Two…

  1. Dustin and I have also talked about doing dance lessons. Maybe we could double date next time? That would be soooo much fun!! When is the swing class?

  2. omg that is soooo much fun!!!!
    i dont think i can ever convince rob to go with me. i really wanna teach him salsa before his sister’s wedding in cuba in december, but i have yet to convince him.

    ooh swing! yay. i hope u guys have so much fun!

  3. I took dance classes when I was a teenager, back then it was normal here to do that and I liked it too. We learned the tango, the chachacha, the jive, the walz and the quickstep.

    I don’t know anyone of them anymore although I can dance the quickstep a bit at weddings. My uncle can dance pretty good and it’s always a pleasure to dance with him.

    The hub can’t dance at all 🙂

  4. Oh that sounds like so much fun. Hubby and I have talked for years about taking some lessons, but never seem to have the time, or money. We actually jive dance together REALLY well (stuff learned in high school then we put our own twist on it). That’s how we met. My friend and I were dance partners at school (friends only though) and he knew my husband was good at this stuff, so he asked him to show us some moves. We danced together and were awesome, so he asked me to go dancing with him. A rather unusual date for a 15 yr old! It was JUST dancing, but somehow sparks flew and we’ve been together since.

  5. Fun! I love dancing, but my fiance isn’t too keen on it. I hope that we’ll take dance lessons before the wedding so we look like we know what we’re doing during our first dance. I took swing dancing lessons in college and they were fun. You’ll definitely have fun, too!

  6. The Tango is SO FUN!

    My husband and I both took ballroom in college (not together) then again before and after the wedding. We liked it, but the studio was expensive and one of the instructors was bad so we quit (it’s a long, long story ;)).

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